Heaven Maker


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A preliminary product presentation (concept) for Heaven Maker, an online RTS game by Smite Entertainment
Official Site: www.heavenmaker.com

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Heaven Maker

  1. 1. Eternal war. Six Species. One destiny October 2011
  2. 2. Cross-platform, multiplayer strategy Game, set in a war-torn universe of ancient dogmas and powerful faith SPECIES 6 full-blown species, each characterized with unique technology, famous personas and army list Manage units, structures and weapons I Recruit heroes I Develop new technologies & relics UNITS A wide array of infantry, vehicles, mechs and buildings 6 Factions I 12 units I 5 heroes I 10 Buildings GAMEPLAY MMO Campaign I “Living” Narrative I PvP Battle
  3. 3. GENRE & SETTINGS FANTASY SCI-FI Mechs I Alien Species I Artillery I Old Relics I Ancient Charms and Omens A COMMON DESTINY Locked in a devastative war, all 6 Factions are seeking the legendary Heaven Maker, though each interprets its nature in a different manner “LIVING NARRATIVE” MMO storyline develops according to community’s accomplishments
  4. 4. Strategic Battle FX & CameraShort bursts(turns) of real time action I player acts freely within Zoom in and out I View combat from any of he 4 availableturn’s time-frame I Point and click attacks and bombardments camera I HD version for iPad I 3D graphics and particle effects Action& Orders Look & FeelPlayers use a series of Orders to rally their troops, defend, guard, A decadent universe of warring factions I Powerful Mech unitsattack and launch tactical attacks Gargantuan vehicles I Ancient Technology I Alien Cultures Armies & Units Living CampaignEach faction offers more than 12 different units, 10 heroes and a Players actions and battle results affect the narrative’sgrowing list of buildings and technologies I numerous ways to development, as Star Systems rise and fall into the hands ofcustomize units via weapons, gear and unit standards different factions
  5. 5. PLATFORMS Seamless play across platforms; Web users can play with iPad/iPhone users in real timeWeb iPhone iPad Android
  6. 6. Premium UnitsVIRTUAL GOODS Special Heroes, Tweaked units and powerful vehiclesPurchase premium units, upgrades and additional content viamicro payments Strategic Weapons Orbital Bombardment, Infiltrating forces and Alien hatchingDIGITAL PURCHASE UpgradesWeb: Free I iPhone: 2.99$ I iPad: 3.99 I Android: 2.99$ Unique weaponry, Armor enhancements, Alien relics and Mutations upgrades Unit Emblems“VETERAN BADGE” Standards, premium colors and eye-catching symbols toAn “all in one” license for 6.99$ USD make any unit unique Bundles A perfect mix of emblems, premium units and strategic weapons to allow any player a quick and fresh start
  7. 7. Hell-Divers“The Heaven Maker must be found, if the old ways are to survive” small & agile units advanced exo-skeletons infiltration zealous devotion Spartan code of honor
  8. 8. TheUHN Home-Worlds “Explore. Conquer. Trade” Slow and Heavy units devastative long range ordnance old, pre-war, technology strict militaristic hierarchyA tapestry of numerous human cultures and star systems
  9. 9. The Ur Houses “Our Way is the Only way. With no discipline, there is no triumph!” Ancient alien specie a mix of primeval relics and alien technology hover technology fast and powerful Bound by an ancient oath and a zealous questNumerous houses with unique traits provide a colorful culture
  10. 10. The Precursors“zzjhsjdbnujd....zzuhdffmfmf..unfa!!! “ evil alien culture awakened by a new calling Slow and powerful units geometrically based culture Worship ancient god-like entities Unique technological edge Possessed machines
  11. 11. The ranak Horde“Feed the Hive Queen. All must be consumed” Vicious alien specie Organic technology exploding creatures Masses of small and fast units Large goliath creatures serving as ordnance alien culture communicating- through a collective psi
  12. 12. www.SmiteEnt.comErez Yerushalmi, CEO Cell: 972-544-688538Email: erez@SmiteEnt.com