What should we do, when oil tanker sank beside us


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I am working at KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) in Malindi, as a volunteer of JICA. My job is teacher of environment. This presentation is about What should we do, when oil tanker sank beside us. I will provide some solution and its possible results. Then students will choose one of solution or other new solution by discussion. Finally how to eliminate accident of oil tanker is stated.

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What should we do, when oil tanker sank beside us

  1. 1. What should we do,when oil tanker sank beside us? Takatoshi AKAI JOCV/231 KWS/Malindi Marine Park
  2. 2. Disaster in the past• In 24 Mar 1989 mid night• North east of Prince William Bay in Alaska• Tanker named “Exxon Valdez” (200 thousand ton: 200,000 ton)• 1/5 oil (38,000 Kilo Litter) outflow
  3. 3. Effect of disaster• 250 thousand (250,000) sea birds dead• Mammals such as sea otter suffer a great loss
  4. 4. Choose 1 solution!!
  5. 5. ①Result of burn oil• All creatures in the field are dead!!
  6. 6. ②Result of using chemical• Chemical effected to other creatures and killed them.
  7. 7. ③Result of using high pressured hot water to wash away• Creatures, which somehow survived on the rock, killed and washed away by high pressured hot water.• Also removed oil flow into sand and killed shells and lungworm. Oil Imchoking… Miss Shell
  8. 8. ④Result of using cold water to wash away• Removed oil flow into sand and killed shells and lungworm. Oil I`mchoking… Miss Shell
  9. 9. ⑤Result of remove oiled sand and mud • Removing oiled sand and mud is also removing all organism in the area. Therefore, this area will become dead land.
  10. 10. ⑥Result of spread manure to ↑ microbe, which break down oilOil composed by hydrocarbon.1.Use microbe to break down oil.2.Nitrogen and Phosphorus increase by microbe activities.3.So, help microbes, we spread manure. Mogu Mogu Mogu
  11. 11. How much did it cost to recover in Prince William Bay?•   Time period : More than 3 years•   Cost : More than $20 hundred million $2,000,000,000
  12. 12. What is the cause of outflow oil?
  13. 13. Cause 1Spill out from factory and cities
  14. 14. Cause 2Spill out from ballast in oil tanker
  15. 15. Cause 3Spill out from accident of oil tanker
  16. 16. Cause 4 Spill out accidentlysuch as Gulf war
  17. 17. Solution① Stop using oil materials② Shift to use renewable resources
  18. 18. Conclusion• We are still depend on energy from oil.• If some oil tanker sank accidently beside our sea, we should take certain action to avoid loss of bio diversity.• Also we should shift from oil to renewable resources, then accident will be reduced.