Game Design: Engagement


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Game Design - Engagement
The Deck covers some of the basic aspects and mechanisms of social game design. This is the 1st out of 4 decks, covering the aspects needed for amplifying ENGAGEMENT among players and users
The series includes 4 chapters: Engagement, Virality, Retention, Monetization

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Game Design: Engagement

  1. 1. Game Basics: Engagement
  2. 2. ENGAGEMENT Engagement encourages players to interact with the game, by providing them with: Fun, Fascination and Interest Fun Addictive RewardingA game is all about Fun: A successful social game Virtual rewards, bonusesIf it looks bad, plays bad must generate an and even strengtheningand doesn’t reward me… addictive ‘daily ritual’ words its not fun!
  3. 3. THE DAILY RITUAL Social games act like rituals;Players get addicted to a series of given actionsconducted every day in the exact same manner 1. THE GATHERING 2. THE GRIND 3. THE PROMISE The return to the The appliance of When should I come back? game and the consecutive actions with What will I gain if I return?gathering of rewards micro-rewards given for What will happen if i don’t each one return?
  4. 4. FIRST TIME USER EXPERIENCE The FTUE is crucial for the growth and successof a social game. Players are guided through the game basics, gradually grasping the mechanics QUICK & CLEAR CONSTRUCTIVE INCENTIVESEasy to understand. Step by step. Shower the player with Short Instructions. Enable the player to rewards. Make him “feel Clean Graphics. gradually learn the game good” with himself
  5. 5. MESSAGINGMessages are a visual medium with which thegame communicates with a player. It combines visual, text and buttons PROMPTS NOTIFICATIONS CALL FOR ACTION Pop ups showing an Short messages sent to A central desired actioninstant message and the player’s notification to which the player is call for action center in real time ‘guided’
  6. 6. INCENTIVES Rewards, bonuses and gifts given to a player in order to motivate him and make him ‘strive for more’ CONSECUTIVE COMPETITIVE COLLECTIVE (group) Player gains time- Players compete to gain a Players work together to based bonuses, as daily/hourly grand achieve goals and gainlong as he sits in front bonuses group bonuses of the game
  7. 7. ACHIEVEMENTS Virtual means used to motivate a player and mark a specific in-game accomplishment. (also Used by players for Bragging rights) BADGES TROPHIES TITLE A badge is a visual A trophy is a badge that A title is a textual labelicon representing an moves from hand to showing a specific in-game hand, according to the designation or accomplishment current winner accomplishment
  8. 8. LEADERBOARD A leaderboard exhibits a list of the leading players in a specific game or venue. It can usually be filtered by daily/monthly views UNIVERSAL CATEGORICAL GEOGRAPHICALA general leaderboard A leaderboard of a A leaderboard based on showing a constant specific game venue : a specific country or change in the list of Mini game, tournament, continent leading players day, event…
  9. 9. SELF EXPRESSIONSelf Expression enables players to model, design and influence the game world in various creative methods CHARACTER ENVIRONMENT INSIGNIADress-up, customize, Design, furnish, color or Design, equip andstyle, equip or gear style your living habitat customize your team’s your avatar (city, room, hotel…) emblem/symbol/flag…
  10. 10. ATTRIBUTES Attributes are metrics representing the player’s physical/social/mental characteristics within the game world TRAITS SKILLS PERKS Traits are born Skills are taught or Perks are acquired or characteristic acquired attributes born “unique” abilities(strength, charisma…) (Hunting, Gambling…) (Lucky, Quick-Hand…)
  11. 11. ABILITIES Abilities are ‘special powers’ that can be used by players in order to ‘bend the rules’ of the game and gain a temporary benefit BUFFS HEX STACKING Buffs are positive Hex are negative effect A process in which aeffects applied on the applied on opponents player “stacks up” buffsplayer or his comrades (slowing or weakening or hexes on himself or them) an opponent
  12. 12. CAREERSCareers are progression paths that enable a player to evolve his ‘game entity’ in a personalized manner (as a mean of self expression) PROFESSION METHOD FACTION A profession A method represents the A faction represents a represents an player’s way of doing philosophy, a family or a acquired line of work: things: Brute force, nation within the game Soldier, scholar, etc Charms, Wits… world
  13. 13. CAREERS - IICareers are powerful engagement engines; they grant players a feeling of personalization, by allowing them to ‘model’ their progression CLASS MULTI-CLASS PRESTIGE A class is a unique A Multi Class mechanic A Prestige Class is acareer path offering enables players to pick to specialized class that attributes, abilities classes and run them in unlocks at a specific and options parallel level
  14. 14. QUEST The Quest is a short-term task within the gameplay world, offering players an immediate course of action & reward BRIEF FEEDBACK INCENTIVEThe brief tells the player The feedback is a The incentive is a rewardwhat he is required to do midterm pointer, telling given to the player forin order to complete he the player he is on the completing the quest quest right track
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