Sw180 agency analysis


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This powerpoint is about FIRM, an agency that helps refugees.

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Sw180 agency analysis

  1. 1. FIRMFresno Interdenominational Regional Ministries, Inc Yer Thao Social Work 180
  2. 2. Organizational Structure Chart
  3. 3. Community Context • Refugee ◦FIRM served about 6,500 refugee every year. -Most of their clients are Hmong, Laos, and Slavic. ◦ FIRM provides support, employment, & advocacy for their clients -Their clients know little or no English. ◦ FIRM’s clients have a great & closed relationship with FIRM’s staffs. Clients came into the agency knowing that FIRM would do what it needed to help their clients to the fullest.
  4. 4. FIRM Programs • Unemployment Programs ◦ Jobs Now ◦ Vocational English-as-a- Second Language (VESL) • Health Care Programs ◦ Hmong Health Collaborative ◦ Lead Education Program • Neighborhood Outreach Ministries ◦ Licensed Preschool • Healthy Homes Project • Slavic Family Support • Theological Education – Elder Support – Community Gardens
  5. 5. Addressing Population At Risk ● Employment services at FIRM are designed to help refugee that arrive in the United States for less than 5 years. Refugee that are in the United States for longer than 5 years, FIRM only provide them with advocacy. Other programs are opened for everyone. ● The VESL just started at FIRM on October 1, 2010. VESL is a program targeting Cal-Works participants to have vocational training on specific area such as: manufacturing, home health, and food services. All Cal-Works participants are welcome to participant as long as they are referred from the county.
  6. 6. Mission “Sharing Christ’s love to build communities of hope with new Americans.” • Christ Focused • Outreach • Relationships • Empowerment & Evangelism Vision
  7. 7. Mission Analyze • FIRM is a faith based ministries. However, they do not teach religion to their clients. • FIRM provides refugee with love by helping them with various services that they needed. By doing so, FIRM hopes clients can make connection between the love they received from the staffs to Jesus Christ’s love for its people. • Every Christmas, FIRM has a huge gathering for their clients and during that time, they would perform plays to tell story of Jesus Christ.
  8. 8. Agency’s Practices • FIRM staffs are familiar with some common problems that refugees faced. Therefore, they work with their clients to tackle those needs. They also work with the clients to identify their strengths, so that the clients can empower themselves to have a more successful life. FIRM goes out and beyond to provides the best services to the many refugees out in the community.
  9. 9. Social Work Values • Competence:  Knowledge: Staffs don’t perform out of their boundaries. • Integrity  Staffs practice in a trustworthy manner by following the agency mission and values within the agency when working with their clients. • Importance of Human Relationships  Staffs help strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort. They also help promote and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, or the community • Social Justice  Staffs help pursue social change for Refugees. They help client with unemployment, discrimination, and other forms of social injustice. They also teach client English so that clients will have the opportunity to be employed. Helpful resources are also available for clients for better adjustment. • Services:  Staffs help identify clients’ needs and them address them and referring clients to other agencies if they can’t help the clients. • Dignity and Worth of the Person  When working with clients, staffs treat the clients with respect. They acknowledge culture relativism with their clients.