the facts and myth about chocolate


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i have been do this for my final oral test in LBPP LIA BANJARMASIN :)

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the facts and myth about chocolate

  1. 1. The myths and thefacts of chocolateB Y: N AY E TA L E V I S YA H D A N A
  2. 2. Outline • The myth of chocolate • The facts of chocolate• How to choose the healthy chocolate
  3. 3. Do you like chocolate ?
  4. 4. Why people like chocolate? Chocolate or also known as "food of the gods” has aspecial smell, texture, and unique color which makes manypeople from all age loves chocolate.
  5. 5. The myth of chocolate• Unfortunately, some people avoid eating chocolate, especially women because of many myths in society. Chocolate has many disadvantages, but is it true?
  6. 6. 1. Chocolate can cause obesity Chocolate contains of epicatechin, which is proven toincrease mitochondria (mitochondria’s function is to burncalories), and epicatechin also beneficial for weight loss
  7. 7. 3. Chocolate can cause acne• the main factors which cause acne are dust and pollution. Do not be afraid to eat chocolate, because food is not the main factors which cause acne.
  8. 8. 2. All brands of chocolate can be healthychocolate "branded" which is cheap Chocolate brand which quite expensive or very cheap
  9. 9. 4. Chocolate makes toothache and tooth decay Theobromine in chocolate can prevent toothdecay by eliminating streptococcus mutantsbacteria, which damages teeth and contained inthe oral cavity.
  10. 10. The facts of chocolate• 1. chocolate can prevent cancerFlavonoids can protect cells from damage by freeradical which causes cancer.
  11. 11. 2. Chocolate for healthy brain function and helps to concentrate• . Chocolate contains many substances such as theobromine, phenethylamine, and caffeine, which can increase the level of awareness and ability to concentrate.
  12. 12. 3. chocolate can make woman more beautiful• Chocolate can reduce wrinkles and protect theskin from sunburn because chocolate contains ofcatechins.Chocolate can also slow aging, flavanolsin chocolate able to enhance the skins beauty.
  13. 13. 4. chocolate repairs mood Endorphins in chocolate canreduce stress and improve mood.And chocolate also containsphenythylamine that can lead tofeeling happy and comfortable.
  14. 14. How to choose thehealthy chocolate?
  15. 15. Tips to choose the healthy chocolate :1. Choose the dark chocolate which contains more cocoa and more antioxidant.2. Avoid chocolates high in sugar ,The First Ingredient Should Be Cocoa Butter not sugar.3. do not choose a chocolate thats cheap or even very cheap
  16. 16. CONCLUSION• So, chocolate myth is really different with it isfacts. Don’t worry to eat chocolate, becausechocolate has so many advantages. But don’teat chocolate too much because everythingwhich too much will give bad result.
  17. 17. Thank you for watching my presentation 