Lesson 2


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Lesson 2

  1. 1. Supporting GVT Agencies
  2. 2. AustradeAustrade assists Australian businesses to contribute to nationalprosperity by succeeding in trade and investment internationally, andpromoting and supporting productive foreign investment into Australia. Some of the services offered by Austrade include: delivering services that assist Australian businesses initiate, sustain and grow trade and outward investment promoting Australia as an inward investment destination and, with the states and territories, supporting the inflow of productive foreign direct investment administering the Export Market Development Grants scheme undertaking initiatives designed to improve community awareness of, and commitment to, international trade and investment providing advice to the Australian Government on its trade and investment development activities
  3. 3. Australian Institute of ExportThe Australian Institute of Export (AIEx), operating in all states of Australia, is a non-profit, private-sector organisation. As the professional association representing exporters,it seeks to raise the standards of export management and practices through education,training, and the exchange of information and ideas between various parties, such asexporters, those involved in servicing the exporting community and all levels ofgovernment.The Australian Institute of Export’s services enable members to:■ gain access to relevant, up-to-date information regarding trends anddevelopments in exporting requirements and procedures■ establish strong business networks through contact with other exporters■ complete recognised courses in exporting, which lead to certificates, diplomasand postgraduate qualifications■ improve export performance■ take advantage of market access already achieved by the Institute and its members.
  4. 4. Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chambers of Commerce and Industry actively liaise with federal and state government departments to remove impediments to international trade and promote good relations with trading partners. They are located nationwide, representing numerous businesses, affiliated associations and local Chambers of Commerce.
  5. 5. Think and exploreQueensland’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry is known as CommerceQueensland. Access their website <www.commerceqld.com.au> and selectthe region your school falls within—for example, Mackay and Central Coast—from the ‘Regions’ drop-downmenu. Review the activities planned for the Commerce Queensland membersof this region. In your opinion, what activity would be most useful for thosebusinesses planning to participate in international trade? If it is not obviouswhich activities would be beneficial, contact the branch and either invite amember to speak with your class about its activities or ask if themembers of your class could attend one of the chamber’s meetings.
  6. 6. World Trade Centersit is a not-for-profit, non-political association, encompassingmore than 750 000 affiliated businesses worldwide.Although no two World Trade Centers are exactly alike,they each endeavour to raise the international profile oftheir city or region, promoting trade in their local area aswell as fostering a culture of ‘smart trading’.Similar to the organisations previously mentioned,members of the World Trade Centers have access to avariety of services, as outlined in figure 2.2 on page 88
  7. 7. TFI GlobalTFI Global, formerly known as Trade FacilitatorsInternational, is a network of established, highly successfulbusinesses providing international trade and industryassistance services to our global traders. It is a member ofthe Global Freight Group (GFG), worldwide network ofindependent freight and logistics specialists. TFI Globalservices members in Australia and New Zealand by offeringan integrated package of services.
  8. 8. Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeThe Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade(DFAT) is responsible for the protection and advancement of Australia’sinternational interests.DFAT offers:■ access to international business networks, and resources to develop better trade partnerships■ ministerial-led business missions to overseas markets■ promotion of Australia’s commercial interests in priority regions and countries■ agreements to improve trade flow, and lobbying to protect Australian interests■ market information■ seminars on a range of issues of interest to business■ briefing of Australian business representatives in foreign countries.
  9. 9. Paragraph Question In one paragraph, compare the different government supporting agencies. Your paragraph need to be at least 400 words and include definitions for each supporting trade agency .