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The Eros ~normal version~
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The Eros ~normal version~


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I am working in Kenya Wildlife Service as a volunteer of environmental teacher. This presentation is about sexual activities, compare between nature and human society to find out common points. You …

I am working in Kenya Wildlife Service as a volunteer of environmental teacher. This presentation is about sexual activities, compare between nature and human society to find out common points. You can enjoy to know how creatures enjoy erotic activities like human.

Published in: Education

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  • 婚姻贈呈 フェラチオ 後背位 同性愛 ダッチワイフ 人工授精 女は何故ダメ男に惚れるのか? 巨根一位 夜のチョウ ヒモ 何故女はあえぐのか? 人間のSEX
  • 鳥では、多数のメスを惹きつける魅力のあるオスの方が、子供の世話をサボる傾向がある。 こうしたダメな父親とセックスしたメスは、育てられる子供の数では取り敢えず損をするが、 息子が父親の形質を受け継いでセクシーになるので、息子を通じて子孫繁栄を達成出来ることになる。 かくしてダメな性格もしっかり未来へ残されていくのである。 人間の女性もどうしてあんな男と、といった恋愛を高い頻度で行っているが、この「セクシーサン仮説」で説明可能
  • 人間の女性もどうしてあんな男と、といった恋愛を高い頻度で行っているが、この「セクシーサン仮説」で説明可能
  • 人間の SEX  男は女の 80 倍ものエネルギーを消費  女は100 m 早歩きと同じ  男は400 m 全力疾走と同じ
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Eros~Normal Version~ Takatoshi AKAI JOCV/JICAKWS Malindi Marine Park
    • 2. Outline1. Propose and Marriage Present2. Fellatio3. Doggy Style4. Inversion: homosexuality? or lesbian?5. Dutch wife6. Artificial insemination7. Why female fall in love with “hopeless man”?8. Who’s got biggest penis among the creature?9. Night butterfly10. Magnaccia (Pimp/Looser/Himo)11. Why female gasp loudly?12. SEX of human
    • 3. 1. Propose and Marriage Present• When a male propose to female, he will giver her present• Sometimes male takes female for dinner (In Japanese “Messy” and “Assy”) Assy Female use male as a driver. Messy Female use male for dinner payment.
    • 4. In the case of Empididae When male get prey. He wrap it by thread.During shetry to openhis present,LET’S SEX!!
    • 5. In the case of Bowerbird• Male makes a dance stage and gives her snails• After success propose, male makes “my home”
    • 6. 2. Fellatio • Male cockroach emit smell of their food from side under the wing. • Female cockroach lick or bite his parts. • Then male cockroach ready to
    • 7. Doggy Style• Female is always sat down.• Male is more remarkable.• Predator easy to catch male before female, during sex.
    • 8. Mother is tough and scary! Super Stone We are safe Smash!! (*´∀ ` *) My babie s are Egg Egg of safe other of wife female Oh! He is trying
    • 9. Inversion: homosexuality? or lesbian? • Hermaphroditism They are either male and female. • Use tongue to stimulate each other • Then exchange sperm The way of sex “earthworm” Egg of earthworm
    • 10. The parts of Earthworm Vagina Hole Mouth 1st section Penis Hole Bristle
    • 11. Dutch wife• Ophyris speculum Flowers want bee to carry their pollen more frequently. A kind of orchid, made their body like female bee.It has pheromone of female bee, shape, bristle like velvet, feel like same as sex with female bee.
    • 12. Artificial insemination • Veronica persica • Ooinunofuguri (it means big dog’s testicles) At day time, they open face and let bees to carry their pollen. But, at evening, they fold petal then push stamen and pistil by itself.
    • 13. Why female fall in love with“looks cool, but hopeless man”? Because ...
    • 14. In the case of bird, sexy male, mate with many female, but he tend to skip child raising.Therefore, female has difficulty to take care her children.
    • 15. However, their boys took over good appearance from their father.It means easy to get mate with many females.Therefore, her gene take over for long time.Also his hopeless character take over for the future.
    • 16. Many young ladies experienced broken heart with lazy boys many times.But, we can explain reason by this “sexy son hypothesis”.
    • 17. Who’s got biggest penis amongthe creature? (ratio with body) Their penis is almost same length as its heightCarabus uenoi
    • 18. Among his family↑Carabus yamato ↑ Carabus yaconinus Bates ↑ Carabidae ↑ Carabus uenoi
    • 19. Night butterfly in nature • Moth move at night time. • Butterfly can see and recognize, but moth cannot see much. • So, female use perfume to gather males for mating.
    • 20. Night butterfly in city• Female of human also use perfume and make up to gather males to earn money.
    • 21. Magnaccia (Pimp/Looser/Himo) • Male of Lophius litulon degenerated except ejaculation (emission of sperm). • Male gain nutrition from female body.Female Male • However, after few ejaculation, female Lophius litulon stop feeding male. • Then he will die.
    • 22. Why female gasp loudly? • During sex female gasp loudly to inform “I am ready to sex!”. • Then maybe another more stronger male will come and get her. AKI~~!!! H A A !
    • 23. SEX of human 100m walk 400m sprintwith a quick step
    • 24. Conclusion• Our abnormal is normal in nature• Our behavior, such as gasp loudly has meaning in nature• Female always gain ascendancy over male in terms of sex