Automated UI testing. Selenium. DrupalCamp Kyiv 2011
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Automated UI testing. Selenium. DrupalCamp Kyiv 2011



Presentation held on DrupalCamp Kyiv

Presentation held on DrupalCamp Kyiv



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Automated UI testing. Selenium. DrupalCamp Kyiv 2011 Automated UI testing. Selenium. DrupalCamp Kyiv 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Automated UI testing. Selenium
    • Plan
    • What is Selenium?
    • Selenium IDE, RC, Webdriver
    • Integration to Drupal
    • Tests API, locators, examples
    • Future
    • What is Selenium?
    • Selenium IDE
    • Selenium RC
    • Selenium Grid
    • Selenium 2 (Webdriver)
  • Selenium IDE
    • Addon to Firefox
    • Easy to start using
    • Can record tests in PHP
    • Demo
  • Selenium RC
    • Run in multiple browsers in Virtual Boxes
    • Runs tests via Javascript
  • Selenium RC
    • To install Selenium RC download java server from
    • Run Selenium IDE tests via PHPUnit
      • Ubuntu: apt-get install phpunit
      • If php 5.2 make a preference for karmic like for php
    • Demo
  • Selenium 2 Webdriver
    • Communicate with browsers in 'native' way via drivers
    • Not limited to javascripts. For example: upload files, work with popups, iframes etc.
    • Support for a lot of browsers including mobile phone browsers
    • PHPUnit libraries:
  • Selenium2 Webdriver and Drupal
    • How to integrate to simpletest
      • In order to get into sandbox we need to set headers
      • This is possible with Firefox only (send custom profile to Selenium)
    • Demo
  • Drupal tests API
    • Main class DrupalSeleniumWebTestCase
    • Init driver as connection to Selenium server
    • Already implemented methods:
      • drupalOpenUrl, drupalLogin, drupalLogout, verboseScreenshot ...
    • class SeleniumWebElement (sendKeys, click, submit, getText...)
  • Selenium 2 locators
    • css, id, name, class, link, xpath
  • XPath vs CSS locators
    • Selenium RC has sizzle
    • Webdriver uses native browsers CSS selectors.
    • CSS selectors are faster
    • XPath can go up
    • Example:
    • id('user1')/../../td[@class="actions"]/a[@class="delete-user"]
  • Drag and drop example
  • Run tests on headless server
    • Key tool: Xvfb – X11 server that performs all graphical operations in memory, not showing any screen output (
    • Before we start Selenium server we need to start Xvfb.
    • Run tests from shell:
      sudo -u www-data php ./scripts/ --url http://URL --class SeleniumTestExample
  • Future
    • Implement methods from DrupalWebTestCase
    • Start using Selenium in testing contrib modules and core (module draggableviews already have one selenium test)
  • References
    • Selenium RC supported browsers
    • PHPUnit documentation about Selenium
    • Questions
      Ваша фотка
      email: [email_address] twitter: ygerasimov skype: yuriy_gerasimov