Virtual Good Strategy - Purgatory


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A virtual good catalog for the upcoming online RPG, "Purgatory: False Omen"

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Virtual Good Strategy - Purgatory

  2. 2. EVOLUTIONS 30 Purgatory is based on pre-rendered characters, each equipped with a given weapon, equipment and outfit. Purchasing an Evolution unlocks: A New pre-rendered Avatar I New weapon I New outfit I +2 Bonus abilities PROTO MARTYR $20/evolution Psi bound • Demon Bound • Steam Bound INQUISITOR $25/evolution Lucians • Demonicans • Raphaelites WITCH HUNTER $20/evolution Eradicus Lamia • Epos Demonic • Ex-Umanum WARDEN $20/evolution Supreme Oracle • Black Chaplain • Prime Constable PREACHER $20/evolution Arco-Deacon • Blind Zealot • High-Confessor BEHEMOTH $20/evolution Fool’s Regime • Cult of the Tainted • Brotherhood of the DamnedBUNDLED $50 / 3 evolutions FOUL DEMAGOGUE $25/evolution Dark Emissary of: Phaust • Zazul-Met • Sitra • Astaroth
  3. 3. REPUTATION 16 Reputations are Warband abilities, affecting all heroes in the group BUNDLING 3 Reputations can be purchased in one of three specialization Gained by: leveling-up the warband I Purchasing in store bundles GRIM DESTINY $10 1 Random Reputation + Prophecy • On the Run Fuel their fear Force Major Noble Blood His Coming • Cursed by the Gypsies Cursed by His coming The End Lie & ObfuscateThe Gypsies was foretold is nigh QUEEN’S GRACE $10 1 Random Reputation + Force Major • Vita Apostelica • Majestic retinueGrand Oracle I have Seen It The Prophecy JaggermarkDark Patronage Majestic Vita Apostelica Back from Retinue the Nihilum FORAY INTO THE DARKNESS $12 2 Random Reputation + On The Run • Fuel Their Fear • I have seen It $3 / Reputation
  4. 4. BLADING GEAR & CONSUMABLES Gear Includes: Weapon Upgrades I Items I Equipment I Consumables I Enhancements 60 APOTHECARY KIT $15 20 random healing consumables, including Cardinal’s Blade Wicked Edge Hard Steel Psi Glyph pseudo-science devices, potions, medicine and miracle-makers.PROJECTILES Demon Bound Rosette Shell Quick Silver Havoc Shell HUNTER’S ALMANAC $15 A collection of 20 (random) wards, omens, projectiles and bladings. A Witch-Hunter’s best friend.EXOTICS Tarsian Bomb Explosive Oil Shrank Head Caleb’s Kiss UNDERCITY AMMO KEG $20 20 random consumable explosivesOMENS Including Black Powder, Havoc shells, Tarsian bombs and other nasty surprises Wolvesbane Holy Water Drybone Relic Sacred salt $1 / Consumable
  5. 5. PETS 8Pets are pre-rendered companions that satellite the character’s location BUNDLING Pets can be purchased in one of three bundles 3 and assist in battle BIRD OF PREY $7 BIRD MASTER $12 Flying Close-Combat war-bird 3 Flying Pets Bird of Prey • Blind-Owl • Raven BLIND OWL $5 A powerful one-eyed psychic companion SCHEMING RAVEN $3 Vile companion with corruptive abilities PEACE MAKER $12 HUNTING HOUND $5 3 zealous pets of enforcement Ferocious close-combat berserker Hound • Witch Branded • Ba’alZebub OLD ONE $7 A tentacle horror from the Nihilum’s underworld PUPPETEER $9 BESTIA HERETICA $15 A dark gift to the Antinomians Emissaries 3 heretical familiars Old One • Puppeteer • Raven BA’ALZEBUB $5 A wondrous piece of pseudo-science steam
  6. 6. MASTER BUNDLES $100 Value Bundle.
  7. 7. KEYS 4Keys offer access to premium game zones. Each game zone includes 30 PORTRAITS 15 Portraits are GUI Hero-icons, offering dock customization premium quests and is destined to different level-range TARTAROS PRIME $25 Ranks 8-14 A vast Inquisitorial dungeon kept for the worst heretics SACRO SANCTUM $30 Ranks 15-21 A Palace Ward, home to the almighty Arch-Queen PURGATORY $30 Ranks 21-26 Home to the unnamed ones that escaped the Nihilum NIHILUM $45 Ranks 27-30 The Nihilum seeps in fragments of evil dreams $1 / Portrait
  8. 8. Erez Yerushalmi, CEO Cell: 972-544-688538Email: