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My team chose Element Hotels as our marketing campaign for the Integrated Marketing Communications class.

My team chose Element Hotels as our marketing campaign for the Integrated Marketing Communications class.

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  • I am thinking about printing the ‘brand book’ (not really a brand book, more of a marketing material) and passing it around at this point, and speaking to it.
  • Thank you, Brandee. We identified Element’s three distinct target customer segments and each group has different desires. How do we reach out to our target audience? Digital Marketing provides one answer. It is most effective because of its ability to reach most people with the lowest cost per person. Digital marketing is like a tree for this campaign. Picture those tree branches… they could reach out to millions including the three target groups. Also, the Internet is the place where travelers look for travel needs like hotels and flights.
  • A 2006 global consumersurvey stated 94% of travel purchases are done online. 56% of customers used the Internet as their primary research tool for making travel arrangements. Oursurvey shows parallel results thatInternet was their preferable way of receiving information.We have identified 3 major channels for delivering messages on the Internet.First, of course, Element’s own website.We propose Three FT staff to monitor web communication to make sure it’s interactive with guests. Second, OTA’s like orbitz, cheaphotels.com, priceline, Element should place banner ads and get on the “featured hotel” list to gain exposure. Finally, since Element is a LEED certified hotel, it should be featured on the Green Hotel Association. Most of us have used Yelp, Tripadvisor and Citysearch for reading reviews from other users, we found that Element is currently rank #3 out of 423 hotels in Houston on Tripadvisor.
  • How can we ignore the power of social media in the 21st century.FB: Element already has an existing page on FB but all 9 locations share this common site. In order to get more visitors to the page, we will run a promotion. During this promotion, a guest who leaves comment on the FB page will be rewarded with a coupon towards the next stay. We’ll train the front desk staff to remind guests about this promotion. Twitter: Element will use Twitter for announcing interesting happenings related to “anything green”. For example, you could tweet abt eco-friendly outfit in the Disco Green fashion show last week in Discovery Green. A guest will earn a smoothie in Relax when he tweets three times during his stay, so there goes the name of Threet. YouTube: Guests can enter a contest for a free weekend stay by submitting their experience during their visit in any Element. The video theme should reveal how they promoted sustainable practices such as recycling and maybe even about using the half flush commode feature…Now that we have talked about how Digital Marketing can branch out to a large number of people, Tyler will discuss our “leaves” section…. like leaves falling from the tree.


  • 1. element hotels
    marketing campaign 2012
  • 2. Introduction
    What is Element?
    • Hotel Chain under the Starwood Brand
    • 3. Focus on Lifestyle and Eco-Friendliness
    • 4. First-Mover Hotel in Green Practices
    • 5. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    Where is it Going?
    • Operations began in 2008
    • 6. Nine Operational Locations, with Two Under Construction
    • 7. Goal of 80+ Hotels
  • research
  • 8. Research
    Site Visit
    Personal Interview
    Alfonso Blanchett
    Key Takeaways
    • 90% full on weekdays
    • 9. 60% full on weekends
  • Research
    Marketing Materials
    Key Takeaways:
    • Element is an experience:
    • 10. ‘Rise’ for breakfast
    • 11. ‘Relax’ in the natural outdoor havens
    • 12. ‘Restore’ with the healthy-food pantry
    • 13. Find ‘Resource’(s) in the office work-space area
    • 14. Get in the ‘Motion’ at the 24-hr gym
    • 15. ‘Splash’ into the saltwater pool
    • 16. Element does not focus on being green
  • Research
    Consumer Survey
    Survey Responses
    • 89 Respondents
    • 17. Houston Area Residents
    • 18. 81% Bachelor degree or higher
    Key Takeaways
    • 17% require extended stay hotel services
    • 19. Less than 2% have stayed at an Element
    • 20. Green factors of mixed importance
    • 21. Natural design and healthy living important
    • 22. Internet and loyalty programs are the most common influences on purchase
  • Research
    Web Presence
    Sites reviewed
    • Google/Bing
    • 23. Review websites
    • 24. Green Associations
    • 25. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
    • 26. Social Media
    • 27. Element Website
    Key Takeaways
    • Web presence is good, but not great
    • 28. Element has raving fans, but does not feature them
  • SWOT & Objectives
  • 29. Strategic Analysis: Competitive Landscape and Environment
    Porter’s Forces: Strategic Emphasis
    • Industry Competition – Currently Negligible (specific)
    • 30. New Entrants - Inevitable – Fend them off
    • 31. Supplier Power – Evolving
    • 32. Customer Power – Evolving
    • 33. Substitution – No True substitution for “green” provider, but many for “extended stay”
  • Strategic Analysis: Customer Groups
    Customer Groups
    Escapists & VFR traffic
  • 34. Strategic Analysis: Competitive Landscape and Environment
    P.E.S.T. Assessment - Key Points:
  • 35. Strategic Analysis: SWOT Evaluation
    * Awareness
    Limited locations
    * Market Presence
    Industry Leadership
    * Branding
    Supply Chain
    Extended Stay Hotels
    Green partnerships
    * New Entrants
    * Green Movement
  • 36. Objectives – Emphasis Areas for Tactic Development
    • IncreaseElement Awareness
    • 37. Public - Educate and communicate green concepts and practices
    • 38. Communities – Current and Emerging locations
    • 39. Brand building – Current and Emerging markets
    • 40. Business Travel Maintenance
    • 41. Maintain/Extend Occupancy Performance
    • 42. Increase Weekend Occupancy
    • 43. Target: + 15% increase in occupancy rate (currently averaging 60%)
    • 44. Increase Developmental Interest
    • 45. Franchisees
    • 46. Investors/Brokers
    • 47. Position as “Thought Leader”
    • 48. Within Green industry and more broadly with public
    Tradeshows, Events, Community Relations
  • 49. Community Relations
    • Community relations campaign will differ per location
    • 50. Tactics include:
    - acquiring local knowledge
    - creating partnerships
    - establishing a local presence
    • Resources used will vary according to level of acceptance of green initiatives in the community
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    Fresh Elements
    • Saturday Farmer’s Market in Element parking lot
    • 51. Serves hotel guests and local community
    • 52. Benefits…
    • 53. Supports small local, organic farmer
    • 54. Sustains local economy
    • 55. Reduces environmental impact
    • 56. Offers fresh organic produce at affordable price
    • 57. Element’s recognition in the community
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    • Tradeshows can be effective in gaining B2B sales leads, creating alliances with green suppliers and reaching out to prospective developers & franchisees
    • 58. Sponsoring and creating events can effectively build and positively position brand image
    • 59. Element still in growth phase since inception in 2006
    • 60. In 2008, 80 properties were projected by 2012; by August 2011, only 10 hotels will be in operation
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    Global Travel & Tourism Summit – The Aria, Las Vegas
    • The foremost gathering of travel & tourism leaders in the world
    • 61. Attracts influential business leaders in tour, travel and commercial development
    • 62. Frits van Paasschen, Pres & CEO of Starwood Hotels one of featured panel speakers
    • 63. “Powering Sustainable Growth” – the business benefits of sustainability and the ‘green economy’
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
    • MPI – professional member organization comprised of corporate, association and independent meeting planners
    • 64. World Education Congress (WEC) 2011 – largest industry conference; four day conference to be held in Orlando, FL
    • 65. Sponsorship of select events gives Element ample promotion on marketing material and highlights brand on tradeshow floor throughout the conference
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    Market Square (MPI)
    • A central area on tradeshow floor for companies to meet with clients and gain added brand exposure
    • 66. Element will showcase a 20x20 central meeting area featuring café seating and laptops on a raised platform; an enclosed waiting area with two loveseats and 2- 42” plasma TVs
    • 67. Area will be replicated after Element’s signature Resolve meeting area and Resource business centers
    • 68. Element Hotel reps will be on hand to speak with planners about Element concept, guest experience and Sustainable Meetings Program
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    • Enclosed waiting area offers attendees relaxing ‘getaway’ from busy trade show floor while waiting on appt
    • 69. Keeping green by using laptops to present material to attendees and branded flash drives will contain all promo material on Element brand
    • 70. Element area will be constructed from all recycled and reused materials
  • Tradeshows,
    Sponsorships & Events
    MPI Rise Awards
    • Element will host the 2011 MPI Rise Awards Brunch at The Westin Imagine Orlando, their parent Starwood property
    • 71. An area to be staged like Rise, Element’s signature breakfast bar from décor to menu
    • 72. Guests shuttled from Orlando Convention Center to Westin via all-electric Nissan Leafs
    • 73. Reusable gifts bags with a stainless steel beverage container, organic cotton workout towel and the Element promo flash drive; all items to be embossed with Element logo
    Digital Marketing
  • 74. Digital Marketing
  • 75. Digital Marketing
  • 76. Digital Marketing
    Social Media
    Branding, Sales Promotion, Print/Outdoor Media, PR
  • 78. Sales Promo
    • Loyalty programs can heavily influence decisions
    • 79. Many ‘pricing’ promotions already exist
    • 80. Can be used to support branding
    • 81. “42.20 Off” discount coupons on Earth Day
    • 82. Double SPG Points – April, July, August
    • 83. Branded Seed infused leaves
    • 84. Branded Bamboo flash drives with educational materials
    • 85. No additional pricing promotions
  • Branding
    Brand Analysis
    • Current branding
    • 86. ‘experience branding’
    • 87. Weaknesses
  • Branding
    Status Quo:
    While brand identity, character, and essence is ‘green through and through’ based on internal marketing and developer marketing materials....
    Role as a pioneer for the green movement in the hospitality industry to customers is completely underplayed and in many instances ‘hidden’.
    Without green movement, no clear differentiator, overlap with other brands.
  • 88. Branding
    Should we go negative? Or positive?
  • 89. Branding
    • Negativebranding / guilt is risky – what if they still don’t value the movement?
    • 90. Positive branding matches Element’s character, although “Go green” campaign isn’t enough.
    • 91. Could alienate business demographic
    • 92. Although educated, don’t understand all aspects of the green movement
    Adjusted Branding Concept:
    “Be a Steward of the environment without trying”
    • First address their needs
    • 93. Second address the differentiators (both lifestyle & green)
    • 94. Third strategies/tactics to support brand messaging
  • Outdoor/Print Media
    • Limited business journal advertising
    • 95. Obscure locations
    • 96. Low awareness (survey)
    • 97. Travel Publication Ads
    • 98. Airport & Mall Banner Stands
    • 99. Mock-Up Room
    • 100. Billboard
    Be a steward of the environment without trying.
  • 101. Outdoor/Print Media
    Live Music!Next exit, Element Hotel
    Be a steward of the environment without trying.
  • 102. Be a steward of the environment without trying.
  • 103.
  • 104.
  • 105.
  • 106. Public Relations
    • Investor Relations – Shareholder Report Letter from SPG Database
    • 107. All Expenses Paid “Citizen Journalist Weekends”
    • 108. 80 Strategically selected journalists (e.g. treehunger.com, ecofriend.com)
    • 109. Eco-Skies Airfare
    • 110. ‘Debra Duncan’ Media Plug on Earth Day with green “thought leaders”
    • 111. On location at ‘Relax’
    • 112. Repeated in 8 other markets
    • 113. Green ‘Savings Receipt’
    • 114. Tom’s Partnership – 3000 Green Motif Shoes for employees and community volunteers for ‘charity walks’ and volunteer events
  • Public Relations
  • 115. Budget & Conclusion
  • 116. Budget
  • 117. Budget
    Total Marketing Budget
  • 118. Budget
    Timing of Expenditures
    Marketing Expenses will be Equally
    Distributed Throughout the Year
    • Meeting Professionals International (MPI) – June, July, & August
    • 119. Progreen – February
    • 120. International Hotel Expo – November
    • 121. Watches & Totes – February, May, & November
    • 122. Public Relations, Print Media, & Outdoors – Beginning of the year
    • 123. April – Earth Day
  • Conclusion
    • Maintain business traffic at existing locations
    • 124. Increase weekend occupancy at existing locations system-wide by 15%
    • 125. Educate and communicate green concepts and practices to the public
    • 126. Develop awareness in communities where Element has hotels
    • 127. Position Element as a thought leader in the Green community
    • 128. Build brand awareness to grow into emerging markets
    • 129. Encourage development by franchisees, investors, and/or brokers