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On site seo the seo mindshift

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On site seo the seo mindshift

  1. 1. Page |2 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of the author. All efforts have been made to verify the information contained herein is valid and as accurate as possible. However, there may be errors or omissions both typographically and in content. Therefore, this publication should only be used as a reference guide. The author is not liable to any loss or damage caused as a result of this eBook. We do not or cannot guarantee or otherwise promise that you will make big amount of money or become rich. However, the result will depend on the person’s effort, dedication, motivation and market trends. You do not have the permission to reproduce or resell this guide without the prior written consent of the author.
  2. 2. Page |3 Introduction ……………………………………………………………..... Page 04 Blogger’s Battle - Blogger vs Wordpress ………………………. Playing with the Old Meta Tags …………………………………… Incorporating LSI In Everything You Do ………………………. Control the Website Using Internal Links …………………….. Your Approach to External Linking ……………………………… Optimize Site For Speed & Performance ………………………. How to Win Indented Listings ……………………………………... Co-Occurrence Ranking Factor Anchor Text Dying? ……… The Rebirth of Link Earning... Link Building Dying Out? .. Author Rank… Google Love Authority ………………………….. Understanding Facebook EdgeRank …………………………….. Power of Social Media Signals ……………………………………... Guest Blogging - An Alternative To Article Marketing …… Your Approach to Broken Link Building ………………………. Your Way to Link Building With Tynt …………………………... Benefits of Content Repurposing …………………………………. Mastering Local SEO …………………………………………………… Mobile Strategies For Your Business ……………………………. Improving Your Video SEO ………………………………………….. Press Releasing Is Not Dead ………………………………………… Be Yourself… Brand Yourself ………………………………………. Inform Search Engines Using Sitemaps ………………………... Google’s Disavow Links Tool ……………………………………….. Through a Spider’s Eyes …………………………………………….... Page 07 Page 09 Page 14 Page 18 Page 21 Page 24 Page 34 Page 36 Page 39 Page 44 Page 49 Page 56 Page 63 Page 66 Page 69 Page 71 Page 73 Page 76 Page 79 Page 83 Page 90 Page 94 Page 98 Page 102 Conclusion …………………………………………………………………. Page 105
  3. 3. Page |4 Before we get the course going, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read this book. This report is designed to help you accomplish your goal of ranking your website in search engines. I’ll be showing you the steps I possibly do to rank websites with a strong foundation. Of course, powering your website includes focusing on multiple methods than focusing on just one method which can be risky at some point. Putting multiple methods to work or working to improve your site performance, traffic and rankings at the same time can be very powerful and can almost kill the chances of not succeeding. 2012 turned out to be quite a stunning year in the world of SEO. Google is expecting natural growth of websites and not an All-OutBlast. The All-Out-Blast might work for you at first, but Google is smart enough to figure out your foul play pretty quick which is when it’ll turn out to be GAME OVER for you. So your only choice to win the game is to play fair, this is exactly what Google is seeking for. All you have to do is mix up the various SEO tactics you know of and your efforts will be more than enough to attract Google. But there are two points you need to remember:  NEVER Spam  NEVER Overdo things Your first step is to build a strong foundation, then go with a natural pace and eventually your business will grow stronger and stronger.
  4. 4. Page |5 For ultimate success, you definitely need to invest a lot of time and effort. Of course, money as well. For those of you who may not find enough time to do SEO, you need to be very careful when you hire an SEO expert/service. There are lots of people who provide poor quality service that can sometimes hurt your website. Poor tactics can damage your business. So be careful when you pick one. Before you go for one, do a thorough research about the service and look for what their customers has to say. This can give you a better picture about the service. As of now, Google is in the BIG process of evolving, so you’ll need to keep an eye on things coming your way so you can check your site’s performance and re-build your SEO plan. While you take a new turn, there are some simple SEO basics that you should not ignore. Following the tactics explained in this report, you can definitely keep your website in the safe zone of Google and you no longer have to fear about getting your site wiped off by those fearsome Penguin and Panda updates. As you know Google constantly changes its algorithm without any notifications or warnings. So if ever you get hit, this report has the solution for you. Sit back, relax and find out what you can do to improve your website traffic. I suggest you read through the whole guide once or twice and understand the concepts in each part. Once you get a hang of it, you will get an idea of what has to be done to further improve your website.
  5. 5. Page |6 Fast Action Bonus! LIMITED TO FIRST 500 ONLY… SEO AUTHORITIES, Alex Cass & Alex Becker who are consult SEO Giants like Pat Flynn, and have been featured in multiple SEO Authority Sites, decided to show you something spectacular... WHAT IF YOU COULD TURN OUR SEO BUSINESS INTO A HALF MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS? (In Less Than 5 Months...) Alex Cass & Alex Becker have cracked that code, and have accelerated the process of making money with SEO, way beyond any expectations in this game... It took them over a year to reach a 5 figure per month business, but after evolving it, they catapulted to a sweet half a million dollars per year business with SEO. And they are ready to show how ONLY to the first 500 people who purchase The SEO MindShift, as a fast action Webinar bonus... It is the shortcut to making $10K/month with SEO, without the SEO headaches, and we'll show you how to do it in this LIVE Bonus... Click here to Grab Your Spot Now! With 'The SEO MindShift' you have everything you need to achieve page 1 rankings for any niche, but really, that's only 1/2 of the equation. You can access the other half through our Live Webinar. So make sure to sign up!
  6. 6. Page |7 1 This is really a hot issue as to which blogging platform performs the best in terms of SEO. Yes, Blogger is an easy to use platform which is perfect for newbies who love to try their hands on blogging. It’s very simple to get started with setting up and publishing right away. No installations are involved and you don’t need to get in to the trouble of dealing with a hosting service. Also they have no advanced features to set up that would be a headache for anyone who is just starting out. Simply put, Blogger is the best place to start up if you want to learn more about blogging. But don’t get it wrong – you can still enjoy thousands of visitors to your blog. I have been using Blogger when I first got in to blogging and I switched when I felt the need to try out those fancy features in Wordpress. Now if you are a serious blogger, I’d say Wordpress is the perfect option. Wordpress has a lot of flexibility and power. The widgets and plugins that come with Wordpress can help you customize each and
  7. 7. Page |8 every aspect of your blog. You can have more control over the functions of your blog. I’m sure majority of the users would do thumbs up for Wordpress. Obviously, it has much more capabilities than Blogger and is still growing. In Wordpress, you can manage everything related to SEO for each posts with the help of plugins. Whereas in blogger, there is a huge limitation and the greatest disadvantage is that you cannot host it on your own server. All the options you get are what the service provides. Therefore in terms of SEO, I personally prefer Wordpress over Blogger. Now about the free Wordpress blog, there are limits as to what you are allowed to blog and also a huge limit in the functionality you can add. That is why it’s best to host your blog on a separate hosting like NameCheap or HostGator. Another plus point is that a self-hosted Wordpress blog can give you complete access to features that a Wordpress blog can provide and you can have complete control over it. Also there is nothing to worry about getting banned. After all, only you can decide which option is best for your needs. Once again, if you are serious about starting an online business and monetizing your blog, I suggest using self-hosted Wordpress blog. Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!” etc) are not allowed on WordPress.com. Source
  8. 8. Page |9 2 Although you no longer need to optimize your meta description and keyword tags for ranking individual webpages, you cannot completely ignore it. In fact, a search engine grabs this little information to form a snippet and show up in the search result. For a strong influence over usability and accessibility, meta tags are necessary. An interesting meta title and a description can ultimately increase user click throughs. You will need to optimize them in a good way but that doesn’t mean you should stuff in your keywords. You may want to take a look at the character limits for each meta tags.
  9. 9. P a g e | 10 Page Title 70 characters Meta Description 156 characters Meta Keywords 10 Google has been going hard against keyword stuffing, so all you need to do is think of a better strategy on structuring them. You’ll want to pay special attention to the tips below:  Title the Right Way For the meta title tag, include your page title, brand and phrase that includes your main keyword in it. Take care not to overoptimize it by stuffing keywords. "Contact | eBiz Media - Internet and Media Industry Leaders” would be an excellent example. Avoid using “stop-words” in your title tags as these words make little or no contribution to your search. Words like  I, me, you, the, and  are a few examples of “stop-words”.  Language Power Keep your meta descriptions short, sweet, specific and attentiongrabbing. Your way of putting together the words of description will reflect on the result. Add words that describe value in your content and give users a good reason why they should click on your result. That being said, you cannot write a description that is not relating to your post. Misleading your visitors can almost kill potential traffic and drive away users feeling they were used. Rather it should contain the overview or the core message of your page.  Leverage your Credibility If your brand is popular, then you may want to consider adding it in your meta description tag. Adding phrases like “serving
  10. 10. P a g e | 11 since 1995” or “As seen on BBC” can improve results by influencing the users to click.  Extra Bonus Sprinkling possible target keyword in meta description will give you an extra bonus of getting the words bolded when a user types the phrase. But again, this doesn’t mean you should stuff your keywords in it. Make sure you don't go overboard or never abuse it. It can be really hard to recover from an over optimization penalty.  No Duplicates Never copy and paste a meta description on all your pages. It may take time but write a completely unique description for every page you publish. I would suggest you to create a formula that can help you generate unique descriptions. Never mass repeat your title tags either.  Call to Action Make sure to add a “Call to Action” text in your meta description tag. Adding words like “Learn why…” or “Discover how…” or “Read more about…” are some good examples. This can be a good addition to your meta description tag and when written well, this can have a huge impact on user click-throughs.  Keyword Variations Feel free to add a mix of keyword variations in your meta keyword tag, though putting any effort won’t do any good. You must have heard of how keyword tag effect was long gone. Due to stuffing keywords which was done to manipulate search engines, Google has come to a conclusion of not using keyword tags in its web search ranking. The same goes for Yahoo, they no longer use the meta keywords tag anymore either. Both Google
  11. 11. P a g e | 12 and Yahoo made the announcement back in 2009. And Bing at one point said in a guide on how to optimize your page: “It was abused far too much and lost most of its cachet. But there’s no need to ignore the tag. Take advantage of all legitimate opportunities to score keyword credit, even when the payoff is relatively low.” If you still want to use them, feel free to do so. And while placing your keywords, sort them in descending order from the most important keyword to the least important.  Dublin Core Dublin Core metadata is used to describe resources held, owned or produced by companies, governments and international organisations to supporting portal services or internal knowledge management. Dublin Core metadata is also used as a common exchange format supporting the aggregation of collections of metadata, such as the case of the Open Archive Initiative. In these cases, like in the open environment of the Web, the concept of standardized descriptive metadata provides a powerful mechanism to improve retrieval for specific applications and specific user communities. It is this need for “standardized descriptive metadata” that the Dublin Core addresses. Learn more about the power of Dublin Core and take advantage of it now. Following these tips can help you create killer meta tags. Now if your question to whether or not to use meta tags are still unclear; then let me help you again. There are major reasons why you should consider using them.
  12. 12. P a g e | 13 When your content is shared on social networks, many of these networks use your meta description and display them. While your snippet have a good effect on search engines, think of how effective it can be when on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. Social Bookmarking sites like Digg does this too. Another point I’d like to remind you again, your words get bolded on search engines when a user types the phrase and you have a chance to grab attention to your unique killer style description. Now think again, do you want a sentence or two grabbed from your content to show up in your snippet or a unique eye catching description that can arise curiosity? You don’t want to miss it, do you? SEOPressor is the #1 plugin for optimizing your meta tags.
  13. 13. P a g e | 14 3 [Side note: Andy Black is an expert in this field, so I asked Andy to share some of his expertise with you that I have included below...] LSI (Latent semantic indexing) now plays a bigger role with getting your websites ranked than ever before. Google and the other search engines are getting smarter by the day and something that they are all placing much more emphasis on is LSI. It doesn’t seem that long ago when you could just include your “target keyword” in the title tag and include it a few times within your article content in order to rank somewhere for that keyword. Times have changed and these days believe it or not you do not sometimes even include your “target keyword” within your web page in order to rank for it. When Google crawls and indexes your web page it analyzes your content to try and identify what the subject matter is “REALLY” about. Whilst onpage elements such as the title tag and header tags are still hugely important, it goes far beyond the words that you are trying to strategically “force” into your content.
  14. 14. P a g e | 15 Google analyzes each and every word on your page as well as the placement, density and proximity. It can use this data along with the vast amounts of data it already has on record to cross reference and identify whether your content is a good match for what you are claiming” it to be. Here Is An Example Of LSI At Play:
  15. 15. P a g e | 16 In the screenshot above you will see that the search term used was “lose weight quickly”. However, the results that Google returns emphasize the keyword “lose weight fast”. This means that Google thinks that “lose weight fast” is more RELEVANT than “lose weight quickly” and as a result ranks web pages that are optimized for that keyword above web pages that are optimized for “lose weight quickly”. Google understands that “quickly” and “fast” is literally the same thing. So what it has decided to do in this case is add more weight to the search term that gets the most searches. In this case it is “lose weight fast”. You can see the huge difference in search volume in the screenshot below. To back this up Google even offers this search term as its first suggestion when you type in the keyword “weight loss” into the Google search field.
  16. 16. P a g e | 17 If search trends started to change and say for example people started to search for “lose weight quickly” more than they did “lose weight fast”, then Google would place more relevance on the former. LSI can change depending on human activity and search “behaviours” and “patterns. That’s why it is wise to uncover the best words to use for your content right before you “create it”. By choosing the right words, placement and density you are actually adding much more “ranking power” to your content. Whether it is for your titles, header tags, alt image text, article content, anchor text ,or anything else. Probably the best way to uncover these words and the ideal “statistics” is to use a software tool called Onsite Tycoon (Developed by myself – Andy Black). I developed this software to help me reverse Googles way of thinking and to extract the best LSI words to include within my web pages including the calculated keyword densities. It works and works extremely well. The software is very quick and easy to use and can uncover some interesting secrets about your niche and the “core” keywords that you need to be focusing on to create solid rankings and relevant content that Google will value. To get yourself a copy of Onsite Tycoon CLICK HERE.
  17. 17. P a g e | 18 4 Internal linking is a SEO technique of linking one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. It is not only a great way to improve your rankings but also increases the crawl rate. They allow readers to navigate through your website easily by providing them more relevant content to read and also help spread link juice around websites. Internal linking is the best way to keep spiders crawling through your website and index all of your content, thereby increasing the ranking potential for each page. Less bounce rate proves the authority and usability of a website. Internal links can get the job done for you with little or no effort. When readers click through the internal links, it can help increase
  18. 18. P a g e | 19 page views and reduce bounce rate which is what builds trust in the eyes of Google. So always make sure to:  Link relevant post in your content with keyword-rich anchor text for which you want to rank your linked posts.  Don’t stuff your content with irrelevant links. In short, never overdo stuffs. SEOPressor is the #1 plugin that can help automate internal linking. Go to SEOPressor  Internal Links. Click on Click to Add Internal Link. In the window that appears, fill up the fields and click on the Add button.
  19. 19. P a g e | 20 In the above screenshot, seo marketing plan and search engine optimization strategy will always link back to the post I have selected in field 2 just 1 time in a post. This is just an example of how you add internal links. You can change the settings according to your preference. Now internal linking is not your job any more. If you don’t feel comfortable about leaving the job to the plugin, then I suggest you do it manually which I personally prefer.
  20. 20. P a g e | 21 5 Google is not only interested in looking for sites linking to you but also those sites which you are linking to. So always make sure to link to authority sites in your niche. Link to websites that are useful and relevant to your content. Also ensure that you add the nofollow attribute to all the external links on your website. Why? When spiders crawl your website, they go through every link they find on your page and they are likely to leave your website through the external link. So the nofollow attribute is vital to keep the spider crawling through your pages and to keep the link juice. Here’s how a normal link would look like: <a href="http://www.wikipedia.org/">Wikipedia</a> And here’s how the link should look when you add the nofollow attribute:
  21. 21. P a g e | 22 <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wikipedia.org/">Wikipedia</a> Remember to add the nofollow attribute to every links that does not belong to your website to keep the link juice on your page. Like I mentioned earlier, SEOPressor will work out this for you. Go to SEOPressor  Settings. Under Links, click to enable No follow external links which is already set by default. If not, click to enable it and hit the Save Settings button.
  22. 22. P a g e | 23 Now all of your external links are worked out to nofollow automatically by the plugin.
  23. 23. P a g e | 24 6 What would be your reaction when you come across slow loading websites? You’d feel irritated, right? I for one very much want to leave. The same goes for every user visiting your website. Don’t you think it’s essential to provide a faster experience for your visitors? Page load speed is not only important in search engine rankings but also users will love your site. It is an important factor that determines the overall success of your website. Slow Site = Low Traffic = Less Sales
  24. 24. P a g e | 25 The first step to improving your site performance is to measure the page load speed. Few notable ones include Google PageSpeed Insights, YSlow, GTmetrix, WebPagetest. Let’s go with Google PageSpeed Insights. Enter your main URL and hit the Analyze button. This can give you an overall score of your website. To the left side, you can go through the list of prioritized issues and get detailed information on each item. Give more importance to High priority items, followed by Medium priority and Low priority. Now to test your site speed for mobile devices, click the Mobile tab on the top right.
  25. 25. P a g e | 26 You can see the overall score just like you did for the desktop clients. Likewise, make sure to test the score for inner pages as well. Images play a bigger role in the performance of your blog. Optimizing images can help improve the loading speed of your blog, thereby giving your visitors a better user experience. They do not have to wait longer to read the content of the page. Another important fact is that optimizing your images can give you a better search engine exposure, thereby driving in more traffic. WP Smush.it is a plugin that integrates the Smush.it image optimization with WordPress. When you add an image to a page or post, the image will automatically run through Smush.it behind the scenes, leaving you no work behind. You can also run your existing images through Smush.it via the WordPress Media Library. Always remember the following points when uploading images to the web.  Your image should match the content of the page. If it doesn’t, search engines will consider it as spam and may not rank well.  Crop out the excess white space around images.
  26. 26. P a g e | 27  Resize images to proper size. Don’t scale images via HTML. If you need to increase or decrease the size, you want to do it before uploading.  Optimize images for faster loading by squeezing out any possible percentages using Smush.it.  Use the right image format. Use .jpg for large full-color images and .png for others.  Use descriptive and informative filenames for boosting search engine exposure.  Always add alt text to images. Search engine spiders read images using the alt text you provide.  Link the image to your target page. Either link it to the full size image or to the appropriate link where you want to send your visitor.  Lastly, make image optimization a habit. Consider compressing all the theme images as well. It is possible that the theme designer has already compressed the images, but you could still squeeze out some percentages out of them. As every small percentage counts, this is something you might want to consider doing as a webmaster. Doing so can help improve the loading speed of your blog, thereby giving a better user experience to your visitors.
  27. 27. P a g e | 28 Advanced Lazy Load is another smart plugin which loads the contents on a website first and then loads images only when the user scrolls down and the image come to viewpoint. Advanced Lazy Load is aimed to speed up your Wordpress blog by minimizing the loading time. WP Super Cache generates static HTML files from your dynamic Wordpress blog instead of processing the comparatively heavier PHP scripts, thereby improving the speed of your site. New users can get puzzled over how to set up the plugin. So let me walk you through the correct configuration. Install WP Super Cache by searching within your Wordpress dashboard and activate it. Go to Settings  WP Super Cache
  28. 28. P a g e | 29 Click Caching On and hit the Update Status button. Under Advanced tab, make the following changes:  Under Caching, click Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files.  Under Miscellaneous, check the first 3 options.
  29. 29. P a g e | 30  Under Advanced, check Extra homepage checks. Scroll down and click on Update Status.
  30. 30. P a g e | 31 Scroll down again and under Mod Rewrite Rules, click on Update Mod_Rewrite Rules. Now to check if caching is working:  Log on to your website  View page source  Scroll to the bottom and you will find the code as seen below. NOTE: If you are logged in to your Wordpress dashboard, your pages will not be cached and you will not see the above code. So use a different browser to view the page source. Next you need to set the Expiry Time & Garbage Collection. Setting this control how often cached files are deleted. If your site is updated more often, you need to run Garbage Collection more often. The Timer option under Scheduler works best for this.
  31. 31. P a g e | 32 Whereas if your site is not updated more often, you do not need to run Garbage Collection often. The Clock option under Scheduler is best suited. Here are the settings for sites that update more often:  Set your Cache Timeout to update every 60 seconds.  Set your Timer to trash cached files every 90 seconds. And if your site is not updated more often, you need to set it accordingly. If you’re not sure about how to set this, you can use the Delete Cache tab found at the top of your Wordpress pages when logged in. If for any reason you want to disable Garbage Collection, you need to set Cache Timeout to 0.
  32. 32. P a g e | 33 Minifying CSS and JavaScript files is one of the best practices to keep your site’s loading time to the minimum. So it is vital to utilize a suitable tool that clean up the unnecessary part of your code. WP Minify can help you with this. This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JavaScript and CSS files to improve page load time. It is very important to host your site with a quality hosting company for the smooth running of your website. Say NO to free hosts. Similarly, never go for hosting companies that provide unlimited hosting plans at low cost. In these plans, several websites are hosted on a single server which can increase the chance of downtimes due to server overload. Let’s say, a website hosted on your server is getting hit with loads of traffic. Which means, that website is sucking up all the available resources. At such times, your site is likely to suffer loading issues/downtimes. So it’s very important to maximize your optimizing efforts to improve the performance of your website.
  33. 33. P a g e | 34 7 Indented listing or double listing is when you have 2 listings from the same website. If you didn’t get what I mean, the picture explains it all. As you can see, both the results are from searchenginewatch.com This kind of result can be easily achieved (especially for low competition terms) using a good internal linking structure. Double listings have 2 major benefits:  It can push your competitors down.  It can double the chances of people clicking on your links. Here’s how you can achieve double listing: 1. 2. 3. Get one of your pages ranking in the top 10 results of Google. Write a second post and link it to the ranked page. Similarly, link the ranked page to the second.
  34. 34. P a g e | 35 4. Optimize your second post for the same keywords as your first page. Repeat the above steps for all the pages that are ranked in the top 10 results of Google and you can achieve double listing. Remember, double listing is a bright opportunity that can bring you huge traffic, thereby increasing your sales.
  35. 35. P a g e | 36 8 Very recently, the brands and their relevant terms combined can send very powerful signals to Google. Google’s ability to associate website or brands with their terms has been growing very rapidly every year. Experts have opened up that anchor text is weakening and cooccurrence is taking over in terms of ranking a website. Anchor text is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink. Whereas co-occurrence is the theory where your context is understood by the search engine and your website will be ranked partially according to it. For example: A website mentions “SEO services as rated by SEO Book.” Take “SEO Services” as the keyword and “SEO Book” as a website. Here even if the website “SEO Book” is mentioned, it is not linked to the actual website. It doesn’t have a hyperlink. But Google identifies the keywords near to the website and ranks them automatically.
  36. 36. P a g e | 37 So it is like the search engine is finally able to read like a human would and this is why you SHOULD focus on creating contents which is audience-friendly and not just for search engines. To play the safe game, you SHOULD consider co-occurrence in your content before we see any serious signs of anchor text dropping value.  Frequently mention your website along with the relevant terms across the web. This will help Google to associate them together.  Many websites have ranked for some terms which they never obviously targeted in anyway. The term was not mentioned in the anchor texts or title tags either. This is probably where cooccurrence played its role. Although anchor text is still very relevant, it has been a while since cooccurrence has started to gain momentum. Anchor text link building has been best practiced by many SEO’s and has been as effective. Unfortunately, this practice is being manipulated and is spammed around which is why there are greater chances that Google might decrease the value of anchor text signals and bring forth co-occurrence in its place. Google improves every now and then to provide best and quality search results for its users.
  37. 37. P a g e | 38 I wouldn’t say anchor text is dying rather it’s still effective. For example “Adobe Reader” is ranked #2 on Google for the term “click here” for years. As you know they never targeted for this particular keyword except the term “clicking” is mentioned in their snippet. This might be due to several pages across the web saying “click here” as anchor text and pointing to the Adobe Reader download page. I suggest you begin practicing co-occurrence before anchor text completely die out. So no matter what changes happen, you’re on the side of advantage.
  38. 38. P a g e | 39 9 The link building tactics that has been the widely practiced method is slowly getting buried deep down the Google abyss. The game was all about building as many backlinks as possible. With the birth of the New Era, you are going to say NO to:       Submitting spun articles to article directories Submitting Links to Web Directories Link Exchanging Spammy Blog Commenting Forum Profiles/Signatures Keyword Stuffing And every other time-consuming link building practices. Why? Search engines has evolved and become smarter, they no longer prefer link building due to its abuse. If you get involved in those practices any more, you are going to waste your valuable time and your business is at loss.
  39. 39. P a g e | 40 Earning links is the most important way to build SEO. Just like you make a new SEO approach, you need to make a new approach on link earning. You need to focus on building relationships over building links. The process is pretty simple. You are going to create quality content, keep visitors coming to your website and you will eventually earn natural links that search engines like Google will love. You can earn links directly if you create the kind of content speaking positive about a brand/product or contents that you know someone wants to share, wants to link to, would embed, would write about or blog about or include in their press or their research. Make long, in-depth posts that people would enjoy and share - a content with 800+ words are preferred, 1000+ would be top notch and so it goes, the minimum being 300. Think about what questions might come up from a total newbie and try to solve all the questions and troubles and add them in your article. Do not give them a chance to do another search on Google for more information on the topic. “ Quality Content + Relationship Building = Link Earning ” Present your readers with valuable information that pushes them to sharing it rather than simply being a post that someone would read and forget.
  40. 40. P a g e | 41 Want to see a boost in earning links? Provide solutions to people’s problems and answer people’s questions with screenshots wherever possible. You’ll definitely see a spike in social sharing than when you were making regular posts. Another tricky tip is to make posts on product reviews, testimonials, celebrities or popular people you admire. Chances are high that people will start linking to your posts as a source/reference in their blog posts, or as a testimonial. Creating professional infographics has a great impact on search engine exposure and traffic, and is proved to be the best way to earn backlinks. Your infographic should contain valuable information that people would benefit from. It should also have a clearly visible purpose, as well as be closely related to your business. If you create it for the sole purpose of getting shares or earning links, you will get hit back. So when creating an infographic, make sure to thoroughly research on the topic, design it in a professional manner, know what your target audience would be interested in, keep it short, simple and unique. Also host the infogrpahic on your own domain because you want people to link to your domain which you need to earn links for.
  41. 41. P a g e | 42 For the old part of blog commenting, forum profiles/signature links and other similar tactics, here’s a better way to earn links. You need to get involved and participate in active and authentic communities that have real participation, in such a way that members of those communities will notice you and then link to you organically. But be prepared to participate authentically or they will take you as a spammer and you’ll easily lose the opportunity to earn links. Make sure to share valuable information and contribute to the community. If you find questions in your field posted, get to them immediately and give them a perfect solution with any possible links from your website. If done right, users are likely to share them which can increase your exposure and at the same time earn you reputation. You might be familiar with the practice called link farms where people would build up private networks of websites which got used in very spammy ways for SEO over time. The new way to do this is to build a social network that is actually made up of influencers, of people who can link to you, the people who own websites and who have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ that can influence other people - that will get people paying attention to you. If you build this up, you'll accomplish far more than what this would do for you today. You can earn lot of links by partnering up with another blog or website in your field. The two can incorporate links to each other’s blog/website. This can bring advantage to both sides by bringing in
  42. 42. P a g e | 43 new visitors to both the websites as the two can have additional contacts in their network. With this I’m not concluding that all link building tactics are totally dead; there are certainly some that is still effective. I would say that it has gotten harder. But The Big G is trying to say “Stop link building and start link earning”. When you build links, it can look unnatural at some point. You are bound to make mistakes. But when you earn them, it’s going to be a natural process and your website will be placed on Google’s safe side. My advice: Don’t risk your business - start playing a safe game!
  43. 43. P a g e | 44 10 Author Rank is a metric Google will be using to measure the authority and reputation of the author of specific content on the web. Here are some smart tips to get you started with building Author Rank:  Claim Your Authorship This is probably the most important and powerful way to increase visibility in search results as your content appears in a rich-snippet, thereby increasing your click-through rate. Doing this can help verify yourself as an author and tie your content to your Google+ account. Plus the quality of the author can significantly increase your website rankings.
  44. 44. P a g e | 45  Use Google+ Consistently Get to know what features Google+ has to offer and make use of them consistently. Make sure to share all of your contents on Google+ regularly. Google will look out to see how active you are on Google+ and how people are engaging with your content. To increase interaction and traffic, make sure to add the +1 button on your site. Also make sure to connect and interact with other people in your industry and other communities of your interest as well by +1ing and commenting on popular posts. As a result, people will add you to their circles when you actively engage, so the chances of increasing your exposure will be high.  Network on Google+ Look out for fellow authors with high author rank to connect with. Once you enter in to their circles, you will be able to share high quality content easily and also increase your author rank. Pretty simple, keep adding people to your circles and they will do the same to you. The more circles you are in, the more authority you are to build.  Be Picky When Guest Posting When doing guest posts, only go for quality sites which have a respectable page rank. Building few quality links rather than building so many low quality ones is always the better choice. This will add a good effect on your authority rank. Make sure to share your guest posts on Google+ as well and also attribute the article back to your Google+ profile.  Create Great Content Create great content that people would enjoy and share. Focus on creating content that’s worth sharing and encourage readers to share it by placing the social sharing buttons below your posts. This point is really important as this has a greater effect on author rank. If you create low quality content for the sake of
  45. 45. P a g e | 46 creating contents, you are going to bring a negative impact on your author rank. So make sure to create meaningful content that people would do thumbs up for. Create easy to read and well organized content. You see, Google uses complex algorithms to determine the relevance of content for a specific keyword. In order to rank you need to know how Google views your content and the words you need to include in order to rank above your competition. When it comes to this part, Onsite Tycoon is always my favorite. This powerful LSI software that reverse engineers Google's LSI algorithm tells you the exact words that you need to include within your content to rank for your target keyword. It does all the grunt work for you, which can easily help climb up in the rankings. It can even help you rank above your competitors very easily. Above all, it acts smart by analyzing Google’s ranking algorithm on any given day, which is perfect and you can’t go wrong anywhere while putting Onsite Tycoon to work. Now, about the keyword density, many people believe – the bigger the keyword density is, the better they will rank in search engines. If you believe so, you’re definitely wrong. If you keep your content 100% relevant to the topic, keyword density will take care of itself. Write naturally, make sure it reads well and you’ll be fine. Keyword density is not really something that you need to worry about. If you are looking to hire cheap writers to write articles or content for your website, you might want to take a look at HireWriters.
  46. 46. P a g e | 47  OnSite Engagement When you make a post, make sure to leave a question or ask for your reader’s opinion at the end of your article. This will encourage readers to leave comments on your posts and don’t forget to respond to them.  Start Hangouts With Key Audiences or Targeted Personas Now that Google+ Hangout is integrated with Google+ Communities, meeting the members of your community face-toface has become easier. You can video conference with up to 10 people for free from the comfort of your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Create Events Google definitely outdid themselves with Google+ Events. Not only can you create custom invitations, but you can automatically add them to your Google Calendar and share photos in real-time. Everyone who takes photos at your event can post them in one space instead of linking out to multiple photo albums.  Your Presence Everywhere Though Author Rank is heavily based on Google, you need to build your presence on other social networks as well. Building credibility is very important to ensure smooth business, so keep interacting on other social networks like twitter, facebook and Pinterest. Unless you take the necessary steps, unlike page rank, it’s going to be extremely hard to build author rank and easy to lose if you get involved in any suspicious activity. But I’m pretty sure you can keep up with it once you follow the above tips.
  47. 47. P a g e | 48 While Author Rank is becoming more of a factor in an SEO, you should be leveraging Google+ communities to build your own community of influencers.
  48. 48. P a g e | 49 11 “ EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the News Feed. ” Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than pages with low EdgeRank Scores. High EdgeRank = More Exposure If you are totally clueless about what an EdgeRank is or would love to know the importance and optimization of EdgeRank, you might want to check out WhatIsEdgeRank, they have explained well enough.
  49. 49. P a g e | 50 Facebook publicly announced the 4 main factors it uses to determine the reach your page posts get.  Interaction EdgeRank measures the level of interaction your fans maintain with you. If your fans like all of the posts you make, more of your contents will be shown in their newsfeed. Which means, if you like every posts made by a specific page, more of the contents from that specific page will be shown in your News Feed.  Reactions If majority of the people who are shown your posts ignore it, the chances of showing up that posts on the News Feed is likely to drop.  Interest EdgeRank also notes the interaction your fans have had with posts similar to yours in the past. If a particular fan always Likes photos, he/she is more likely to see a photo posted by you.  Complaints If a specific page or content has received lots of complaints, the chances of showing up that post on the News Feed is likely to drop. Which means, if your page or content receive constant complaints, the chances of showing up your posts to your fans is likely to drop.
  50. 50. P a g e | 51 Getting your posts seen by your fans should be a top priority. Here are a few tips that can help improve your EdgeRank:  Images Increase Engagement Increasing engagement and exposure mainly depends on what type of content you choose to share. Of all types of content you share, images are proven to be the most successful in keeping people engaged. “ A picture is worth a 1000 words. ” People love visual content, which means images get more exposure on Facebook than text or video content. Now let me give you 2 quick tips for images:  When you put a link in your post, Facebook automatically displays a preview of the link. Close the preview and instead upload an image related to the link.  Use roflbot to caption your images. WARNING: Stay away from Copyright images.  Stimulate Engagement Our main goal is to stimulate engagement. There are some smart ways to do this.
  51. 51. P a g e | 52  Every time you make a post, try adding a question or ask for feedbacks towards the end of the post. This will leave a room for visitor engagement.  Make posts that will arise curiosity - posts that will bring forward questions, opinions and discussions.  Images can be used as the best ingredient to stimulate engagement.  Post an image and ask them to give a suitable caption that best describes it.  Quiz, riddles and brain teasers will make a great addition to lengthening user engagement.  Making ‘versus’ posts is another excellent way. Justin Bieber vs Selena Gomez is an example.  Reward your fans occasionally. How about a free ticket to an upcoming show?  Sharing your daily life stories can be a nice sauce.  Conduct contests and sweepstakes occasionally. ShortStack is a service that can help you customize your Facebook page with contests, sweepstakes, videos, custom forms, and more.  Videos Can Bring ‘em In Share interesting videos that you find on the web. Like images, videos have higher chances of going viral.
  52. 52. P a g e | 53  Share Links While sharing your own content, it wouldn’t hurt to share links that does not belong to you. Share interesting links that you think people will enjoy. Make sure to leave a compelling text below or above your link that makes the user want to open it.  Share Discounts or Coupons Though we can’t open up about this, people are mostly behind cheap stuffs. As people can save up a lot of dollars from discounts or coupons, you have a high chance of getting loads of comments, likes and shares. At the same time, you can build up your fan list.  Create Photo Albums Another important type of post that generates vast user engagement includes photo albums. Photo Albums can attract a lot of interest from the audience as they click to go through all the different photographs in your album.  Text Posts While many consider text posts to be too boring; to be honest such posts can help you improve your EdgeRank. Throw in a compelling introduction, so users will click on the see more link. This click can be considered as a ranking factor as well. To spice it up, you can add an image or a video too. Engagement is the key to amplifying reach. As long as people interact with your page and you leave no room for complaints, your page is going to be rewarded a pretty good EdgeRank.  Your Response Is Important Respond back to comments made to your posts or a ‘like’ would do. This will help build loyal fans who seek out your posts. If your friends see that you notice them and check out their
  53. 53. P a g e | 54 content, they’ll be more inclined to return the favor, increasing your EdgeRank. EdgeRank Checker is a service that essentially grades your Facebook page. You are given a score that reflects how well or not well your page is interacting with your fans and provides recommendations to help optimize your posts for EdgeRank. EdgeRank Checker takes into account many facts of a Facebook page such as:     Quality of posts Posting times Engagement Time value of posts And more. It also compares your Page against the standard in your industry, so it’s an extremely thorough assessment.
  54. 54. P a g e | 55 Investing in EdgeRank Checker will provide you with valuable assessments of your marketing such as:  Your EdgeRank score for your Facebook Business page.  Feedback on post content and scheduling - what’s working, what’s not, and improvements that can be made.  EdgeRank reports that include “Industry Report” and “Pagespecific Recommendations”.  Identifying patterns in your social media marketing.  Negative Feedback Analysis.  Actionable tips for better page engagement.  Insight on how your page activity compares to industry benchmarks. And many MORE.
  55. 55. P a g e | 56 12 Google is taking social signals into account at a high level in ranking websites? SEO is changing due to a number of factors including the increased impact of social media on search engine rankings. The most powerful indirect impact of social media is its ability to build new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility. If you are to be found, you are able to be linked to, and links are very important for improving search engine rankings.
  56. 56. P a g e | 57 Let me explain to you how social signals are affecting SEO. Just like SEO, there are 2 core elements in terms of social media OnSite element and OffSite element. Both the elements are extremely important to properly establish and grow a social media campaign. A blog, share buttons (like, tweet, bookmark etc.) and connect buttons (like a Facebook page, follow on Twitter etc.) include OnSite elements. Your accounts on social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. make the OffSite elements. Make no mistake, Google+ is the #1 priority and every other social platform will fall as a second priority to that. SEOPressor gives the option to set Social SEO settings which I find very useful. Set up your OnSite element. Make at least 1 post daily. Like I said earlier, don’t create posts only for the sake of creating contents. Create meaningful, original content that people would enjoy and share. Focus on creating content that’s worth sharing. This will improve your brand’s visibility and awareness, which will in turn generate more likes, shares and comments to help with SEO, and at the same time drive visitors to your website. Once again, if you are looking to hire cheap writers to write articles or content for your website, you might want to take a look at HireWriters.
  57. 57. P a g e | 58 More content on your blog gives you the opportunity to rank for related search queries and acquire inbound links, which in turn, strengthens the authority of your website as a whole. Set up your OffSite element. If you don’t have enough time to participate, I suggest you hire someone to do it for you. Your presence on each social media website can help establish credibility of your brand. So don’t miss out the BIG opportunity. Integrate OnSite and OffSite elements. Make sure to announce all your blog posts on all the social media sites you are on. Also encourage your readers to follow you by placing the connect buttons on your site and encourage them to share your contents by placing the social sharing buttons below your posts. Always use high quality images in your blog posts, so Pinterest users can easily pin them. Contents that are widely shared on social media sites and gains high number of social recommendations such as facebook likes and twitter tweets rank higher. This indicates that you need to create quality content that is worth sharing. Like I said earlier, if you create low quality content for the sake of creating contents, you are going to bring negative impact on your ranking. So make sure to create meaningful content that people would do thumbs up for. The days of article spinning are long over. You need to invest enough time in researching and producing quality content that adds value for your readers, so that they will be shared on social media sites. This will raise social signals and give a boost to your search engine rankings.
  58. 58. P a g e | 59 When you share quality content on social media sites that is engaging and interesting to the readers, it is likely that they will link back to it, thereby creating natural backlinks that can help boost your search engine rankings - the backlink that Google is seeking for. Previously, link building strategy included buying backlinks and participating in link exchanging programs. Google has always taught us that quality is more important than quantity. The new SEO teaches that you need to use social media sites to earn natural backlinks and put a rest to the all-out blast methods. Often we thought getting higher ranking gives us traffic. But having high traffic brings up ranking too.
  59. 59. P a g e | 60 Google confirms this: Higher Traffic = Higher Rankings The above patent search says it all. Google definitely takes scoring and ranking of pages based on traffic. And social media's greatest asset is it's ability to generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility. With more likes, tweets, and shares generated, the more likely you're able to be found, linked to and get an overall increase in traffic. This is the exact strategies HUGE blogs use. I am sure you consistently come across big blogs like Hubspot, CopyBlogger, QuickSprout, SearchEngineLand, ProBlogger, SocialMetricsPro. Ever saw how well they keep their new and old content tweeted and posted to Facebook? The result they are enjoying are very effective otherwise it won't happen consistently among the leading blogs. Now, this privilegde has been made available to all of us... thanks to Daniel Tan's TaleOut! You can bring unlimited traffic via social media. I would best recommend you this TaleOut plugin which will auto-share your posts to Facebook profile and page, Twitter and LinkedIn. Well said, they automatically generate social signals. The coolest of all feature I love is, the plugin can dig up the old posts and share those too - meaning resurfacing old content for new traffic! This is perhaps a goldmine. When an old page keeps getting new readers, it won't be stale, and Google loves this behavior. If the old content keep getting visited, it shows how "important" it is. Many users I know of, had installed Taleout and instantly reported increase in traffic from social networks. We've been testing this intensively over some sites with adroll and outbrain traffic. When we turn on the plugin, our ranking across all
  60. 60. P a g e | 61 keywords increase. When we turn off the extra traffic, the rankings drop a little. So more traffic does cause ranking to go up. It's a causal relationship. Long story short, if a document gets more traffic, it's deemed more important than a document with less traffic. In other words, higher traffic brings higher ranking. It's a patent granted to Google; so if you are able to get more traffic, like driving more social traffic to your website, the website's importance will increase and hence the ranking will climb up. When your content is retweeted by an influencer in your niche, search engines consider it a positive social signal, thereby increasing search engine rankings. Again, this can happen only if you have established a relationship with them and also only if your content is worth sharing. This indicates that social media play a bigger role in SEO in 2013. You should actively participate by sharing, commenting, liking and interacting with people on social media sites and establish strong relationships. Only then influencers will actively share your content, raising social signals for improving your search engine rankings. It makes sense to assume that people trust websites recommended by friends than by search engines. Websites with a strong social media presence are easily shareable, thus easier to recommend. Search engines can analyze these shares as recommendations and give a boost in search engine rankings of the website.
  61. 61. P a g e | 62 Websites with a strong social media presence proved to have better conversion rates and brand loyalty, leading to more word-of-mouth referrals and greater brand awareness, which can all lead to more sales, more positive reviews and more inbound links - All these contribute to better search engine rankings. After all, social signals are increasing in importance with regard to the ranking algorithm, and will continue to do so. So make social media a part of your marketing efforts starting today!
  62. 62. P a g e | 63 13 Nowadays article marketing is not as effective as before. You need to go for an alternative choice. Guest posts are great to keep traffic coming in, so share quality content on established sites. Guest posts gives you the opportunity to link back to your own website. Get guest post featured on popular and reputable websites and blogs. That one link from a blog or website in your industry is worth a thousand times than earning millions from low quality ones. From guest posts, you get the following benefits:           Reach new and wider audience Build your brand with wider exposure Build contacts Build relationships Build trust Build natural backlinks Get free exclusive content Establish authority Generates targeted traffic Higher opt-in rates
  63. 63. P a g e | 64 Here are a few tips that can make you an awesome guest blogger:  Study The Blog Make sure to go through the archived posts of the blog you are about to guest post on. And learn the tone and language of the posts and see if yours would fit in. Learn what keeps the readers engaged the most and what types of posts get the most comments.  Take Advantage of The Opportunity To Shine Guest posting is a great opportunity to shine, so take advantage of it and write a rocking piece of content. Put in all your efforts as much as you do for your own blog and try to draft something unique that can set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Credit your sources, link to external sites and perform all the OnPage SEO factors you do on your own blog.  Provide Author Bio Write interesting and relevant basic facts that readers would want to read - don’t over optimize. You may have plenty of interesting information that you want to write, but this is not the appropriate place to narrate all of them. Make it professional but you also need to convey personality and writing style. Don’t try too hard to be funny, but include something that makes you seem like a real person.  Not A Space For Sale Make sure you do not write the content for the sole purpose of selling your product/service. Your content should never sow the feeling in your readers that you have something to sell here. This will turn them away and they will no longer show their interest in reading your posts. If you write a great content, they will check on you and wait for more of yours.
  64. 64. P a g e | 65  Get Social & Follow Through Outstanding guest bloggers are those who get social and follow through. Which means you should care enough to respond to comments, promote via social networks, connect with other commentators and keep the topic engaging and interesting by expanding the discussion. By combining all the above tips, you can definitely ROCK!
  65. 65. P a g e | 66 14 I’m sure you’re well aware of the broken link building strategy. Simply put, broken link building is a technique where a link that is no longer working on a site is pointed out and suggesting that your link be added as a replacement. Here you are doing the owner 2 favors: 1. You are letting the website owner know about the error pages they have on their website. 2. You are providing a solution for the broken links by providing a replacement. Now let me show you how you can point out broken links from websites and how you encourage the website owners to replace it with yours.
  66. 66. P a g e | 67 Check My Links is a Chrome extension that crawls through any webpage quickly and looks for broken links. It highlights which ones are valid and which ones are broken, simple as that. Now that you have found a lightning fast method to find broken links, your next step is to approach the website owners to convince them to replace those broken link with yours. Now the question would be, “How do I do it?” correct? I’ll share a few tips that can help you increase your chances of getting accepted. 1. First off, you can approach the webmaster as a business owner. Point out to the webmaster that the website they are linking to is no longer available. And let them know you are offering a similar service. 2. Another option is to approach them as a random visitor and tell them how you love their website and the information they provide. And then tell them you just noticed that one of their links is unavailable. This is where your opportunity opens up to provide an alternative link.
  67. 67. P a g e | 68 Bonus Tip: To increase the chances of your success, you need to focus your conversation more on helping out the website owner rather than concentrating on your SEO goals.
  68. 68. P a g e | 69 15 82% of the content shared on the web occurs via copy & paste. Tynt is an online service that inserts the page URL when your content is pasted into emails, social sites or elsewhere. As a result, your traffic increases and SEO improves as more URLs become fixed links. Go to Tynt and sign up for a free account. In the following page, click on Wordpress tab. Select option 2 - Hosted myself on my own server or a 3rd party service like Dreamhost.
  69. 69. P a g e | 70 When you select it, a set of instructions that you need to follow will be displayed below. You’re done! Now when you copy a piece of content from your site, you should see the Read more link as shown below.
  70. 70. P a g e | 71 16 Content repurposing is a method of reformatting existing content to create new content in different forms. The main advantage of content repurposing is that, the content marketer need not create a new content from scratch, saving time and effort while reaching a broader audience. To keep it simple, I would explain content repurposing as picking a blog post and publishing it as a slideshow, audio, eBook, video, interview, white paper, webinar, case study, chart, blog series, training material, infographic and so on. By repurposing content, you give people a greater chance of seeing it and sharing it with their own audiences. This wider reach paves the way for word-of-mouth marketing which is a very powerful thing. The BIG plus point is that, you can even drive sales to your products. People like to consume content and interact with brands differently. Some prefer short blog posts while others enjoy long posts. Some
  71. 71. P a g e | 72 prefer images or videos. By repurposing content, you can provide your content in a variety of forms, so your audience can pick how they want to interact with your brand. That’s the key to building your brand.
  72. 72. P a g e | 73 17 People search for hotels, clinics, stores etc in their locality with the help of search engines to find relevant and local information. As local search has become increasingly popular, local SEO has grown in importance. Most of you are already familiar and know about the importance of local rankings. Local SEO is important to improve your website rankings, especially if you have a physical location, thereby bringing in more potential customers from your targeted local area.
  73. 73. P a g e | 74 Firstly you need to own a business profile on Google places which will help boost your rankings for local search results. It’s very important to put up an image of your business or brand and also verify your listing which is another strong ranking factor. Fill up all the fields like name, address and phone number with accurate and updated information. In short, to stand above the competition, it’s extremely important to have an active and well-reviewed Google+ Local page. Claim your listings with other major search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. as well. Reviews are another important ranking factor for local search. Encourage and remind your customers and visitors to leave quality reviews on your Google Places page. But never review your own business and don’t bribe others to do the same. Just like earning links, Google love natural reviews. Work on your organic OnSite SEO and be sure you are well optimized for city + keyword searches. Be sure your site is not OVER-optimized as well. Watch out for duplicate content and excessive use of keywords as these factors can hurt your rankings. Optimize your website for mobile devices. Not every business owners own a mobile version of their website, so take advantage of this and set up a mobile version of your website optimized for the local search. You need to have your presence on quality local directories like Yellow Pages, White Pages, Yelp etc. Work to get backlinks from local businesses, websites and blogs. Backlinks from related, quality sites provide the best link juice. It makes sense to assume that local websites in your area are going to bring in quality leads to your website mainly because they live in your targeted area. Secondly, the reason they clicked through your website
  74. 74. P a g e | 75 is because they were interested in your product/service. So pick quality websites and ignore low quality or spammy ones to receive a link from. Offer them your support by any means and you’ll win it. Obviously, you are not aiming for temporary backlinks. Permanency and longevity of backlinks are important. The most important thing any business owner should bring is his commitment to good service. Fair and honest business practices are the foundation of success. Be honest with yourself, treat your customers honestly as well and everything else will follow. Lastly, I suggest you read through the Google Places guidelines as many times as possible and make sure you learn all bits and pieces of it leaving nothing behind. Get to know what Google has to say and play a safe game!
  75. 75. P a g e | 76 18 We’re heading to a world where smartphones and tablets are going to become the primary means of connectivity. Nowadays the use of smartphones, tablets and mobile phones are on the rise. More people are searching for news and information via these devices. The future is mobile, so guess what? We are already headed to the future. What does this mean for website owners? Optimizing websites for mobile searches has become extremely important - No excuse in this futuristic world. The solution, of course, is to make a website that works equally well on every device. The reason why mobile sites demand different SEO standards is that mobile experience is so much different from desktop version. You’re not going to get the same results if you apply the traditional SEO. Here are a few good tips for mobile SEO:
  76. 76. P a g e | 77  Your Top Priority Is Visitors Users prefer faster loading websites. Focus your mobile strategy to help users find information on your website quickly and easily. Avoid forcing them to use the zoom feature. Also placing loads of images that will increase the load of your website is not recommended. Keep your website clean with only 2-3 images.  Responsive Web Design This is by far the most important point in optimizing website for mobile searches. A responsive web design helps to display your website perfectly on mobile devices. This resizes your website and moves around images, making it easier for your audience to read the contents on mobile devices while also looking good on desktop browsers. One of the greatest benefits of responsive designs from an SEO point of view is that since there’s just one page for desktop and mobile, the page retains its original link authority. More importantly, Google prefers responsive designs over other options. The article Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites explains it all.  Power Up Social Media Even on mobile devices, it is important to have the social sharing buttons. Any idea why? Most people use these devices for entertainment. They are always connected to social media sites when they are on mobile phones because social apps are easier to use. So encourage your visitors to share your content by placing social sharing buttons below each post.  Shorter Keywords When people are on mobile phones or tablets, they are not comfortable with typing long keyword phrases, they use
  77. 77. P a g e | 78 keywords that are shorter than normal. So targeting longtail keyword phrases will not be a good idea. Aim for shorter keywords if you want to show up on mobile searches more often. Another interesting user experience is that people often use the keyword suggestions feature which Google offers when we start typing a specific keyword. Take a note of Google’s recommendations and target your keywords based on that or use Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Think Local When people are at home, they are more likely to search for information on desktop. While on the move, they turn on to mobile devices. And when it comes to that, you have to think local. Most mobile search results are largely influenced by geo-specific parameters. Which means it’s important to optimize your website for local searches. This allows Google to identify that your optimized website is suitable to display in local search results.  Mobile Analytics As the competition stiffens, the Mobile section in Google Analytics is going to be incredibly important. You can use these analytics to help track the keywords you’re targeting, monitor the type of traffic you’re getting and also where you’re getting it. Based on this information, you can make tweaks to your efforts and improve your mobile SEO efforts further.
  78. 78. P a g e | 79 19 For several years now, video has been used as a powerful tool to rank websites faster in search engines. But not all are successful in this area as everyone is not aware of what exactly has to be done to bring the results. Here are a few tips that can get you started:  Create Engaging Videos If people leave your video without watching it to the end, it typically means that they are not interested or satisfied with the content of the video. As a result, your ranking will drop. This action alone can alert Youtube that your video isn’t relevant. So make sure that your video is interesting and engaging to the viewers to limit the bounce rate. Create something that can keep your viewers longer on the page and this can leave a good impression on your video.
  79. 79. P a g e | 80  Title & Description Title is the first thing that is going to capture the interest of the viewers. If you give a very boring title, you are going to turn away potential viewers. So make sure to give a catchy and compelling title that can force users to click. Also include your main keyword that you want to rank for. Keep your meta descriptions specific and attention-grabbing. Your way of putting together the words of description will reflect on the result. Add words that describe value in your description and give users a good reason why they should watch the video. That being said, you cannot write a description that is not relating to your video. Misleading your viewers can almost kill potential traffic and drive away users feeling they were used. Rather it should contain the overview or the core message of your video. Make sure to use variations of your main keyword here as well.  Tags Tags help the search engine understand the subject/context of your video, figure out what videos are relevant, and determine if yours is related to other videos. Use the Google keyword tool to find the keywords related to your main keyword and add them to it. Go to Google Keyword Tool, type in your main keyword and hit the Search button.
  80. 80. P a g e | 81 Sort the keyword ideas by competition – low to high. This will give you the list of keywords easiest to rank for in your niche. The less the competition, the easier it is to rank well on that keyword. Pick a few related to your topic and you can use it in the Tags field. Another easy way to find out what kind of videos are mostly searched is to start typing your main keyword in the Youtube search and see what comes in the drop-down.
  81. 81. P a g e | 82 This is a very good way to get started.  File Name Just like you name images, don’t miss out your opportunity to rename your videos before uploading it to Youtube. Naming them wisely based on your keywords can let Youtube know that your video is relevant.  Closed Captions Closed captions is yet another feature on Youtube that gives us an opportunity to show what our video is all about. This feature allows you to upload your video’s script which is then automatically synced to your clip. Youtube uses the text within the closed captions when ranking results, which can help boost your rankings. So be smart and make yourself stand out from the crowd by making use of this awesome feature that Youtube has to offer.  Earn Backlinks Just like a blog post, videos also need backlinks. Whenever you make a blog post, make sure to embed your Youtube video as well. Similarly, share, tweet and spread it all across the social media sites to get maximum exposure. The more websites linking to your video, the better you will rank in search engines.
  82. 82. P a g e | 83 20 You might have already heard the opinion of Matt Cutts on Press Releases. Matt wrote on Google Webmaster Forums: Now comes the challenge. 3 weeks later, SEO Consult did a test to see if press releases would have an impact on rankings. They drafted a press release ironically on the very topic of press releases not working any more. And then included a made-up keyword "sreppleasers" (an anagram of "press release") and linked it to Matt Cutts’ blog. 3 days after publishing, the result turned out quite unexpected:
  83. 83. P a g e | 84 Matt Cutts’s blog ranked in Google for that unique anchor text. Yet another test conducted by my good friend and SEOPressor founder Daniel Tan proved the same. He drafted a press release and included a made-up keyword “leasreepressmm” which is an anagram for Press Release MM. The term was anchored to Matt Cutt's blog. His goal was to get Matt’s blog to rank for leasreepressmm, and guess what, it worked! Few days later, Cutts’s words were proven wrong again.
  84. 84. P a g e | 85 As of now, Matt Cutts’s blog ranks 4th in Google for the keyword. These quick experiments proved that links in press releases do have direct SEO benefit and you can conclude that they are still powerful and I still recommend it. Matt Cutts could have meant that press releases might not have its effect in the future as it had in the past?
  85. 85. P a g e | 86 Every time a certain method involves ranking your website in search engines, then it’s just abused to the point that it no longer works. The exact same thing applies for press releases. Several hundred or maybe thousands of crappy contents flood press release networks which are in no way what you can call a press release. These press releases are simply made for the sole purpose of ranking websites. Simply put, these releases are only polluting the press release distribution networks. The exact opposite, if they were used the right way then I doubt it would ever be avoided as one among the many SEO factors. Here’s a few smart tips you can take a peek at:  Shout Our Your Mind You might have something up your mind, but spilling it out simply won’t cut it. Think of a way to make your press release newsworthy. If you don’t come up with an idea to grab the attention and interest of the readers, then there’s no point in publishing one. So plan out a fresh press release that you think people would enjoy and share. Do not consider making releases on every little matter instead plan on doing it only if there’s actually news worth writing about.  Old Is Bad When it comes to press releases, you could say old is bad. Remember, people are not looking out for old news, rather fresh and updated news. So make sure to feed your readers with what’s new.  Write An Attention Grabbing Headline Make sure to grab the attention of your readers with a catchy headline. Headline is your first opportunity to pick a reader’s interest, so be creative while writing it. It should clearly reveal what your inner content is about. Like I explained earlier, your title should
  86. 86. P a g e | 87 be limited to 70 characters or less to be displayed fully in Google search results.  First Paragraph Is The Key Since journalists are busy people, they have their own way to consider if a press release is newsworthy by rushing through the first paragraph in no time. Considering that in mind, make sure to include all the key details in the first paragraph in as few words as possible. Give answers to basic questions like who, what, when, where, how and so on.  Target Multiple Audiences Stylize your press release in a way that it matches the media you are sending it to. This can boost your chance of getting noticed and prioritized. Not only media, but you should keep customers, prospects and targeted online communities in your mind as well. Before writing a press release, think yourself if you could grab attention from both the parties. You can then draft it accordingly.  Stick To The Point While writing press releases, make sure to stick to the point till the end. They should be no more than 300 words. More importantly, press releases should be written in short sentences and paragraphs.  Say No to Sales Never veil promotion in place of press release. If your content gives the ad feeling, then your audience will most likely leave and continue on with another release.  Don’t Fake Your Contact Information Make sure to provide the right contact details (telephone, location, email address) in a prominent place, so that journalists can get in touch with you whenever necessary. Faking contact information can drop the value of your press release and also it indicates that you may be hiding from something.
  87. 87. P a g e | 88  Photographs Brighten ‘em Up Did you know that photographs can brighten up your press release? Make sure to add professional, interesting pictures that tell the story itself. Remember? A picture is worth a 1000 words, so take advantage of it.  Add Interesting Quotes Add interesting or related quotes on how your product/service can help your consumers or how the information can help do his/her job better. Your press release is not just about link signal, but should also naturally attract audience.  Keep Yourself Away From Over Optimizing A very important factor you have to consider when submitting your press release is, never over optimize your press release for SEO purposes. Doing so and also stuffing with keywords can get you rejected by many distribution services. Therefore, keep your press release Spam Free.  Proofread Always proofread. Your typos alone can leave harsh impressions. Never ever leave the job to spell-check. They usually catch simple typos but no big grammatical errors.  Diversify, Diversify, Diversify! Backlinks shouldn’t be the only reason you’re sending out press releases. This is the primary reason as to why companies distribute press releases, however if you continually submit it to the same distribution services, they usually submit it to the same news sources. Which means you will be building links from the same domains. As SEO is all about diversification, you should consider about submitting to different distribution services rather than sticking to just one which can’t probably bring you additional benefit.
  88. 88. P a g e | 89 If you’re unsure of how to draft a quality press release, Zerys can do it for you. You can get pro writers write quality content for you. So from a sustainable SEO perspective, press releases are still considered a good practice. As part of a comprehensive marketing solution this is vital to providing multiple layers of direct and indirect signals for SEO purposes. But only when they are crafted and distributed perfectly.
  89. 89. P a g e | 90 21 Branding yourself is all about getting clear on what you’re passionate about. Branding yourself is not just about overpowering your competitors. It’s about getting your prospects to see you as an expert in your field, to choose you as the only solution to their problem. You must have noticed that most of the big companies or brands like Disney and Nike rank excellently well in search engine results. So, by becoming an online brand, you’ll get the added ‘brand-benefit’ in searches.  A Unique Brand Name With a Telling Tag Line A unique brand name is the key element to creating a successful brand. Ideally, the name should speak of your competitive advantage and help to stand out from the crowd. Aim for a name
  90. 90. P a g e | 91 that can lead to further discussion and a deeper conversation about your company. Keep the name simple and sweet that can be engraved in to the minds of people. Instead of telling what you do, use the tagline to speak of how you do it, let people know how they will benefit from you. Great brands tell customers what separates them from the rest of the crowd.  Establish a Web Presence Are you well known across the web? Not much as a Celebrity is? Well, you need not go that far. But at least when your potential customers or friends/fans search your name in Google, you need to show up then. The simplest way to do this would be to create your own website to build a basic online presence. As an example, you could purchase a domain with your full name in it with the aim to rank #1 for your name in Google. This website can be simple which includes your bio, links to your social presence (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and easy contacts like an email or chat. This can help people get to know more about you, build trust, and get in touch through whichever medium available. So why a different website when I have my own brand name? In case this question just now hit your mind, you need to consider a separate one. Because this is like an added additional bonus for your fans or customers, a separate website about you and you alone can help them understand you better and your visitors will say, “Oh, I see… he knows his stuff”.
  91. 91. P a g e | 92  Network To Generate Brand Awareness Invite yourself to discussions relating to your industry. Provide valuable ideas and information to stand out and gain attention. You can comment on blogs owned by professionals for faster recognition. Networking is always the best choice if you are aiming for better relationship with your audience. This can easily help you get popular and improve your brand growth.  Get feedback from those who know you best - at work, at home, anywhere To succeed in your online business, you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes; this can help you get the desired result. With lots of choices and still multiplying, customers are confused in choosing the best brands and service providers. So they naturally search for feedbacks and reviews on different services. This is where reputation plays its role. If you have good reputation, your chances of traffic and conversions are way high. Most marketers realize the importance of positive reputation long after they’ve reached a critical stage. This is a big mistake you should never make. I advice you, if you wish to succeed online, you should first think about building ‘positive’ reputation online. Stand out from the crowd by delivering quality, compelling and unique services. Your services along with positive reputation helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Consistently practicing this strategy will make your new brand shine for the years to come.
  92. 92. P a g e | 93 Use your brand name frequently enough that it sinks in to the minds of people. Your brand is under your rule, so rule good. ;)
  93. 93. P a g e | 94 22 A Sitemap is an XML file which contains a list of links to every single page on your site. Implementing a sitemap is essential in terms of SEO as it makes it easier for search engine spiders to see all the pages on your site and they don’t miss out any. Though sitemaps pay an important role in SEO, most people still ignore the fact. XML sitemaps are very much helpful in getting your website indexed faster. I would like to clearly state that sitemaps does not affect search engine rankings. It’s only a way to let search engines know about a link on your website that’s not yet indexed. Not only for search engines but also for human readers, the sitemaps can help them easily browse through all the pages on your site which they might have missed through normal means.
  94. 94. P a g e | 95 There are several ways to create a sitemap in wordpress. You can easily create it using the Google XML Sitemaps. In your Wordpress dashboard, go to Settings  XML-Sitemap Click on “Click here” to build it for the first time. When refreshed, the plugin shows that your sitemap was built. Click on sitemap to open your sitemap page.
  95. 95. P a g e | 96 You can find it in the following link: http://yourwebsiteurl.com/sitemap.xml You next step is to submit the sitemap to Google. The benefit of this is that Google will now show you stats on any errors, pages indexed and such. Go to Google Webmaster Tools, select your site. On the left side, click on Optimization  Sitemaps In the following page, click on Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right. Type in your sitemap filename and hit the Submit Sitemap button.
  96. 96. P a g e | 97 Once you have submitted successfully, it will show the pending message. Give it some time and Google will crawl your site. You can then see the stats.
  97. 97. P a g e | 98 23 Ever Been Penalized or slapped by Big G? With the release of the two major Google algorithm updates - Panda and Penguin, many webmasters have gone shivering done their spines as they were penalized. Several thousands of websites were hit hard and wiped off Google. You know the terrific feeling when you see your sites disappear from the search engines. Having lost your traffic and rankings overnight, it seriously affects your online income. All that hard work, your time and investment is gone in just a matter of seconds. You were not warned nor let know what the reason behind it was, and without notice, your sites flourish. If you haven't come across this situation yet, then you might be the next. If you've already been hit, then you need to quickly take action. The Disavow links tool helps you notify Google about which links to your site you’d like Google to ignore. If you need to remove any low quality links, you can simply use this tool to alert Google not to take them in to account when assessing your site.
  98. 98. P a g e | 99 For instance, in order to quickly build up backlinks you might have spammed all around the web on various websites like blog commenting, forum spamming, submitting low quality articles by stuffing keywords and other spammy stuffs. And if you are confident that these artificial, low quality or spammy links are causing issues to your site’s ranking, then you should be using this tool. If you have previously hired someone to build backlinks for you, I recommend you remove them as soon as possible in case you find any spammy or low quality links. Remove as many links as you can manually and leave the ones you are unable to handle to this handy Google tool. First you’ll need to download a list of links to your site. To do this:  On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want.  On the Dashboard, click Traffic, and then click Links to Your Site.  Under Who links the most, click More.  Click Download more sample links. If you click Download latest links, you'll see the dates as well. Now that you have obtained the links, you’ll need to create a .txt file containing only the links you want to disavow – the links that you want Google to ignore. Don’t add all the links, but only the ones that look spammy. Here’s how your new .txt file should look like:
  99. 99. P a g e | 100 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# example.com removed most links, but missed these http://spam.example.com/stuff/comments.html http://spam.example.com/stuff/paid-links.html # Contacted owner of shadyseo.com on 7/1/2012 to # ask for link removal but got no response domain:shadyseo.com -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want Google to ignore all links from an entire domain (like example.com), add the line domain: example.com Now you are ready to upload the newly created file. Go to Google Disavow Links Tool. Pick the site you want to disavow links for and click the Disavow Links button.
  100. 100. P a g e | 101 A warning message will be displayed. Click Disavow Links. Choose the txt file you want to upload by clicking Choose File and simply follow on. Now this can take a couple of weeks for Google to process your request. Whether you have hired a bad SEO person or made a mistake in your own link building, you can try to take them down manually by contacting the sites that link to you. If, despite your best efforts, you're unable to get some backlinks taken down, this is when you should use the Google Disavow Links Tool. Now this can take several weeks until the disavow request is processed as Google have to manually go through each of your links where they get millions of other links in queue. In that case, I recommend using the HUGE time saving automated software called SEO Resurrection to speed up the entire process. So if you ever get hit by Big G, make use of this quick acting tool to resurrect your website by getting rid of those spammy links. This tool can help recover your position in the search engines.
  101. 101. P a g e | 102 24 Optimizing your website means attracting search engine spiders. Before you let the little spiders judge you, you need to see how the spider sees your website, so that you can plug in any possible holes in your SEO. How about mimicking the spider yourself? Now this is an interesting part. You get to crawl your website with the eyes of a spider. We are going to use Firefox to do this tricky part. Install Firefox
  102. 102. P a g e | 103 Install Web Developer and User Agent Switcher (Firefox Plugins) Next you need to disable Javascript. To do this, on Firefox, Go to Tools  Option. In the Content tab, uncheck Enable JavaScript.
  103. 103. P a g e | 104 Next you need to disable CSS as well. To do this, click on CSS  Disable Style  Disable All Styles. Set User Agent to Googlebot. To do this, go to Tools  Default User Agent  Search Robots  Googlebot Way to go, you can now view your website like a spider!
  104. 104. P a g e | 105 So there you have it – my guide for those who are new to SEO, as well as those who are already doing SEO and need further guidance. Read through the guide, understand how it works, and read it over again. Implement it, so that it works. When you have done everything I told you above, you will be on the right track. Indeed, SEO is done with the aim of ranking websites to the top of search engines. You cannot do SEO with the thought everything works in just few days or a week. If something has value, it isn’t cheaply bought or quickly gained. If you follow sincerely, with the correct attitude and stick with it, your chance of success is guaranteed. We can’t be totally sure of what future holds in regards to SEO. But we should prepare ourselves and our clients to safely hold on to the developments which are in store for us – the developments that will shape the upcoming months. Finally, I’d like to say – all qualities manifest from hard working. To put things in the right order: implement SEO and keep testing to see what works best. So then, I hope you enjoyed the book – being a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Good Luck with every step you go forward. To your success, Amilie Larson