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  • 1. Evaluation<br />
  • 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />Conventions<br />
  • 3. Conventions<br />Digipak<br /><ul><li>Layout is similar to competing products.
  • 4. Insert contains both individual and group photographs.
  • 5. Lyrics presented in insert.
  • 6. The DVD conventionally includes the video, outtakes and a photo gallery.</li></ul>Webpage <br /><ul><li>New webpage is not so closely linked to the Digipak as before.
  • 7. The webpage creates a specific brand for the group, as do many sites for with similar target markets.
  • 8. Presents conventional features such as: music player, photo gallery, downloads, games, news, group information, and a fan group.</li></li></ul><li>Conventions<br />Music video<br /><ul><li>Video has retained its quirkiness whilst making more use of conventional structures.
  • 9. Opening and closing sequences with the car create cohesion and build a narrative.
  • 10. Conventional use of close up shots to create fandom of individuals.
  • 11. Group dance scenes throughout.
  • 12. Branded costumes of blue dresses create a closer group look, and correspond directly to both the Digipak and webpage.
  • 13. Close up lip syncing shots.
  • 14. Combination of quirky shots in the woods and more glamorous dancing shots suggest to the audience that whilst the girls are glamorous, they are also normal, and thus their character is obtainable to young girls.
  • 15. Sweet, smiley nature of the girls is typical to music videos for this demographic.
  • 16. Girls are also portrayed to be friends, encouraging admiration from the audience.</li></li></ul><li>Challenging conventions<br />Digipak<br />For the Digipak I made no conscious attempt to challenge conventions as I felt this was a standard element of a promo pack and based on research, found traditional methods of production and presentation to be effective.<br />Webpage <br />The webpage follows important structural and feature-based conventions. However, through features such as the text-in phone, based on ideas gathered from my research, may challenge conventions. The importance of audience interaction is becoming more apparent in recent years, and so conventions in terms of the internet must constantly be challenged based on changing audience trends. If this website were to function, it would be developed and changed often, to inspire regular audience viewing and participation, and to remain up-to-date with news on the group.<br />
  • 17. Challenging conventions<br />Music video<br />My original approach to the music video was to challenge conventional methods. However, during redevelopment, I decided that certain key conventions were missing from the video. The opening and closing sequences now give it more cohesion, as does the inclusion of the blue costume theme, as well as other more general editing which has given the video more flow and consistency.<br />However, I feel that particularly through the more quirky scenes in the woods, I have developed the convention for glamour and portrayed the group as both glamorous and fun. <br />
  • 18. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?<br />Combination<br />
  • 19. Combination<br /><ul><li> As a whole, the production combines together more effectively than before.
  • 20. The Digipak has remained the same, but the blue theme is now apparent in the music video, giving the single release a more cohesive character.
  • 21. The webpage is now less similar to the Digipak, but in a positive way.
  • 22. The advertisement for the single on the webpage directly relates to the Digipak and music video, making the whole package easily identifiable.
  • 23. The Mini Road Trip games also relates to the video in terms of the car, suggesting it could be the band’s car, and acting as a symbol of aspiration for young girls.</li></li></ul><li>What have you learned from your audience feedback?<br />Audience feedback<br />
  • 24. Audience feedback<br /><ul><li> Audience feedback comparing the original promo pack and the newly adapted version is very positive. Whilst my focus group enjoyed to first video, they appreciate the improved technicalities and more consistent editing of the final version.
  • 25. When I decided to re-enter my production, I looked to my old focus group for advice. Their positive ideas about the Digipak gave me the idea to expand and develop this theme.
  • 26. Comments from both the old focus group, and the new younger one, are very positive in terms of this theme in particular.
  • 27. Young girls loved the webpage layout, whilst older ones understood it to be targeted at a younger audience. This suggests to me that I have achieved my aim in targeted more directly, an audience of young girls.</li></li></ul><li>How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br />Media technologies<br />
  • 28. Media technologies<br />Video<br /><ul><li> Digital video camera – filming the required footage
  • 29. iMovie – footage uploaded and edited with precision for lip syncing and movement timing.
  • 30. iDVD – Digipak DVD package including the video, and extras</li></ul>Digipak<br /><ul><li> Digital camera – photographs
  • 31. Photoshop – editing of photographs and creation of layout</li></ul>Webpage <br /><ul><li> Photoshop – creation of layout</li></ul>Research & Planning<br /><ul><li>iMovie – Animatic, mood board
  • 32. Powerpoint presentations – uploaded via slideshare</li>