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  1. 1. YES Brisbane Newsletter May 2010
  2. 2. Who’s in the zoo… ... <ul><li>Most of our incubators will know that the Social Incubator program is a partnership between Brisbane City Council and YES Brisbane. But what does this mean? Long story short, Visible Ink is a part of the BCC's Youth Program. The Youth Program aims to ensure that all young people under 26 can do the things in Brisbane that are important to them. Visible Ink Valley (VIV) is one of five youth spaces across the city. For more info visit In 2007 VIV ran the Youth Enterprise Symposium (YES07). This was a three-day event for young people interested in starting their own projects, community organisations and businesses. We met some cool people along the way and a smaller follow-up event was held in 2008. YES 2008 looked more intently to strengthen the networks between like-minded young people (just like you) and one of these people was Sarah Moran. Sarah's passion for young people is undeniable and with a few friends she launched a group called Youth, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (YES Brisbane) in late 2009. VIV has always had office space occupied by a number of young entrepreneurs, but in 2009, we started talking with Sarah and Ehon Chan about how we could improve the project, how our tenants could get more from working together and the Social Incubator program was born! When Sarah landed her job with Vis Ink to manage the website, Lani was bought in to run the YES Brisbane show and make sure our Incubators were looked after and look after the program's media relations. Now in 2010 as we work to iron out teething problems that come with any new program we thank you for your patience while we get the program up and running. To give you an idea of what we're all doing, here's a brief overview: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Ryan Foster is VIV's coordinator. If you have any problems with the building like air-conditioning or car-parking - Ryan is your man! </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Lani Pauli is the Social Incubator Program Coordinator. Talk to her about media opportunities, workshops, volunteer hours and anything directly related to the program. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Sarah Moran is VIV website guru. If you have any queries relating to VIV website, newsletter or general promotions she's the girl in the know. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Ehon Chan is our resident researcher. He'll be looking after the evaluation of the program. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Chrissie Nowland is the Youth Support Officer for VIV. Chrissie will help you with connecting to other people in council, looking at council grants or booking an event at VIV, for example. </li></ul></ul>
  3. 3. VIV House-keeping Swipe cards and after hours access to VIV Some of you have swipe cards to get into VIV but don't have a PIN code to set and disarm the security system at the front door. Email [email_address] if you need a pin code set up for you Office use Some of you may be using the office space less than you originally planned...and some of you will be noticing empty office space and wondering where these people are. Obviously people's needs change over time but its really important that you let us know of any changes...otherwise we will look to offer under-used office spaces to other tenants that need more space. Please keep us informed. Updating your info It is important that we know the names of everyone that is making use of your office space. This is for security and general program management purposes. We need to make sure we have a list of people that are allowed in each office (i.e. when one of your team turn up and want to borrow a key to get in). We also need the list to keep you ALL informed of stuff like car park closures, noisy bookings in the rehearsal space, power outages etc. Please email Lani at [email_address] with your lists.
  4. 4. Incubator updates Pat @ The JH Project Our new project TETHER has just launched. TETHER will link together a live performance with short dance film/clips. We are using creative dance to put Brisbane on the map. Please visit our Facebook page to find out more. We're also excited to announce that we'll soon be launching registrations for dancers and photographers to be involved in DPE (Dance Photography Exhibition) which is a collaboration with Vegas Spray and dancer Joel Fenton. More information available here . Lionel @ Less Precious Project Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our event, ARTNOW with Andy Monks and Matt Dye. We totally packed the meeting room at Visible Ink to capacity, so we'll be sure to get a bigger venue for the next event. There were many questions answered about animation and illustration working opportunities in Brisbane and what to do to launch a career here.  The interactive drawing activity was a hit and gave people the chance to make some great connections and get creative. The next event FILMNOW will explore being a professional in the film and television industries so stay tuned!  __________________________________________________________________ Keep us in the loop of how your project is going – email updates for inclusion in the monthly newsletter to [email_address]
  5. 5. Incubator updates Left Right Think Tank Left Right Think Tank officially launched at Parliament House last month and as well as introducing the organisation to the general public, the event was a fantastic networking opportunity connecting young people to politicians and policy makers. For more photos from the day click here .
  6. 6. Sound Bytes ... Don’t forget we have a YES Brisbane group on This is an online space for you to showcase your work. Simply register to log in and request membership to the group at Fancy a kick start? Kick-start is about giving those with a top idea a helping hand to launch their project. A platform for everyone from film-makers, journalists, musicians, explorers and inventors, this is well worth checking out. It is still in BETA mode but is receiving great reviews! Click here to go through the the website. 2010 National Survey for Young People Mission Australia have released their 9th annual national survey for young people if your aged 11 to 24 you can paticipate in this. Click here to take the survey.
  7. 7. Sound Bytes ... Big Art supports The Big Issue The Big Art project which helps to support Brisbane’s 50 Big Issue vendors is calling out for artists to donate a piece to be exhibited at Bleeding Heart Gallery and auctioned at a ticketed event on October 14, 2010. If you would like to donate a piece or find out more information contact Judy Johnson on [email_address] The PM's AYF Challenge Are you 12-24 and have a great idea that can make a difference? The Prime Minister’s Australian Youth Forum (AYF) Challenge is about young people coming up with fresh ideas on how to engage other young people in their community. It can be anything – a project on how to address a local need or a way to promote a positive image of young people in your community. Winning entries can win up to $15,000 funding to turn their idea into a reality. Visit the website for more information.    
  8. 8. Sound Bytes ... Applications are open for BYM 2010 Summit! The Brightest Young Minds (BYM) Foundation is searching for the 100 brightest, most passionate and socially responsible 18-28 year olds in Australia for 2010. The BYM Foundation will host a six-day Summit , July 4-9, co-hosted by the University of Sydney and Google Australia, to which 100 delegates will be invited to develop and grow as ethical leaders of Australia and beyond. They will also have the opportunity to launch their own social, environmental or humanitarian initiatives, which offer solutions to problems facing society today. Throughout the Summit the delegates will engage with business, not-for-profit and government leaders - who will each share their knowledge and experience leading organisations, and doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Registrations close May 15
  9. 9. Sound Bytes ... Hot 30 under 30 Smart Company is again looking for Australia’s hottest young entrepreneurs for their annual hot 30 under 30 list.  Think you’ve got what it takes?  Complete a 10min questionnaire about you and your business to find out!  Know a rising young star and want to nominate them?  Email the editor, James Thomson at [email_address] with details. Oaktree Queensland positions available The Oaktree Foundation is searching for a new QLD State Director, $1.25 Campaign Manager and Geberate Manager. These roles are a significant opportunity for a proven young leader to run Australia’s largest youth run aid and development agency in QLD. The QLD team has over 60 young people working between 5 and 30 hours a week on initiatives to raise money for the developing world, educate the community about issues of global poverty, and lobby the federal government to increase foreign aid. Check out the position descriptions here
  10. 10. Sound Bytes ... June – August 2010 Young Social Pioneers 2010   The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is now calling for applications to Young Social Pioneers 2010, an exceptional year-long training and development program for social change-makers. Drawing on international best-practice, the program is designed specifically for young Australians working with purpose and passion for a social cause. Fourteen social pioneers will gain a place on YSP 2010 and can benefit from skills development, mentoring, intensive group and individual training and access to a global network of social innovators. Applications are now open and close Friday 11th June . Applicants must be between 18-29 years old and have been actively working on an idea or project for six months. Areas of work can include: education, environment, health and wellbeing, human rights, media and technology, performing and visual arts, politics, and science. For further information, profiles of past recipients or to apply visit . INITIATE The Future Australia’s Youth Leadership Conference 2010 - 9th of July 2010, UNSW , NSW : A project that connects thousands of leaders of youth Not-For-Profit organisations with each other, businesses, government and universities to get the required support. INITIATE The Future is an on site and virtual space to kick-start translating their visions into actions by launching relevant projects to solve youth (empowerment, leadership), sustainability (climate change, water shortage) and social inclusion (migration, indigenous integration) issues and gain crucial and highly demanded skills in running an organisation.
  11. 11. Sound Bytes ... June – August 2010 Redkite’s Dare to Dream Scholarship Program 2010 Are you or do you know a young person aged 16-24 who has had cancer at some point in their life? Applications for Redkite’s Dare to Dream Scholarship Program 2010 are now open to help these young people pursue their dreams – and to make a real difference to their lives. Redkite supports children and young people with cancer, and is offering a National Scholarship prize of $5000, with 6 x $2000 State and Regional Scholarships, 12 x $1000 High Commendation Awards, and 12 x $500 Encouragement Awards available. Applications are open until Monday, 5th July, 2010. To apply or for more information, visit . Join the Facebook fan page at: Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award - Call for Submissions   Emerging animators have a chance to get a leg up in the industry through the Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award. The Sixty40 Proto-Ninja Award will consist of $999.99 cash plus a two-month mentorship with Sixty40, a design and animation company that combines the love of creativity with the reality of commercial production. Entrants must create a new work of between 40 and 60 seconds length, which follows the theme Underdog. Techniques can include stop-frame, traditional 2D, motion graphics, 3D, photography, puppetry, film or video. Entries close August 6 th For more information visit
  12. 12. Looking for a FundBreak? Australia’s first crowd-funding platform Fundbreak launched officially this month and already creative individuals, groups and projects are taking advantage of this great initiative. Fundbreak’s offer is simple. The site is an opportunity to raise funds by posting a project on the website. Each project has a funding goal and time limit (up to 50 days) set by the creator and during this time the creator spreads the word about the idea to their wider networks. Supporters are offered a reward based on the funding amount they give. Incubator, Tiara the Merch Girl, has recently used Fundbreak to source funding that would allow her to travel to Thornbury, Vic to participate in a performance event. “ I was quite surprised at how successful my campaign was,” she said. “I think it helped that my aim was very specific and the amount needed was precise.” “ Getting the word out about my Fundbreak campaign was key and I used daily reminders and shoutouts so people could keep track.” Want to know more? Find Fundbreak online | Twitter | Web | Introduction Video
  13. 13. What’s on in May National Skills and Employment Expo 7 th -9 th May - Homeless Connect 11 th May - Unwritten Futures 16 th May - Zillmere Multicultural Festival 22 nd May - Bay Wave Youth and Community Festival 22 nd May - Visions 23 rd May - Cyber Safety Youth Mental health Forum - ‘Out of the Shadows’ 27 th May, 11am-2pm, King George Square The Little Market 28 th May, 5:30pm-8:00pm, Avid Reader Bookshop courtyard, West End Stylin’ Up 10 th Anniversary 29 th May –