Elearning Day 2009 Poetry

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  • 1. Poetry Writing E-learning (Pr 1)
  • 2. What is Poetry?
    • Poetry is a kind of writing, usually in
    • verse (short sentences).
    • Poetry verse is set out in short lines with
    • words put together.
    • Poetry is about a writer sharing with the
    • reader an experience or strong feelings.
  • 3.
    • Some poems make us LAUGH . Some poems make us THINK .
    • Some poems are SHORT & FUNNY . Some poems are LONG & SERIOUS .
    • Some poems RHYME . Some poems DO NOT RHYME
    There are many kinds of poems:
  • 4. Here are some poems that rhyme: My Friend My friend is tall She sits on a wall She lives in a house with a BIG hall She always falls from the GREAT wall !
  • 5.
    • My Form Teacher
    • My form teacher
    • wears a hat
    • She sits in a cab .
    • She has a cat .
    • The cat eats bat !
  • 6.
    • My Fun Teacher
    • My teacher is fun
    • She likes the sun
    • She eats a bun
    • With a gun !
  • 7.
    • Write a poem to your teachers.
    • Let’s take a look at some
    • examples.
    Teachers’ Day is here. It is a special day for you to show your appreciation to your teachers.
  • 8.
    • Dear Miss Lim Hwee Ching,
    • Remembering you with
    • Respect and Affection
    • For making each lesson an
    • enjoyable one
    • Happy Teachers’ Day!
  • 9.
    • Dear Ms Ashley Teo,
    • The way you teach
    • The way you share
    • The care you gave
    • The love you shower
    • Makes you the world’s Best Teacher
    • Happy Teachers’ Day!
  • 10.
    • Dear Mdm Linda Ng,
    • I look forward to your class
    • When I come to school.
    • You're an awesome teacher;
    • I think you're very cool.
    • You're smart and fair and friendly;
    • You're helping all of us.
    • And if I got to grade you,
    • From me you'd get A+!
  • 11.
    • Dear Mdm Gwei,
    • I'm thankful for all that
    • you've done.
    • I admire you each day,
    • and I just want to say,
    • As a teacher, you're
    • number one!
  • 12. Dear Miss Kim Qing Xian, Thank you for your care, Thank you for your love, Thank you for your kindness, Thank you for everything. Happy Teachers’ Day.
  • 13.
    • Dear Miss Gillian,
    • Roses are red
    • Violets are blue
    • You are my TEACHER
    • This is for YOU!
  • 14.
    • Dear Mdm Fadzilah,
    • I love my teacher
    • She is kind and nice
    • Each time I see her,
    • I feel happy and excited.
    • Happy Teachers’ Day!
  • 15. Dear Miss Lee Kaixin, I’m happy you’re my teacher; Thanks for all you do. You make learning easy; Your lessons are fun, too!
  • 16. Dear Mdm Chang Mei Cheng , For teaching children lessons,  to help them as they grow, Let this gift remind you, You're the best teacher we know!
  • 17.
    • Dear Ms Janice Foo,
    • My favourite teacher is kind
    • My favourite teacher is nice
    • My favourite teacher is fine
    • My favourite teacher likes mice .
  • 18.
    • Dear Mdm Azizah,
    • T eachers worked so hard,
    • E ach and every day
    • A lways there for us
    • C an’t do without them
    • H ave a good rest on Teachers’ Day
    • E xcited to see you every day.
    • R eally wanted to tell you:
    • You are the best TEACHER in the whole wide world.
  • 19. M dm Sum, Mdm Sum D earest and Caring M ay you always be happy S o that you will be healthy U nder your tender loving care M y life in school has been fun.
  • 20. Are you ready to write your own T e a c h e r s ’ D a y poems? Your homework:
  • 21. 1. Write down your ideas on a piece of rough paper. 2. Then copy it neatly on the worksheet given to you. 3. Include pictures to decorate your poem. 4. You can write more than one poem for more teachers using your own paper! 5. Give your lovely poems to your teachers when you come back to school. Your homework:
  • 22. Dear ____________, My favourite teacher is ___________ _________ is _________and _______ Each time I see _______________ I feel _________ and __________ Love, _______(Your name) You may write your poems this way:
  • 23.
    • Dear ___________,
    • T______________
    • E _____________
    • A _____________
    • C _____________
    • H _____________
    • E _____________
    • R______________
    • Happy Teachers’ Day!
    • Love,
    • _________(Your name)
  • 24. You may want to use the following adjectives in your poems : Sweet Nice Caring Beautiful Kind Special Helpful Cheerful Lovely Wonderful Jovial Smart Interesting Funny
  • 25. You may want to use the following rhymes in your poems : w is h, f is h, d is h k in d, f in e, m in e, d ice , r ice , m ice , n ice f un , b un , s un , g un , run h ai r, f ai r, th ere ,b ear , m are plea sure , trea sure , mea sure fun ny , bun ny , ho ney , mo ney t all , h all , f all , w all , st all , c all , m all , b all
  • 26. http://www.gigglepoetry.com/ This fun site contains information on fun poems for children of all ages. You can also go the these websites to find out more about poetry!
    • www.poetry4kids.com/poems
    • Read more poems written just for kids, like you!
    http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/poetry/poetry_engine.htm# Get your poetry juices flowing with the Poetry Idea Engine.
  • 27. The End Be CREATIVE and ENJOY writing your POEMS!