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Japanese garden design
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Japanese garden design



Japanese garden design

Japanese garden design



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Japanese garden design Japanese garden design Presentation Transcript

    • Japanese Garden Design
    ? How to make a Japanese garden http://japanesegardendesignsite.com/
    • Intro
    • This presentation gives us idea on how to do  Japanese garden design  in an effective way and that will surely bring satisfaction when we do it on our own.
    • Intro
    • Mainly we must realize that even if we are not Japanese, we still can make our Japanese garden that satisfies us.
    • There are lots of Japanese garden design books out there that can give us relevant idea on how to develop our own. We can also browse the Internet and surely, we’ll be able to get some Japanese garden design resources that can help us for our garden.
    • Japanese garden design popularity
    • Japanese garden design  is one of the most well-known types of gardening all over the world. Its uniqueness, its really admirable look brings great relaxation to people especially to the gardener. So, what are the secrets of Japanese garden design that made it more popular than other form of gardens? How to make a Japanese garden? Unlike the western gardening, the Japanese garden design is more close to nature; that is, it is more meditational and really spirit inspiring. Those are some of the reasons why more and more people are engaging in this kind of gardening.
    • Japanese Garden Design
    • In Japanese garden design, as also found in Japanese garden plants books, we have to remember three basic methods for scenery. The first is the reduced scale and this pertains to taking the images of nature-trees, river, mountain, etc. to smaller scales. Generalization and abstraction are included in symbolization and one example of these is the use of white sand or pebbles to symbolize the ocean. And another one is the borrowed view and this pertains to taking the images of ocean and forest as background.
    • Japanese Garden Design Types
    • Japanese garden design can be essentially classified into two:
      • Tsuiyami: Pertains to a hill garden and basically composed of ponds and hills.
      • Hiraniwa: The exact opposite of the former; without hills or pond.
    • How to make a Japanese garden ?
    • So, what are the other secrets of Japanese gardening? Well, when we plan to have our own Japanese garden, the prime components must be present are: rocks, gravel, moss, water, hedges, and fences. We have to put in our mind that the most used in Japanese-gardening are rocks because as the Shinto tradition explains, rocks embodies the nature’s spirit. Water (in any form) is also essential in Japanese-gardening– try to find Japanese gardening books to know more elements in Japanese gardening.
    • Japanese Garden Plants
    • Japanese garden plants also convey its uniqueness and one of these is bonsai. Bonsai requires more effort because we need to maintain this time after time. We have to maintain its size, its form by supporting and trimming; by re-potting and wiring the branches to our desired formation.
    • Finally
      How to make a Japanese garden can be a challenging task if we desire to have this kind. It needs more effort, however, as they always say; it brings an unexplainable satisfaction of being close to nature; a kind of satisfaction that revitalizes our spirit.
    • Thanks