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Revista Summit


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4Life Research & International Networkers Team, haciendo la diferencia en la vida de las personas.

4Life Research & International Networkers Team, haciendo la diferencia en la vida de las personas.

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  • 1. 4Life Distributor Magazine | November/December 2010 ® Your BIG Future After BIG Convention 2010 23 FUEL YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! 20 THE NEXT STEP IN 4LIFE’S HUMANITARIAN ENDEAVORS 36 INSPIRING YOU TO GREATNESS 40
  • 2. CONTENTS 4Life is Together, Building People through... ® ® Science 20 Fuel Your Immune System! 22 4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™ 22 Success 5 Distributor Recognition 23 Your BIG Future After BIG 20 23 Convention 2010 33 Right At Your Fingertips 40 Inspiring You to Greatness 42 Economy Changers 36 33 Service 36 The Next Step in 4Life’s Humanitarian Endeavors 38 4Life Fortify™ 38 43 At the Heart of It In every issue 3 Corporate Message 40 34 Summit NEWSSTAND2 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 3. C O R P O R AT E M E S S A G E BIG Success “It’s time to take what you experienced during BIG Convention 2010 and put your plan into action.”BIG is a definite understatement among the other exciting highlights Convention 2010 and put your plan intowhen describing the success of BIG we experienced together. My favorite action. Together, Building People, weConvention 2010. International convention moments, however, came can all make our dreams come true.Diamond Janice Skeen said it was from the messages of our top distributor“… the hit of a lifetime!” Many others leaders. Our Platinum International I am grateful for my opportunity to becalled it “… phenomenal!” I believe Diamond and Gold International a part of 4Life and to associate with theeveryone in attendance was inspired in Diamond distributors shared their caliber of people who make up our 4Lifea BIG way. Being together with 4,500 own meaningful stories that represent family. I am confident in our future andattendees from more than 50 countries what every 4Life distributor can aspire I look forward to seeing everyone gatheraround the world was certainly an to achieve. together once again in Philadelphia forinspiration to me. Convention 2012! Platinum International Diamond RayKeynote speaker Chris Gardner addressed Meurer expressed it well when he said, Best wishes,us about the challenges he encountered “Don’t quit on becoming the personwhile trying to realize his dreams. His you need to become. With effort anddetermination serves as a great example persistence, rewards will come to you. Steve Tewof what can be achieved when you But the biggest payoff for all your effort 4Life Presidentpersevere. When you believe in your is not going to be what you get ordreams and in the opportunity you where you go, but rather, who youhave to create a better life for yourself, become. That is the blessing of working Get to know Steve even better by reading hiseverything is possible. in this business.” executive bio online at Simply follow the Company link to Executives.Product launches, parties, workshops, The next step is to share this inspirationand Grammy® award winner Kelly with the rest of the world. It’s time toClarkson’s exclusive 4Life® concert were take what you experienced during BIG To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 3
  • 4. D E D I C AT E D T O Y O U R S E RV I C ESupervisor of Receiving and Bulk Shipments Andrew Forsythe enjoys coming to work every day. “I love working with the new set of puzzles that each day brings,” Andrew commented. Senior Vice President, Marketing Trent Tenney Andrew is enthused by 4Life’s vision of Together, Building People. His favorite Director of Marketing product is 4Life Fortify™, because he Jason Gough loves the concept of providing an LP Creative Director product that helps children around the Wade Palmer world enjoy warm and nutritious meals. Graphic Design Staff When Andrew is not hard at work, Jeff Burns he enjoys reading speculative fiction, Trent Jameson Juan Martinez drawing, and spending time with his Ken McEntire wife Samantha and four children: Patrick PatnoT here may not be a more Jonathan, Jade, Jamie, and Jazmine. important role at 4Life® than the Andrew also volunteers with his local Photographer one held by Andrew Forsythe. David Stoker Cub Scout troop.Andrew is responsible for every product Editorial Managerupon its arrival in the 4Life warehouse The next time you receive a 4Life order, Rachel Thomaeuntil it is placed into the shipping box think of Andrew and his continuedbound for your home. He is also in effort to provide you with the very best Associate Editor products as quickly as possible. Esther Haydencharge of all bulk product shipments thatare sent to 4Life’s foreign offices. Lead Writers Did you know Andrew: Tennille LisonbeeAndrew joined 4Life in 1995. Since then, • Has an Associate degree in Art with an English Angie Trammellhe has steadily progressed in his career, emphasis Latin Copywriteradvancing from a Shipping and Receiving • Has completed a Trade Tech course for Judith DiazSpecialist to the Supervisor of Receiving Commercial Artand Bulk Shipments. Andrew truly Contributors Amber Benson Camille Bullock Lesley Dunn Calvin Jolley Tracie KayTransfer Factoids Chad Renshaw Natalie SlaterTop-Selling Transferceutical™ Products 4Life 9850 South 300 WestSold at BIG Convention 2010: Sandy, UT 84070 summit@4life.com1) 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula Summit is published bi-monthly by 4Life Research USA, LLC, © 2010 4Life Research USA, LLC.2) 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime™ No part of this publication may be used or copied3) 4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™ without the written consent of 4Life Research USA, LLC. The information listed in this publication has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Advice on personal health matters should be obtained directly from a healthcare professional.4 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 5. Success | RECOGNITION Platinum International DiamondsRay & Barbara Meurer E Dr. Herminio Nevárez & Yadira Olivo EFlorida, USA Puerto RicoBonnie Taylor E Juan Rosado & Damaris Zapata ECalifornia, USA Florida, USA“You have to give your 4Life business your all—no holding back! You will never find another company with these fundamentals, culture, products, and timing. This is your moment! Your whole life may very well be determined by what you do over the next 18 months before convention 2012.” Ray & Barbara Meurer Platinum International Diamonds E These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life® donation valued at $5,000 or more. Florida, USA Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 5
  • 6. Success | RECOGNITIONPlatinum International Diamonds Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers E Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey E Tennessee, USA California, USA “Network marketing is simply a team of individuals who work together for mutual success. If I win, you win. If you win, I win. It’s a perfect philosophy.” Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers Platinum International Diamonds Tennessee, USA Sadik Din & Hasnimah E Singapore “If you’ve offered this opportunity to someone who says no, never take it personally. That person simply lacks knowledge. You must know inside that you have the potential to achieve whatever you set out to do. Believe in yourself. You have the power to make it happen.” Dr. Herminio Nevárez & Yadira Olivio Platinum International Diamonds E These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life® donation valued at $5,000 or more. Puerto Rico Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. 6 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 7. Success | RECOGNITIONEsthela Carpio Rodas & Galo Celi New Gold International DiamondsGold International Diamonds, Ecuador “The world is ready for us and we are ready for the world.”W hen Esthela Carpio Rodas “It’s truly a blessing to be a Gold greater your potential success. We travel and Galo Celi learned about International Diamond,” remarked throughout the world and get to meet network marketing and 4Life® Esthela. She and Galo are grateful for many people who have achieved thisfrom Platinum International Diamond the people who have helped make this lifestyle, and it’s really gratifying to takeJuan Rosado, they were impressed with achievement possible. They feel deep this message around the globe,” Esthelathe compensation plan and the idea of gratitude toward God and their entire commented. Their goal is to transformresidual income. “I was also impressed team. Esthela and Galo are also the lives of people who are waiting for anwith 4Life’s executive management and thankful to Platinum International opportunity to do something different.worldwide growth,” commented Esthela. Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Esthela said, “The world is ready for us“And, I loved the fact that through 4Life, Juan Rosado and Gold International and we are ready for the world.”I could be involved in service.” Diamond Esdras Cabrera Alberto for their unconditional support.With 4Life’s help, their lives havechanged 180 degrees. “I have more time, Esthela and Galo share the 4Life messagemore money, and a different life to share by speaking with people from their heart.with my family,” Esthela said. “Above all, “There are no limits to our growth.I have grown personally along the way. Living this process is a blessing,” EsthelaI think and act differently. I learn more shared. They recognize that in order toevery day. My greatest satisfaction is to build a successful business, they have towitness fundamental growth in the people have a clear vision—a mental picture ofaround me and watch their dreams what they want in life. “You have to darecome true.” to dream. The bigger you dream, the To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 7
  • 8. Success | RECOGNITION Jeanny Serra & Manny LopezNew Gold International Diamonds Gold International Diamonds, Puerto Rico “This is only the beginning. Dream, discover, and go for it!” J eanny Serra and Manny Lopez “Wonderful things occur when you tell “We are grateful to our downline team were introduced to 4Life® during stories, ask questions, and give options.” that continues expanding this business so a difficult time in their lives. Both that more lives can be transformed,” said were working and studying hard in order Throughout the course of building Jeanny. “There are more people that we to care for their children and provide their business, Jeanny and Manny have need to help!” their family with a better future. When learned a lot about the importance of Gold International Diamond Rafaela relationships. “Having good relationships Today, Jeanny and Manny are very Santiago told them about 4Life, Jeanny with people is key for success,” grateful for all they have accomplished instantly saw it as a way to make her commented Jeanny. “Many say that you with 4Life. “We no longer have to worry family’s dreams come true. “I decided should treat people the way you want about economic problems or finding to start building a business because I to be treated. I tell people that if they extra time for our children,” said Jeanny. understood that this opportunity could treat each person as if he were the most “Instead, we spend each day showing our give us the lifestyle we always dreamed important person, their business can family that dreams can come true. Above about—where time and money would grow to a new level.” all, the power to help other families not be obstacles,” commented Jeanny. obtain what we have achieved fills us with Jeanny and Manny are so happy to joy. 4Life has taught us that the purpose Jeanny and Manny work every day, have achieved the Gold International of our lives is to help and inspire others establishing links of friendship with other Diamond position, thanks to support to grow. Thank you, 4Life, and thank people. “We believe that God puts people from people such as Platinum you, International Networkers Team. in our lives so that we can share 4Life International Diamonds Dr. Herminio This is only the beginning. Dream, with them,” remarked Jeanny. Nevárez and Yadira Olivo, and Gold discover, and go for it!” International Diamond Rafaela Santiago. 8 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 9. Success | RECOGNITIONRenaldo & Lymari Sánchez New Gold International DiamondsGold International Diamonds, California, USA “4Life is a unique opportunity that won’t come around again.”R enaldo Sánchez will always beautiful house for Renaldo’s mother. “4Life offers the opportunity to take be grateful to his brother and Two and a half years ago, Renaldo and blessings to people, which is why it’s Gold International Diamond Lymari moved to California to take the so easy to share with others,” RenaldoRolando Sánchez for introducing him to 4Life message to the Latin community in stated. “We love to talk about our4Life®. At the time, Renaldo was working Los Angeles. Through hard work, they own 4Life story, and how 4Life helpedhard at his full-time job, but he realized have built a very large group that works change our lives 100%. 4Life is a uniquethat his employment was unstable, and with the same vision in mind. “Thanks to opportunity that won’t come aroundcould change at any moment. “That’s the decision we made to build a business again. It’s a train that comes by justwhy I decided to enter the network in this area, many lives have changed,” once. All you need to do is dream andmarketing industry,” shared Renaldo. commented Renaldo. “Families have put your dream into action. 4Life is the“It can offer complete security and been able to support their health and right company with the right productsfinancial stability.” better provide for themselves financially.” and compensation plan to help you attain every goal you have in mind.”With 4Life’s help, Renaldo’s life has To achieve the Gold Internationalchanged dramatically. First and foremost, Diamond level, Renaldo and Lymari sethe met his wife Lymari through 4Life. A in place a plan they called, “Ready, Aim,few years later, through their efforts to Fire!” Ready—write down your dreamsbuild their 4Life business, Lymari was and goals and determine how muchable to quit her job. And thanks to 4Life, time you’ll dedicate to your business.they have realized a very special dream to Aim—don’t allow anyone to distract their parents, including building a Fire—take action. Life rewards people who take action to achieve their goals. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 9
  • 10. Success | RECOGNITION Son Jae MinNew Gold International Diamonds Gold International Diamond, South Korea “I feel great pleasure and pride knowing that I am helping people support their health and happiness.” S on Jae Min has been involved network marketing, you must be involved Of course, I am also happy to witness the with 4Life® since its early days with a company that has good products, health support experienced by my family in South Korea. Back in 2003, good marketing, reliable corporate because of 4Life products.” he was introduced to the company by executives and customer service, and Platinum International Diamonds Jeff a good partnership with distributors,” Even though he has just reached the Altgilbers and Dave Daughtrey when stated Mr. Son. “4Life is the company second highest level in the Life Rewards they traveled to South Korea to make a that has all of these.” Plan™, Mr. Son has goals for the future. presentation about the 4Life products “I have a dream to expand my 4Life and opportunity. “I was involved with a Mr. Son is proud and thankful that he business to all of Asia,” he commented. different company at the time, but I was has achieved the Gold International “I want to continue building my business impressed to learn about products based Diamond level. “Anyone who works until people throughout Asia know about on science that could help support the hard can become a Gold International 4Life Transfer Factor® products and the immune system. It’s fantastic that 4Life Diamond,” he said. “I want to help other 4Life financial opportunity.” can lead the market with such cutting- distributors achieve this rank, which edge products,” remarked Mr. Son. will in turn help me achieve Platinum International Diamond. This kind of Mr. Son has enjoyed watching his mutual assistance is key to succeeding network marketing business grow with 4Life. I feel great pleasure and exponentially through the power of pride knowing that I am helping people duplication. “To achieve success in support their health and happiness. 10 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 11. Success | RECOGNITION Gold International DiamondsAkram Din Angel Molina Gali & Barbara Wagner Carlos Rocha E David Phillips E Edgar Mojica EMalaysia Maria Lopez California, USA Spain Washington, USA Florida, USA Puerto RicoEiichi & Keiko Uemura E Elizabeth Krakowiak Enrique & Ángeles Balboa Esdras Cabrera Alberto & Esthela Carpio Rodas & Fadzli Salim &Japan Connecticut, USA Mexico Rosa Nelia Vargas E Galo Celi Siti Zuraidah Dominican Republic Ecuador SingaporeGiovanni & Sandra Hernán J. Santiago & Ileana & Hugo Johnson Indra Virasinghe Iván Rodríguez & Dr. Jase & Dr. JinSunPerotti Yaceska Robles California, USA Australia Marie Marquez KhyeamColombia Puerto Rico Texas, USA California, USAJeanny Serra & Jesús & Itala Rivera Nova José Alberto & Sandra José Martín & Zoraida Kim Ferguson Kurt & Melanie KuhnManny Lopez Mexico Rivera Nova Rosado < California, USA California, USAPuerto Rico Mexico Florida, USA < These donors have been awarded Ray of Sunshine status by making a Foundation 4Life donation valued at $3,000–$4,999. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions.Lily & José Angel Lorena Daza Castillo & Lourdes García & Lyubov Alimova &Sanchez Dr. Armando Segovia Wilfredo Velez Mikhail Alimov E These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status byFlorida, USA Ecuador Puerto Rico Russia making a Foundation 4Life® donation valued at $5,000 or more. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 11
  • 12. Success | RECOGNITIONGold International Diamonds Michael & Betty Ng Mike & Marsha Akins Nidia Pinzón López Norma Constanza Rafaela Santiago Ranny Marrero & Australia Kansas, USA Spain Rocha Collazos Puerto Rico Ivelysse Robles Nieves Colombia Puerto Rico Rasid Kamisan & Renaldo & Dr. Ricaurte Samaniego & Richard & Nancy Quek Rob Robertson, Jr. MD E Rob Robertson, III E Hasrunita Lymari Sánchez Joanna Martino Malaysia Kentucky, USA Tennessee, USA Malaysia California, USA Panama Rolando Sánchez & Salim Raghavan & Sandra Davis Sheri Din Son Jae Min Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Zaida Morales Noor Azlina Kentucky, USA Singapore South Korea Tamilselvan California, USA Singapore Malaysia Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo < Teri Shuler Japan South Carolina, USA “4Life® offers us the opportunity to achieve our dreams and to help others fulfill their dreams, too. This is where 4Life makes all the difference.” Carlos Rocha Gold International Diamond Spain < These donors have been awarded Ray of Sunshine status by E These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life donation valued at $3,000–$4,999. making a Foundation 4Life® donation valued at $5,000 or Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in more. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month conjunction with 4Life international conventions. cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. 12 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 13. Success | RECOGNITIONInternational Diamond advancements listed are for the volume months of July–August 2010. I learned about the 4Life® opportunity when I was working Just over two years ago, my wife and I owned a car and studying at the university. At the time, I had a lot of dealership. We thought the dealership would secure our unrealized dreams, but I hadn’t found a way to make them future, but when the recession hit, our sales declined. Our come true. At age 21, I was able to quit my job and build my financial situation became so unstable that we had to sell New International Diamonds 4Life business full-time. Since that time, I’ve enjoyed traveling the dealership. My wife took a job working in a bank, and I around the world. I have experienced many blessings, started working at a law office. especially meeting my future wife, Yilmari Santana. My wife felt depressed about our financial situation. I My upline and I always talk about building a large business started seeking better options, but nothing sounded like the that spans the globe. Today, I’m thrilled that we are right fit until we met Gold International Diamond Renaldo building that business. Thank you to my team, especially Sánchez. Renaldo inspired us with his trustworthiness and his Gold International Diamonds Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez, confidence in a company that was based on good principles and values. That companyRolando Sánchez and Zaida Morales, and Lourdes García and Wilfredo Velez, and Platinum was 4Life.International Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo. They have helped make all my I thank God, 4Life, and Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez for helping better our lives. My wife hasdreams come true. I love that with 4Life, we are all Together, Building People. been able to quit her job at the bank, and our family enjoys the health support provided byCarlos Santiago 4Life products.Sponsor: Efraín Olmeda Thanks, 4Life, for providing us with the opportunity to achieve financial freedom!Puerto Rico Fredy and Norma Cabrera Sponsor: Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez California, USA We were introduced to 4Life during a difficult time in I learned about the 4Life opportunity in 2006. At that time, our lives, in which Nerva was facing some serious health I was working as a public notary. I owned my own business, concerns. Those months were very challenging for us. It but I worked very long hours. After 15 months of building my seemed like all the doors were closed. One Sunday, our 4Life business, my economic situation had improved so much daughter, Idelsis went to church and met Gold International that I was able to close my notary business and dedicate Diamonds Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez. They insisted that myself 100% to 4Life. I thank 4Life and my mentors—Gold Nerva immediately begin taking 4Life Transfer Factor®. Within International Diamonds Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez and a few months, Nerva experienced great support for her Rolando Sánchez and Zaida Morales—for their support. health. The health support that this product has offered our family has been very encouraging. We have now dedicated Today, I experience great satisfaction in helping hundreds ourselves to helping others develop their own businesses. of people around the world, especially my family and myWe are grateful for the support of Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez, who have been with us the grandchildren. As a 4Life International Diamond, I can inspireentire way. Today, we have found a second family through this wonderful opportunity. As many people. I look forward to teaching others that there is a purpose in life for each of us,International Diamonds, we feel very proud to be working with a wonderful team that’s full of which we can reach through education and the 4Life and love. We will continue forward, Together, Building People. Maribel SantiagoIdilio and Nerva Sánchez Sponsor: Aileen AranaSponsor: Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez Pennsylvania, USACalifornia, USA Hjh Wan Azihah Hj Jose Rafael Medranda Lee Sam Seon Uugantsetseg Ganbold Wan Isa Medina Sponsor: Son Jae Min & Nergui Damdin Sponsor: Tengku Mohd Sponsor: Miryam Vanessa South Korea Sponsor: Banzragch Shukri Bin Tg Teh Bazurto Gomez Oyunmaa Malaysia Ecuador Nydia Serra Mongolia Sponsor: Aurea Serra Horacio Cevallos Jun Young Soo Puerto Rico Vilma Gonzalez Sponsor: Dr. Said Daibes Sponsor: Jang Sun Hyeon Romero Figueroa South Korea Ofelia Delangel Sponsor: Victor Vertiz Tavera Maryland, USA Sponsor: Rayvenia Puckett Emerging MarketBeatriz Wong Mirian Escobar Katherine & Edy California, USASponsor: Servicios Ciencias y Sponsor: Fredy & Norma Joel Hernandez Susetyono Viviana LopezExitos Inc. Cabrera Sponsor: Karolina Casalduc Sponsor: Mr. & Mrs. Ragaviah Subramaniam Sponsor: Yormary TaveraFlorida, USA California, USA Marin Mancarajatua Parsaoran Sponsor: Pushppa A/P Florida, USA Puerto Rico Singapore Chenchiah MalaysiaNot Pictured: Jonathan Zambrano Kwon, Han Sung Velez Sponsor: Son Jae Min Rigoberto CabreraBasilio Patiño Cesar Carrasquilla Sponsor: Ramon Ivan South Korea Florida, USASponsor: Gary Gonzalez Posada Cordova MaloFlorida, USA Sponsor: Basilio Patino Ecuador Lee Chee Seng Suh Hyo Yeon Colombia Sponsor: Yeo Pay Na Sponsor: Jun Young SooC. Millie Atiles Jorge Gordian Malaysia South KoreaSponsor: Rigoberto Cabrera Sponsor: 4 Your Life &Florida, USA Health Corp Florida, USA To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 13
  • 14. Success | RECOGNITION International Diamonds must have qualified February–August 2010. AUSTRALIA JAPAN Tok Ming Shiun & Lau Nadezhda Bogomolova Ángels Muñoz Estape Global Foundation Bob Fedorowytsch Etsuko Sato & Nobuhiko Yean Keim Nadezhda Kutuzova & Carme Solá Xalabardé Group LLC Neville & Maha Ishiguro Winners Global Leonid Kutuzov Hector Hernandez Chisholm Hifumi Sugano Network Odissey Andronikidi & THAILAND Horacio Cevallos Idota Mitsuo Natalya Davydyuk Mr. Auttapun Idilio & Nerva SanchezInternational Diamonds BULGARIA Kim Hichoru MEXICO Oleg Povalkovich & Jonggirattikarn Islian Veliz & Jaime Tatiana Yachnaya Kiyomi Shinjo Guillermina Miramontes Tatiana Utehina Nongnut Buwan E Martinez Rick Toyosato Ma. Guadalupe Nova Sergey Borisov Jennifer Martinez & Joel COLOMBIA Yuki Tamanaha Romero Tatyana Bolgova UKRAINE Rivera Carlos Carrillo & Maria Eugenia Navarro Tatyana Dashkova Irina Bolshakova & Joel Hernandez Christina Angarita LITHUANIA Lara Tatyana Kulagina & Grigoriy Kravchenko Jorge Gordian Cesar Carrasquilla Svetlana Kakaskiene Patricia Navarro Yuriy Kulagin Rozaliya Kobylyanska Jorge Santana Posada Venera Krivoshapkina José & Odalis Cuevas Liliana Vega Ospina MALAYSIA MONGOLIA USA Jose Lozano Nansly Murcia Andrew Chong Hock Uugantsetseg Ganbold SINGAPORE Abelardo Irizarry Juan Vargas Boneo Marroquin Yee & Nergui Damdin Adelien Tandian Alex De Francisco Julio Rodriguez Yesid Franco & Blanca Annalee Binti Alvaro Aidros Bin Mydin Alex Ferguson Kay Lund Murcia Belinda Ong Gaik Choo NEW ZEALAND Mr. & Mrs. Mancarajatua Aleyda Perez Kevin & Courtney Dr. Azif Bin Ahmad Sheis Barry & Sue Blake Parsaoran Alicja Warzecha Moore DOMINICAN Dr. Sani Ashari Juliati Abdi Angela Crist Kim Okkyung REPUBLIC Dr. Siti Aniza PANAMA Poerbodipoero Antonio Gonzalez Maribel Santiago Dionny Recio Dr. Siti Esa Binti Ab Celestino Torres Katherine & Edy Art Lacoste Mark Mccarty José Luis Martínez Rahim Eduardo Marin Susetyono Basilio Patiño Martha Fajardo En. Aziz & Pn. Azizah Aristizabal Katherine M. Riandi Beatriz Mejia Melanio Valdes ECUADOR En Mohd Zaaba & Dr. Nathaniel Lowe & Mohamed Nafis Bin Beatriz Wong Mia Kim Eduardo & Gloria Siti Aniza Jamileth de Lowe Ahmad Ishak Belinda Perez Mirian Escobar Pasquel Grace Wang Chiew Lian Nadzrul Salim Boguslaw Tomalski Nelson Padilla Cruz Armando Segovia Ibarra Hasrunita Bt. Hassan PORTUGAL Ramos Sahala Bonnie Hornsby Noel Albelo & Sandra Freddy Ramon Burgos Hjh Wan Azihah Hj Cesarina Maria Sihombing Byron Lopez Jimenez Culchad Wan Isa Fortunato Gomes Suhaimi Bin Yusof C. Millie Atiles Nydia Serra Jenny Carolina Pasquel Lee Chee Seng Jose Dinis & Maria Carlos Santiago Ofelia Delangel Jonathan Zambrano Lee Soi Moi Jardim SOUTH KOREA Carlos Ramírez Ok Kim Velez Mariyah Bt Omar Mario Jose Leal Carreira Choi Ok-Mook Clementina Nena Beron Ok Park Gil Jose Rafael Medranda Mohd Sufian Bin Mohd & Carla Sofia Mota Grace Chun Derek Brewington Reyna Pasillas Medina Anuar Antune Jang Sun Hyeon Deyanira Hernandez Rigoberto Cabrera Solange Karina Arcos Mr. & Mrs. Sasitheran Rafael Vasconcelos & Jun Young Soo Donnal May Rigoberto Carrion Chang Mr. & Mrs. Tan Peng Paula Vasconcelos Kang Ok Nye Dr. Duane & Joan Roberto Padilla Teck Kwon, Han Sung Townsend Sergio Muñoz EMERGING MARKET Norhazalida Ab. Ghani RUSSIA Lee Im Soon Dr. Said Daibes Figueroa Shawn Alford Jhonny Aguilar Pinto Ragaviah Subramaniam Aleksey Egorov Lee Sam Seon Ed Locke Shirley Lipschutz Linda Emmerson Rohani Abdullah Boris Ezhov & Park Jong Ah Edison & Claudia Steven Slagle Vilma Gonzalez Romero Rubiah Bt. Mohd Khalid Aleksandra Ezhova Suh Hyo Yeon Echeverry Suzette Lawrence S.K. Koh Galina Streltsova & Elsa Tamayo Teresa Tomalska INDIA Siti Faizah Said Arkadiy Gelman SPAIN Felipe Rivera Gonzalez Viviana Lopez Balakrishnan G Sukoriah Binti Abdul Larisa Muratova & Benito Garcia Míguez E Felix Diaz Wayne Ehrenberg Thomaskutty Pappy Wahab Dmitriy Isakov Claudia Martinez & José Felix Raul Ortiz Wilman Cavero Susan Tee Lee Ching Lidiya Tolstikova Megia Fredy & Norma Cabrera Syadan Bin Ginu Marina Aryaeva Josefa Muñoz Lopez & Gary Olson & Cynthia Tajuddin Bin Marina Ushenina & Luis Manuel Palacios Champion-Olson Muhammad Sergey Ushenin Alarcón E These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life® donation valued at $5,000 or more. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18 month cycle in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. 14 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 15. Success | RECOGNITIONPresidential Diamond Advancements listed are for the volume months of July–August 2010. New Presidential DiamondsAlondra Torrez Delmy & Juan Amaya Eloy & Carmen Chang Fausto Hernandez Lopez Guillermo Alfonso Idelsis & Jay GeldhofSponsor: Beatriz Wong Sponsor: Fredy & Norma Sponsor: Carlos Santiago Sponsor: Manuel Reina Castellano Sponsor: Juana NervaFlorida, USA Cabrera California, USA Delaware, USA Sponsor: Maria Elena Sanchez California, USA Jorquera Cortes California, USA Emerging MarketNorma Angelica Lopez Quirina GarciaDe Flores Sponsor: Nahomie MoiseSponsor: Mirian Escobar Florida, USACalifornia, USANot Pictured:Adriana Fuentes Elly Jasmin Cira De John N. Yoder Judith Portugal Mercedes M. Perez Rosely Torres & DavidSponsor: Jorge R. Gordian Palomino Sponsor: Ammon N. Yoder Sponsor: Viviana Lopez Sponsor: Nelson Padilla Cruz TorresFlorida, USA Sponsor: Alejandro Jose Saez Ohio, USA Florida, USA New York, USA Sponsor: Zaida Pecunia Becerra Florida, USAAna O. Sanchez Emerging Market John Velazquez Ramos Ladimer De Alencar Narciso SanchezSponsor: Luz Velez Sponsor: Radames Lopez Sponsor: Silvio A. Cuellar Sponsor: Juana Nerva Shang JiangFlorida, USA Feliciana Pineda Puerto Rico Rhode Island, USA Sanchez Sponsor: Ofelia Delangel Sponsor: Wilfredo Rojas California, USA California, USAAngela Rivera New Jersey, USA Jose H. Beron Laura DuranSponsor: Luz Ofelia Rivera Sponsor: C. Beron Services Sponsor: Leonel Quiroz Nohemy Deras Yi Fang CaoRestrepo Hector R. Rivera Group Corp California, USA Sponsor: Rosa Cruz Sponsor: Ofelia DelangelFlorida, USA Rodriguez Texas, USA Maryland, USA California, USA Sponsor: Nydia Serra Lesly GomezAnthony Muñoz Puerto Rico Joselito Bruno Perez Sponsor: Carmen Cardenas Norma Vilarino Yilmari Santana NevarezSponsor: Alexander Sponsor: Kiremier Aponte California, USA Sponsor: Mayra Santos Sponsor: Josean Y. LizmarieMontanez Irma Aracely Lopez Arizona, USA Florida, USA RiveraFlorida, USA Sponsor: Jocelyn Sánchez Maria Lopez Puerto Rico California, USA Juan Carlos Vargas Sponsor: Mirian Escobar Omar MartinezAracely Robledo Orozco California, USA Sponsor: Rafael Parra Zaida Pecunia & HarrySponsor: Haydee Alvarez Ismael Sanfeliz Sponsor: Doris Elena Pulgar South Carolina, USA PecuniaFlorida, USA Sponsor: Nydia Serra Emerging Market Marilyn Perez Sponsor: Carmen Atiles Puerto Rico Sponsor: George Morales Paula Barbosa Florida, USAAscencion Rodriguez Juan F. Ovalles & Florida, USA Sponsor: Alfredo FrancoSponsor: Ronik Arroyo Joao Vieira Milagros Ovalles Rhode Island, USAFlorida, USA Sponsor: Paula Barbosa Sponsor: Arazelia Javier Mauricio Montoya Puerto Rico Rhode Island, USA Sponsor: Milton Perez Raul Sontay & OrquidiaCruz Mora Salgado New Jersey, USA CeballosSponsor: Victor A. Flores John E. Gingerich Juan Vargas Sponsor: Fernando CanelaIllinois, USA Sponsor: Jesse Starner Sponsor: Irma Aracely Lopez North Carolina, USA Ohio, USA California, USA To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 15
  • 16. Success | RECOGNITION Diamond advancements listed are for the volume months of July–August 2010. DOMINICAN María Gregoria Vásquez Blanca Estela FLORIDA, USA ILLINOIS, USA OHIO, USA REPUBLIC De Escalona Hernández Andoni Echaniz Ana Ambrosio Adam Yoder Angela Rojas Rojas Marla Irlanda López Carmelina Chan Ariagne Viel Carmen Andrade Allen Miller Heriberto Cuevas Cruz Reyes Carmen De León Arlene Ortiz Javier Fernández David A. Keim Ing. German Taveras Marusca Rosa Bondini Crispin Galindo Carlos Reyes Leticia Garay John N. Yoder Cruz De Casado Dan Whitney Carmen Toledo John Weaver Kelvin Francisco Mary De Hernández Deisy A. García Carmen Travieso INDIANA, USA Susan GingerichNew Diamonds Pimentel Miguel Ángel Merino Dionicio A. Torres Celeste Taveras John Gingerich, Sr. Lucia Margarita Palacios Edith Flores Constanza Hurtado & Freeman Yoder OREGON, USA Rodríguez Colon Mirla Josefina Efrain Santiago Rivera German Castellanos Jean Johnson Luis Enrique Rosario Castellano De Falcón Eliseo Aguirre Diana Mendez MARYLAND, USA Jerry Moore Lorenzo Moises Amadeo Serrano Eloy Chang Dominga Espinoza Edwin Deras María Miguelina García Lainez Evangelina Villeda Edgar Alvarez Jimmy Deras PENNSYLVANIA, USA Rosario De Taveras Nocolas Orlando Chávez Gregorio Morales Edilia Pérez María Martha Perdomo Diego Chuquijajas Mónica Esther Odili Ríos Martinez Guillermina Hernández Fabiola Castrillon Marisol Camacho Rodríguez Rumaldo De Olga Ferreira González Haydee Leticia Colon Francia Goggin Martina Eloisa Ramírez RHODE ISLAND, USA Mercado Otoniel Ramos Sanchez Héctor Verdugo Gloria Taboada Rina M. Iriarte Altagracia Reynoso Sandra Yaneth Becerra Humberta Martinez & Harry Pecunia María Daluz Ramos EMERGING MARKET Martinez Pablo Rojas Hector Hernández NEW JERSEY, USA Vieira Ana Yaritza Roa Saray Gómez De Jaspe Javier De La Mora Ortega Andrea Ramirez Torres Moreno & Pedro E. Shannon Orosco Jay Geldhof Hilda Brown Ángel Jaramillo TEXAS, USA Pérez Contreras Veronica Mayela Bravo Jorge E. García Jackeline Leroy Candido Ávila Judy Bishop Ángel Alberto Torrez Vallejos Jose Lucio Alfaro Jhon Loaiza Dulce Baez Mariemma Torres Ángel Nally López & Víctor Huete Mendoza Juan Adelmo López Jocabed González Ines Made Micaela Reyes Dinorah Licciooni De Yamelis Ramírez Juan Negrete Jose & Janet Moya Jacqueline Roman Teresa Berumen López Yenis Del Carmen Ríos Lucia Hoyos Julio Acosta Jacqueline Vargas Yuen K. Lee Argel Fermin León Arias De Ferreira Luis García Lieschen M Flores Juan Velarde Carolina Amaya López Yubisay Bolívar Luz Esperanza Munevar Lilia Toro Luis Robles VIRGINIA, USA Concepción Mejía Jaime Luz González Lourdes Del Rio María Fernanda López Albina Morales Cristina Cortes PUERTO RICO Majdalena Pena Luis Miranda Sanchez Cirilo Cerrano Roldan & Curline Rodríguez Arnaldo Ocasio Ortiz María De Loures Magdalena Renza María Vásquez Teresa Martinez Cynthia E. Gauto Félix Serra Pacheco Lourdes María Cecilia Echavarria Noe Leonardo Jose Baudilio Izaguirre González Ilka Cabanas María Germán María Elena Ramirez Salomon Santos Juana Tay Dinora Maribel Omaña Iris Zorayda Maldonado María Gómez María Piedad Echavarría Sonia Lopez De Luongo Ivis Morales Santiago María Lilian Soriano Martha Patricia Berrick Yanet Rivas WASHINGTON, USA Edmunda Eva Masis Ivonne Soto De Grant María Lucila Contreras Mayra Arichabala Emma Magana Martinez Luis Cana Ortiz María Macias Melvin & Martha NEW MEXICO, USA María Elena Díaz Eduardo De Haro Magaly Chaparro María Y. Miranda Barrett Esther Escobedo Filippini Magalys Torres Errazo Mike Marroquín Miguel Galindo Francisca Emelina Manny López Mildred Sandoval Miguel Tinajero NEW YORK, USA Suarez Santos A. Cepeda Núñez Myrna Velasco Milagros Carreno & Jose Edy Leonardo Indira Johana Oscar Fernando Chacón Carreno Fernando Riaño Hernández Guerra ALABAMA, USA Ramón Ocegueda Mirta Martinez Leticia & Herna Tobar Juan Ángel González Severo Romero Raquel Reyes Narciso Iván Villanueva Lidia Adames Romero Refugio Flores Oswaldo Cardona Luis Manuel Acevedo Karla Alejandra Montes ARIZONA, USA Rosalina Prado Othoniel Quintero Mery Alvarez Navarro Guillermina López Salvador Alvarez Paola Trujillo & Milton Pérez Laura Cristina Reid Hermila Geronimo Silvia Aguilar Constanza Martinez Pedronel Morales Rodríguez Victor Lopez Rocío Moreno Santos M. Maldonado Lourdes Rodríguez CALIFORNIA, USA Wilmer A. Lopez Roosevelt Penagos Virgilio Suncar & Ledis Rojas Albert Liu Yongki Kwon Roxana Henríquez Suncar Lucila Margarita Gómez Amelia Lett Zheng Zhi Wang Ruth Alvarado Zoila C. Benavides Luz Amparo Castro M. Amelia Sanchez Silvio Espinoza Mara Eunice Frutos Antonia Rosales DELAWARE, USA Sofia Donado NORTH CAROLINA, María Antonia Chacón Azale Dias Celsa Hueto Vilma A. Merlos USA De Riera Benita Flores Javier E. Scharon Virginia Aguirre Cesar Rivera María Argentina Lainez Benjamin Osorio Díaz Bertha Gutierrez 16 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 17. Success | RECOGNITION2010 Special Awards and Honors 2010 Special Awards and Honors President’s Club Silver DollarMembers of the President’s Club have set the standard for significant growth within their The Silver Dollar award honorsorganizations, inspiring thousands of up-and-coming 4Life® distributors to do the same. distributors who celebrate the value and satisfaction of hard work, the spiritAkram Din Giovanni & Sandra Perotti Norma Constanza Rocha Collazos of idealism, the entrepreneurial sparkMalaysia Colombia Colombia that ignites the desire for success, andAleksey Egorov Haffiyenti Salim Odissey Andronikidi & opportunities to build others.Russia Singapore Natalya DavydyukAngel Molina Gali & Maria López Hernán J. Santiago & Russia Angela CristPuerto Rico Yaceska Robles Ranny Marrero & Ohio, USAAngela Crist Puerto Rico Ivelysse Robles Nieves Puerto Rico Ángels Muñoz EstapeOhio, USA Ileana & Hugo Johnson SpainÁngels Muñoz Estape California, USA Rasid Kamisan & Hasrunita Malaysia Aleksey EgorovSpain Ivan Rodriguez & Marie Marquez RussiaDr. Azif Bin Ahmad Sheis Texas, USA Renaldo & Lymari Sánchez California, USA Guillermina MiramontesMalaysia Jesús & Itala Rivera Nova MexicoBeatriz Elena Nieto & Mexico Richard & Nancy Quek Malaysia Gustavo Adolfo MoreiraCarlos E. Ortega Jhonny Aguilar Pinto Costa RicaColombia Venezuela Rigoberto Carrion Florida, USA Islian Veliz & Jaime MartinezBoris Ezhov & Aleksandra Ezhova José Alberto & California,USARussia Sandra Rivera Nova Rob Robertson, III Mexico Tennessee, USA Jung, Kwang RaeByron Lopez South KoreaCalifornia, USA José Martin & Zoraida Rosado Rolando Sánchez & Florida, USA Zaida Morales Kevin & Courtney MooreCarlos Rocha Utah, USASpain Lily & José Angel Sanchez California, USA Florida, USA Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Tamilselvan Lorena Daza Castillo &Claudia Martinez Gómez Dr. Armando Segovia& José Megía Lorena Daza Castillo & Malaysia EcuadorSpain Dr. Armando Segovia Dr. Said Daibes Figueroa Ecuador Maryland, USA Rafael Vasconcelos & Paula VasconcelosDavid Phillips PortugalWashington, USA Lourdes Garcia & Wilfredo Velez Salim Raghavan & Noor Azlina Puerto Rico Singapore Rasid Kamisan & HasrunitaDionny Recio MalaysiaDominican Republic Lyubov Alimova & Mikhail Alimov Dr. Sani bin Ashari Russia Malaysia Renaldo & Lymari SánchezEduardo Marin Aristizabal California, USAPanama Mohd Sufian Bin Mohd Anuar Sheri Din Malaysia Singapore Dr. Samuel PahmEn. Aziz & Pn. Azizah PhilippinesMalaysia Nadzrul Salim Son Jae Min Singapore South Korea Mr. & Mrs. Tan Peng TeckEn Mohd Zaaba & Dr. Siti Aniza MalaysiaMalaysia Nansly Murcia Marroquin Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo Colombia Japan Yesid Franco & Blanca MurciaEsdras Cabrera Alberto & ColombiaRosa Nelia Vargas Nathaniel Lowe & Tatiana Yachnaya Jamileth de Lowe Bulgaria Yuko FukizawaDominican Republic Panama JapanFadzli Salim & Siti ZuraidahSingapore Nidia Pinzón López SpainFanny MezaEcuador To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 17
  • 18. Success | RECOGNITION 2010 Special Awards and Honors Success Rally Presenters These distributors were chosen out of thousands of successful2010 Special Awards and Honors 4Life business builders throughout the world to share their expertise, vision, and prospecting tips at the BIG Convention 2010 Success Rally. Angel Molina Gali Rolando Sánchez Puerto Rico California,USA Claudia Martinez Gomez Rozaliza Kobylyanska At the Heart of It Spain Russia As the name suggests, the At the Heart of It award winner José Carlos Loureiro Dr. S.S. Tamilselvan Portugal Malaysia has taken the real meaning of service into their business, their Lily Sanchez Salim Raghavan life, and their heart. Florida, USA Singapore Beníto García Míguez Spain Rob Robertson, III Santana Sanjur Batista Tennessee,USA Colombia These donors have been awarded Light 4Life status by making a Foundation 4Life® donation of $100–$2,999 from May 2009–September 2010. Abe Kenji Dr. Rick Bennett Jennifer Martinez & Joel Maria Emma Carrillo Nuria Dalmau Rodriguez Abigail Lopez Dr. Robiatun Aduwiyah Bt. Rivera Maria J. Saldaña Marcano Omar S. Erickson Alan Michaelis Jamaluddin Jeremy Taeoalii Maria Marte Patrick Ritty Aldo Marcelo Lino Cladera Dr. Sani Bin Ashari Jerry Thomas Maria Minaya Preston Cranford Alejandro Cussianovich Earlee A. Salas Jesse Albert Muñoz Mariela Bianchi Rafael Narvaez Santiago Alexander A. Ochoa Edgar Marroquin Joan Townsend Mariela Rodriguez Rafael Vasconcelos & Aleyda E. Castillo Edwin A. Rivera Joel Almonte & Denisse Marielly I. Minaya Paula Vasconcelos Altagracia Adalgisa Urbaez Elisa Montaño Moreta Marisa Reyes Quiroz Raja Vavilapally Alvaro Hernan Murillo Gomez Elizabeth Krakowiak John Brady Marisol Medrano Ramon Contreras Ana M. Rivera Elizabeth Ontiveros Jorge Garcia Santos Marisol Vargas Rasid Bin Kamisan Angel L. Ayala Lopez Elkis Èspinosa Jorge R. Gordian Mariuxi J. Vargas Rigoberto Carrion Angel L. Blas Gonzalez Emanuel Amezquita Roman Jose Alfredo Gonzalez Lopez Margarita Ruiz Ronald Charles Angelika Szczepanska Emma Oganova Jose L. Sanchez Diaz Mark Petersen Rosa Isabel Zambrano De Ángels Muñoz Estape En. Aziz & Pn. Azizah Jose Martin Rosado Martha Jimenez Sanchez Angie Trammell Ernesto Espitia Juan Martinez Martha L. Fajardo Rosa Perez Anna Maria Correa Fajardo Ezequiel Martinez Matos Juan R. Martinez Masa & Deanne Urasaki Rudy A. Malim Annette Nazario Faemos Yao Nyakutse Juan Varrgas Boneo Matilde Lopez Leon Shauna Lunak Antonio Jesus Nuñez Felipe Rivera Gonzalez Julia Robles Cruz Mayra Barreto & Julio Vargas Silvia Caban Aracely Robledo Felix Diaz Julio C. Rodriguez Mayra E. Martinez Santiago Silvio Antonio Alvarado Arlene Melendez Contreras Felix Ramirez Kathryn Price Merly Karolina Conzalez Martinez Aurora J. Ancheta Francisco J. Santiago Keh Yann Chang Mereno Soraya Medina Barbara Wagner Gerardo Alfonso Huertas Kelli Vallejos Micheel A. Cardenas Susan Fowler Barry & Sue Blake Gladis Cristina Rueda Pajuelo Kevin & Courtney Moore Miguel A. Rodarte Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo Benedicta Fortuna De Cervantes Kinjo Hideji Miguel Quiros Rios Tatiana Yachnaya Bernadette Lewis Guillermo Benjamin Arce Kiyomi Shinjo Mirna Marizol Gillett Teng Nget Min Bernadetter N. McCray Wells Mazzi Kobayashi Shu/Shimozaki Miyagi Chiyoko Tennille Lisonbee Betty A. Meyers Haffiyenti Salim Katsuko Miyawaka Naoaki Teresa Tomalska Bolivar L. Miranda Harjot & Rodney Sidhu Kusano Kenji Mohamed Akram Din Mohd Teruyuki IsokawaLights 4Life Calvin Jolley Hasnimah Binte Juhari Laura I. Saez Mohd Nizam Bin Mohd Teresita De Jesus Moore Camille Bullock Hector J. Santos Leiner Esquivel Gonzalez Haman Tok Ming Shiun Carlos H. Padilla Cruz Hideji & Sachiko Kinjo Leon & Jolene Thiessen Monica Giraldo Tony & Sylvia Kruger Carlos M. Juarbe Romero Hokama Shigeko Liana Virasinghe Morganne Rayne Tracie Kay Carlos Rivero C. Ikumi Watanabe Lidia Poyatos Mori Michiko Trent Tenney Carlos Salgado Garduño Indra Virasinghe Lilliana Rojas Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Tamilselvan U. Padmaja & K.K. Jay Shankar Carmen M. Rodriguez Iris D. Torres Rodriguez Linda Joseph Muhammad Sharizal Bin Ursula Kroeger Cirildo Figueroa Irma Luciano Linda Tang Salim Ushenina Marina Claudia Martinez Gomez Isabel Barona Navia Linnett Ramos Muhammad Zuraimi Bin Harif Ushijima Kentaro Clifford Dunston Isidro Perez Ortiz Living For Life Myrna M. Roman Cruz & Varona & Maria Isabel Barona Criselidis Mejia Ismael Berrios Lorena Vega Escobar Roberto Agosto Adorno Victor Velez Daniel West Ivan Arenas Oceguera Lori Back Nakamura Ryo Vidi Espinoza Darquis Sena J. Scott Dalton Luan Rodriguez Nakamura Yoshimitsu Virgilia Avhad Datin Nor Binti Ibrahim Jackie Rivera Lucile Tereletsky Nancy D. Nettles Yachnaya Tatiana Dean Lewis Jaime Pierce Luisa N. Maldonado Natalie Slater Yanira Roman Gonzalez Deann Carter Jairo E. Beltran Luz Milena Garcia Nelson Padilla Cruz Yolanda Pozo Fuentes Desiree De Leeuw Janice Skeen Madeline Von Derlinden Noel Munoz Zoraida Rosado Dhanyasi Devasahayam Janille Parry Magdalena Lubiejewska Noel Nieves Zygmunt A. Amaretti Dionny Recio Jason Ferguson Magdalena Rzadkosz Nolan Buttars Domingo Batista Javier Jorge Maja Galicia Noorhana Bte Darus Donna Bell Javier Mason Maria Beatriz Velez Noriko & Takashi Nakayama Dr. Jurina Mohd Hassan Jeffrey Kalinin Maria Caridad Morel Espinoza Nubia E. Perdomo 18 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 19. THE Œ ife’s explain 4L for a sim ple way to d the answ ers The search to ps here! Fin tion plan s DVD. compensa ith this new in g for w you’re lookSharing the Life Rewards Plan has never been easier. Help yourprospects and new group members understand the basics of one ofthe most generous plans in the network marketing industry. Show howthe DVD during one of your group meetings or send a copy home om mewith a new prospect to follow up with later!Order today at # 80911 25–pack • Item # 80889 5–pack English/Spanish
  • 20. Science | IMMUNEWS Fuel Your Immune System! with 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime™ Whether it comes to athletics, cars, or immune systems, prime performance is what everyone wants to achieve. 4Life’s newest Targeted Transfer Factor® product is formulated to support your body with the right kind of fuel to achieve prime immune system performance.4 Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine weight (super small) molecules that Prime™ utilizes the benefits of provide big benefits. It promotes your NanoFactor® extract with a immune system’s ability to function moresource of essential fuel to help immune effectively by supporting communicationcells perform at their best—even during between immune cells. This enhancedtimes of increased stress. It’s the perfect communication helps your immunecomplement to all 4Life Transfer Factor® system send out the right information atproducts because it helps your body more the right time, promoting its ability toefficiently use the education provided by know when to act,transfer factor molecules. how to act, and when to rest.Some people may ask, “What makes4Life’s glutamine product different from Representing theothers?” The answer is simple. Glutamine most progressivePrime is more than just a glutamine advancements insupplement. It’s the only product on Transferceutical™the market that supports your immune Science, NanoFactor’ssystem with the power of NanoFactor, exclusivity gives 4Lifeglutamine, and the building blocks of distributors a distinctglutathione. business edge.NanoFactor® Extract GlutamineNanoFactor is 4Life’s exclusive Every action immuneextract of concentrated nanofraction cells make requires energy. Immunemolecules—incredibly powerful, low- cells are living, and just like every living thing, they require energy to power their actions. The more challenges you20 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 21. Science | IMMUNEWSencounter every day—like exercising, Athletes need fuel to performkeeping up with the kids, making a at a consistently high level, evencompany presentation, studying for under the most challengingfinal exams, or even getting sick—the conditions. Cars require fuelmore fuel your immune system needs to before the engine can evensuccessfully maintain your overall health. be started. And your immuneThis is where glutamine comes in. system needs fuel, not only toGlutamine is an amino acid (building maintain energyblock of protein) made by the body reserves, but alsothat serves as a major source of fuel for to help support theimmune cells. It’s in constant demand prime performanceby the immune system, but reserves necessary tocan become depleted by daily stress. maintain yourSupporting your immune system with good health.this rich energy source can help optimize Place your orderfunction by fueling appropriate immune for Glutaminecell communication (modulating immune Prime™ today tosystem function up or down, depending fuel your immuneon what your body needs) and keeping system and keepyour body prepared for whatever your body runninghappens next. smoothly every day.Building Blocks of Glutathione “All 4Life Transfer Factor®Antioxidants are important to goodhealth because they neutralize free products just got better byradicals that can cause cellular damage. using them together with theUnlike antioxidants such as vitamins new 4Life Glutamine PrimeC and E, which need to be consumed, with NanoFactor. With theglutathione is naturally produced in benefit of NanoFactor immunethe body. It is found within every cell, Did you know that system support to regulate the forceincluding immune cells that work to keep and energy needed, Glutamine excess stress can leaveyou healthy. Its prime position within Prime fuels and feeds immune your immune cells incells has prompted many researchers toconsider glutathione the most important cell responders while acting as need of additionalantioxidant because it’s most readily a guardian to healthy cells by supplies of glutamine?needed and used. The building blocks providing special antioxidant Some everyday stressorsof glutathione in Glutamine Prime help support. Together, with 4Lifesupport the body’s ability to make this include: Transfer Factor products, we findessential antioxidant and promote healthy it to be an even better answer to • Travelimmune system function. meet the wellness needs of all of our • Health • School exams distributors and customers.” • Athletic events Calvin McCausland, PhD • On-the-go-lifestyle Chief Scientific Officer • Poor diet • Exercise • Medication • Injuries To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 21
  • 22. Science | D O C TA L K4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™Shane M. Lefler, MS, 4Life Research Scientist as the number-one selling supplement Targeted Transfer Factor® product line is in the mass market over the past two one of the best ways to maintain health years. Blueberry and lingonberry are and wellness. also included in the formula. These ingredients have been shown to support References Bailey, D. T., C. Dalton, et al. (2007). “Can a concentrated the bladder and lining of the urinary tract cranberry extract prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women? A pilot study.” Phytomedicine 14(4): 237–41. by keeping it clean and smooth. When combined with d-mannose, a simple Clare, B. A., R. S. Conroy, et al. (2009). “The diuretic effect in human subjects of an extract of Taraxacum officinale sugar, they can synergistically support Folium over a single day.” J Altern Complement Med 15(8): 929–34. your urinary system. Curhan, G. C., W. C. Willett, et al. (2004). “Dietary factorsI n early 2009, the 4Life® Research and the risk of incident kidney stones in younger women: Nurses’ Health Study II.” Arch Intern Med 164(8): 885–91. and Development department began Additional ingredients include juniper to work on new product ideas for berry and dandelion leaf, which have Freitas, A. M., N. Schor, et al. (2002). “The effect of Phyllanthus niruri on urinary inhibitors of calcium oxalateBIG Convention 2010. We carefully been shown to increase the volume of crystallization and other factors associated with renal stone formation.” BJU Int 89(9): 829–34.considered options that would strengthen urine passing through the urinary system. Grases, F. and A. Costa-Bauza (1999). “Phytate (IP6) isour existing product line, as well as the Simply stated, they help keep the “pipes” a powerful agent for preventing calcifications in biological fluids: usefulness in renal lithiasis treatment.” Anticancer Resrequests we received from distributors in clean and dissolve solids. Together, these 19(5A): 3717–22.the field. When the final decisions were ingredients work in combination with Grases, F., J. G. March, et al. (2000). “Urinary phytate inmade, 4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™ the pH balancing blend in 4Life Transfer calcium oxalate stone formers and healthy people—dietary effects on phytate excretion.” Scand J Urol Nephrol 34(3):emerged as a must-have. Factor KBU for complete urinary system 162–4. support. Head, K. A. (2008). “Natural approaches to prevention and treatment of infections of the lower urinary tract.” Altern MedKBU stands for Kidney, Bladder, and Rev 13(3): 227–44.Urinary tract. This product is packed Kidney Support Kitamura, Y., A. Nishikawa, et al. (2005). “Effects ofwith natural ingredients targeted to 4Life Transfer Factor KBU also contains N-acetylcysteine, quercetin, and phytic acid on spontaneous hepatic and renal lesions in LEC rats.” Toxicol Pathol 33(5):support the urinary system. 4Life chanca piedra, varuna, and inositol 584–92.Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula is hexa-phosphate, commonly referred to Kontiokari, T., K. Sundqvist, et al. (2001). “Randomised trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice and Lactobacillus GG drinkincluded to educate immune cells and as IP-6, as part of the kidney support for the prevention of urinary tract infections in women.” BMJ blend. These ingredients were specifically 322 (7302): 1571.promote healthy urinary function. Thisprovides a strong foundation to any chosen because of their great history of Nishiura, J. L., A. H. Campos, et al. (2004). “Phyllanthus niruri normalizes elevated urinary calcium levels in calciumproduct, because when your immune scientific research. They help keep the stone forming (CSF) patients.” Urol Res 32(5): 362–6.system functions properly, everything else kidneys functioning properly, including Singh, R. (1991). Journal Research Education Indian Medicine 10: 35– that much better. the microscopic filtration process that occurs there. Wright, J. (1999). “D-Mannose for Bladder and Kidney Infections.” Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients July:Urinary Tract/Bladder Support 96–98.The most abundant ingredient in 4Life With the less-than-stellar diets many Yarnell, E. (2002). “Botanical medicines for the urinary tract.” World J Urol 20(5): 285–93.Transfer Factor KBU is cranberry, of us maintain, plus the environmentalhistorically known to support a clean and factors our bodies have to deal with on ahealthy urinary system and recognized daily basis, I truly believe that supporting specific body systems with 4Life’s22 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 23. YOUR BIG FUTURE AFTERBIG CONVENTION 2010What will you do with everything you gainedfrom BIG Convention 2010: the training, product “As busy as I am, wherever I am, I try to get out and… remember how far I’ve come andeducation, inspiration, and new friendships? appreciate every baby step along the way, toThe magnitude of convention can reach far stand in amazement and joy that the pursuitinto your future. What you decide to do with all never ends.”that you have learned is up to you. Incorporatea few ideas from the Powered by Platinums Chris Gardnerworkshops, get to know the new products better, BIG Convention 2010 Keynote Speakerand communicate regularly with your distributorsabout the motivation, encouragement, and insightthat you gained from BIG Convention 2010. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 23
  • 24. During the Platinum and Gold social and fundraiser, we raised more than $115,000 for the 4Life Fortify™ campaign. 4Life® matched that amount, for over $230,000 in donations!24 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 25. Wednesday, September 8 Paradise awaits… Get ready to indulge in a true Bahamas experience during 4Life’s 2011 Gold Getaway to beautiful Paradise Island! Mark your calendars now for October 12-16, 2011. Your accommodations are reserved at the lavish Atlantis Resort, Cove Tower, a premier ocean-themed resort destination where you will experience the ultimate escape in luxury and fun. Learn more at 7R DWWHQG WKH *ROG *HWDZD RX PXVW TXDOLI DW WKH *ROG ,QWHUQDWLRQDO LDPRQG UDQN DW OHDVW WZR WLPHV EHWZHHQ 2FWREHU  DQG 0DUFK Also during the social, 4Life executives announced the 2011 incentive trip locations. For the Gold Getaway,we’ll head to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas, October 12–16, 2011. For the Platinum Pinnacle,attendees will go on a Baltic Cruise August 6–13, 2011, courtesy of SilverSea Cruises.With an awesome band and everyone decked out in groovy costumes, the Beatles Bash opening party got BIGConvention 2010 off to a rocking start! To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 25
  • 26. 4Life® Platinum International Diamonds shared training and inspiration during the Powered by Platinums workshop series. During the product training workshops, the Health Sciences Advisory Board members imparted their expertise and wisdom about 4Life products.26 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 27. Thursday, September 9Thousands of 4Life® distributors teamed up with 4Life executives and employees to build 2,000 school kits forchildren in Honduras. This marked 4Life’s third convention service project.4Life distributors toured the 4Life Home Office to find out what goes on behind the scenes every day. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 27
  • 28. The audience at General Session 1 got really fired up during the launch of 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime™ and 4Life Transfer Factor® KBU™. Joined on stage by 4Life leaders who pledged their support, 4Life® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee announced 4Life Fortify™, a brand-new humanitarian product that will help nourish children throughout the world.28 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 29. Friday, September 10As part of General Session 1, we announced The 4Life® Store opened right afterthe 2010 At the Heart of It award winner, Benito General Session 1 with new products,García Míguez. We also announced the 2010 new tools, swanky convention logowear,President’s Club winners. and huge crowds of excited distributors.During the One World One Family Recognition Gala, we celebrated the biggest 4Life achievers, and the dance,music, and culture that bring the 4Life family together. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 29
  • 30. Keynote Speaker Chris Gardner Once again, 4Life® welcomed special guests from La Casa Rosada shared a powerful message orphanage. Aneurys Perez and David Guillen were the first of hope, perseverance, and recipients of Foundation 4Life® college scholarships. overcoming challenges to achieve whatever greatness you desire. Children of the Andes Founder “Papa” Jaime Some of the biggest and brightest 4Life distributors Jaramillo joined us for convention. We are excited presented their business-building secrets during about our new partnership with this organization General Session III. as we help bring hope to children in Colombia.30 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 31. Saturday, September 11Over $75,000 in cash and prizes was 4Life’s Got Talent winner Tomishagiven away at the Success Rally! Young dazzled the crowd during the closing party pre-show.Grammy® award-winning artist Kelly Clarkson brought the house down at the closing party.For more convention recap details and video highlights, visit To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 31
  • 32. WEB COLUMNRight At Your FingertipsThe new 4lifestyles.comH ave you ever sat in a training meeting with a Platinum International Diamond andwished that you could have all of yourprospects there to listen, learn, and feelthe energy that is being conveyed? Well,now you can, with the help of 4Life’s newopportunity-based website—! This site gives you access to someof 4Life’s most charismatic leaders.As a sister site to, contains videos of someof the distributor leaders who know the4Life® opportunity best.This website offers you the chance tohelp your prospects learn about the 4Lifeopportunity at their convenience. Thevideos present the 4Life opportunityfrom the viewpoint of those whohave benefited the most from the Life (for example: http://1234567.4lifestyles. Contact Manager. Have these features atRewards Plan™, rather than simply a com or http://my4lifedomain.4lifestyles. your fingertips to share no matter wherecorporate perspective. com). Site users will be able to go to you need them!You may be wondering, “What happens your my4life site via the “Enroll” and “Products” links. Sign up for 4life Office So, the next time you wish you hadwhen I send prospects to the site and they Professional today and take advantage the expertise of Platinum Internationaldecide to sign up? Will they be enrolled of all these benefits by enrolling at Diamonds to help you present the 4Lifeunder me?” Well, was opportunity, just jump on a computer ordesigned to work with the hosting your iPhone, and have them talk directlyfunction of, so that when We are also excited to announce another to your prospects!you invite a prospect, you can be sure that exciting tool! You can take 4lifestyles.they can enroll and order under you. As com with you with 4Life’s new iPhone For more information on web hosting,a subscriber of 4Life Office Professional, application. Just search “4LifeStyles” please refer to the January/Februaryyou’ll be able to take full advantage of or “4Life” in the iTunes App Store and 2010 Summit, pages 40 and 41, for anthese hosting features. download our free app to your iPhone, article entitled, “Your Prospects... YourBy replacing “www” with your distributor iTouch, or iPad. You will be able to view 4Life Team Members.”ID or your my4life domain name, you the videos on and addbecome the “host” of the site contacts to your 4Life Office Professional To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 33
  • 33. N E W S S TA N D 4Life Announces CAPEVEDI Membership 4Life recently announced its latest World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) membership with CAPEVEDI, the Direct Selling Association of Peru. The WFDSA is a non- governmental national federation that represents the direct selling industry. Membership consists of 58 national direct selling associations and one regional federation, the Federation of European Direct Selling Associations (DSAs). 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee sits on the CEO Council of the WFDSA. 4Life Record Sales Soar Through 2010 Recently, 4Life President Steve Tew announced that worldwide sales are up 25% from the company’s record-breaking growth of 2009. This includes year-to-date sales4Life® President increases of 63% in Malaysia, 42% in Eurasia, 38% in Spain, and other record-breaking marketsSteve Tew around the world.Publishes “Top 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee from Milan, Italy: “Since the worldwide recession first struck, 4Life distributors have proven themselves among the most dedicated and resourcefulDesk” Article in entrepreneurs in the industry. Our corporate team will continue to provide world-class customerDirect Selling News and distributor services in support of their success.”4Life President Steve Tew authored the “TopDesk” feature article in the November issue 4Life Appoints New Eurasian Tsogtsaikhanof Direct Selling News. The article, entitled,“A Rich Legacy and Unlimited Opportunity,” HSAB Members Sandag, MD, PhDexplores the history of the Direct Selling 4Life recently announced the official appointments of TsogtsaikhanAssociation (DSA) and the myriad ways in Sandag, MD, PhD and Aleksander Bokovoy, MD, PhD to the Eurasianwhich 4Life benefits as a member company. Health Sciences Advisory Board (EHSAB). The EHSAB collaborates withThe DSA is celebrating its centennial the 4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board, led by Chief Scientific Officeranniversary throughout 2010. Calvin McCausland, PhD. The EHSAB is comprised of leading scientists and immunologists from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Aleksander Bokovoy, Dr. Tsogtsaikhan currently serves as a member of the Immunology and MD, PhD Allergology Advisory Board in the Ministry of Health of Mongolia. He is also a presidium member of the Mongolian Society of Microbiology and Immunology and a faculty department head at Mongolia State Medical University. Dr. Bokovoy is an active member of the Russian Academy Medical and Quality Control department and the European Academy of Pediatrics. He is also the Pediatrics department head for the faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University.For late breaking news, visit 4Life’s digital newsstand at | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 34. N E W S S TA N D Southeast Asia Inspire Magazine 4Life’s global corporate team recently announced a new third-party publication that features Asia’s first-ever Platinum International 4Life Announces Diamonds, Sadik Din and Hasnimah, as well as Southeast Asia’s Gold International Diamonds. Partnership with The world-leading publisher of direct selling Feed The Children magazines contacted 4Life® with interest in the company’s unparalleled success in Asia. 4Life is pleased to announce its partnership The magazine is being revealed at the BIG with international hunger relief organization Convention 2010 event in Kuala Lumpur this Feed The Children. Founded in 1979, Feed month. “The only thing we’re prepared to say The Children is consistently ranked as one at this point,” stated 4Life Vice President, of the ten largest international charitiesInternational Steve Apple, “is that Inspire magazine is unlike anything home-based entrepreneurs in the United States. They deliver food,have ever seen.” medicine, clothing, and other necessities to individuals, children, and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty, or natural disasters. Through this new2010 South Korea partnership, Feed The Children will distribute 4Life Fortify™ meal packs on behalf of 4LifeAdvisory Board Meeting distributors to malnourished children aroundTop 4Life distributors and executives recently gathered in Hongcheong City, South Korea, for the world. 4Life introduced the meal packa special two-day strategy conference. The advisory board discussed the goals and vision for as part of a for-profit program dedicated tobuilding future growth in Korea in light of record sales during the month of September. improving nutrition for children around the world.Vice President, International Alan Michaelis: “After meeting with each of our advisory boardmembers, I am even more optimistic about this market’s future. Each of these leaders iscommitted to their team’s success and the overall success of 4Life.” Comments, questions, or inquiries? To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 35
  • 35. Service | F O U N D AT I O N 4 L I F E ®4Life Announces Next Step in ®Humanitarian EndeavorsDuring BIG Convention 2010, we announced a new legacy of service to take our love andcompassion directly to more children around the world. 4Life will maintain long-term,sustainable partnerships with orphanages and childcare facilities. And, we will progressivelyfocus on three main areas of a child’s life: Nutrition, Shelter, and Education.Nutrition Shelter EducationIn many parts of the world, it’s a struggle Without orphanages to live in, most of Once the life essentials of nutrition andfor parents and caregivers to provide these children would likely be living on shelter are taken care of, 4Life focuseslife essential food for their children—let the streets… at the mercy of the elements on giving children self-empowermentalone, healthy food that will give kids and constantly surrounded by danger. through increased knowledge andthe vitamins and minerals they need to An orphanage is home to them. When education. This added security andgrow up strong. We are proud to provide needed, 4Life works with an orphanage stability gives children the tools to4Life Fortify™ meal packs to children to enhance living conditions for the positively reflect upon their lives andthroughout the world. Each pack is filled children and staff members, so that move forward with their goals. Imaginewith high-quality ingredients, including children can feel the warmth, security, the positive influence that even onerice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex and love of a real home. higher-functioning citizen could haveof vitamins and minerals, and 4Life on her family, her community, andTransfer Factor® support. It’s the perfect generations to for overall wellness.36 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 36. Service | F O U N D AT I O N 4 L I F E ®Service Auction Raises Over $230,000 Distributors and ExecutivesAs part of the Platinum and Gold social on Wednesday, September 8, 4Life held Build 2,000 School Kits ata charity auction. Over $115,000 was raised and Foundation 4Life matched that Service Activityamount! Two paintings depicting children who are benefiting from 4Life Fortify sold During BIG Convention 2010,for a combined $31,000. All proceeds will benefit the 4Life Fortify™ campaign to thousands of 4Life® distributors teamedprovide warm and nutritious meals to hungry children around the world. up with executives and employees to build 2,000 school kits for the children who are recipients of our 4Life Fortify nutritional program in Honduras. Each kit contains a school bag, colored pencils, ruler, scissors, and other supplies. The school kits will lessen the financial burden that families feel, which often causes them to exclude their children from attending school because they can’t afford simple supplies.4Life Announces College Scholarships for La Casa Rosada BoysAneurys Perez and David Guillen are the two oldest boys at La Casa Rosada orphanage. About a year ago, they began taking Englishclasses at a nearby institution to better prepare themselves to enter college. Foundation 4Life® sponsored the tuition for the Englishclasses. Since becoming the first high school graduates from La Casa Rosada earlier this year, David and Aneurys have chosen tocontinue their education at Universidad Catolica in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. During General Session II of BIGConvention 2010, 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee announced scholarships for David and Aneurys that will completelycover their college educations.“If it weren’t for the 4Life family, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate from high school or attend college,” commented Aneurys.“Now I’m in a position to contribute to my community and the world. I want to thank God, La Casa Rosada, and the whole4Life family.”“A college degree will allow me to develop and use my skills to serve society,” remarked David. “What I am today is the product ofthe solidarity, service, and support of many people. I have learned from my 4Life family to help others without expecting anythingin return.” To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 37
  • 37. You can help fortify a child’s nutrition for less than $1.00 a day!• 4Life Fortify™ is 4Life’s next phase in our worldwide service efforts. It’s good works through good nutrition!• Malnutrition, chiefly caused by vitamin deficiency, is a global problem. Vitamin A deficiency alone affects an estimated 190 million children worldwide.†• 4Life Fortify is packed with beans, rice, lentils, a complex of vitamins and minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor®. It’s the perfect foundation for wellness.Single 4Life Fortify meal pack (contains 12–24 meals)—Item #15005, $29.95 25LP*;Fortify a Family 5–pack—Item #87562, $129.95 100LP*The auto-donate option makes it easy to make monthly donations.Enroll online at or call 4Life® Distributor Services.Over 930,000 4Life Fortify meals weredonated during BIG Convention 2010.To learn more about 4Life Fortify, visit†”Global prevalence of vitamin A deficiency in populations at risk 1995–2005.” Geneva, World Health Organization, 2009.* Note: 4Life Research™ offers an incentive to buy, donate, and promote 4Life Fortify™ meal packs. Commission is includedin the price of the pack and allows distributors to invest their time and resources to encourage others to join 4Life’s legacy ofservice. 4Life Fortify is a product created and supported by 4Life Research, a for-profit company that facilitates donations ofpurchased 4Life Fortify meal packs to non-profit partners such as Feed The Children. Charity partners distribute 4Life Fortify tochildren in need without charge or fees.
  • 38. Success | THE 4LIFE® TOP TENThe 4Life Top Ten ®Y ou are making a difference! As Total Sales in U.S. States Total Sales a 4Life® distributor, you play a and Territories* by Country* big role in the success of yourmarket and the success of the entire 4Life Florida USAfamily. Your dedication to personal goals California Malaysiaand dreams, as well as your commitment Puerto Rico Colombiato help others achieve their goals, is New York Eurasiapropelling worldwide success. Texas JapanAs you look at the new top ten lists, New Jersey Mexicoconsider what you and your team Illinois Spainmembers can do to get on the list or Ohio Singaporemove up the list. Nevada South Korea Pennsylvania Philippines *Figures assessed are for total sales in July and August 2010.Gold International Diamond Sheri Din with 4Life Platinum and Gold International Diamond Leaders from Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado.Singapore and Malaysia.“From day one of starting our 4Life business six years ago, we had a clear mission—to “The exponential transformation of livesobtain financial freedom and forever change our lives. It took great sacrifices to get to here in Florida is the result of a teamwhere we are today. Thankfully, our early, small team of leaders had a vision so strong with an identity and a common vision,that we didn’t allow ourselves to be discouraged by the setbacks we faced along the way. strategically coordinated with massiveToday, our island is filled with a great number of 4Life distributors, many of whom have events and daily unified efforts, andbecome our best friends. Together, we enjoy the great joy and freedom of the opportunity of culminating in our great mission ofa lifetime. Thank you, 4Life, for allowing us to discover freedom and our true potential!” Together, Building People.”Sheri Din, Juan Rosado,Gold International Diamond Platinum International DiamondSingapore Florida, USAWatch for the Top Ten growth percentage report in the January/February 2011 issue of Summit. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 39
  • 39. Inspiring You to GreatnessBIG Convention 2010: Powered by PlatinumsF rom the United States and Puerto Rico, and all the way to Singapore, 4Life® Platinum InternationalDiamond leaders rocked the stage duringthe Powered by Platinums workshopseries at BIG Convention 2010. Withtheir personal stories of triumph andunique expertise, these leaders inspiredattendees to achieve greatness with 4Life.As an added bonus, distributors weredelighted with presentations fromeach of 4Life’s new Gold InternationalDiamonds. It was an experience that noone will forget but many will continue to The Power of Prioritizing The Power of Network Dave Daughtrey, California, USA Marketingshare. “Knowledge creates confidence and Jeff Altgilbers, Tennessee, USARead on to experience the power of the confidence creates action.” “Network marketing is simply a teamPowered by Platinums workshop series of individuals who work together forfor yourself. “Envision your journey. Who do you mutual success. If I win, you win. If you want to take with you? Where do you win, I win. It’s a perfect philosophy.” want to live and do business? That’s the great thing about independence. You can “Network with love, principles, and do things the way you want to do them, values. That’s better than money.” where you want to do them, and when you want to do them.” “We can’t throw people away because they don’t meet our expectations. It is our job “Take note of the 80/20 rule. Eighty as network marketers to take our leaders Watch for details on percent of your time should be talking and help them know what to do. We the next Powered by with people. The other 20 percent can must inspire them to greatness. We are Platinums event in be spent planning, preparing, and Together, Building People!®” April 2011! studying.” “Forget about closing people. You want partners for life… not just a day. Work on creating new relationships.”
  • 40. The Power of Focus Juan Rosado, Florida, USA “Every effort, every movement, and every investment that you make in your business will enable you to achieve your dreams, if you focus and remain constant.” “There was something that I saw when Dr. Nevárez presented the 4Life opportunity to me. I saw it. If 100 people tell you that they don’t see it, you must keep reminding yourself that it is still there… that you do see it.” “Time isn’t what’s important, but rather, attention to time. If we are agents of our time and we invest it and manage it, we will get the best in return.” “We have to do things with our hearts, because that’s how we’ll find joy.”The Power of Never Giving Up The Power of Teamwork The Power of Human PotentialOn Your Dream Sadik Din, Singapore Dr. Herminio Nevárez, Puerto RicoRay Meurer, Florida, USA “Positive thinking plus effort increases “If you’ve offered this opportunity to“I won’t quit! I aspire to continue your probability of success. It’s a package. a person who says no, never take itgrowing and changing. I started to rest Many people don’t understand this personally. That person simply lacksin my safety zone instead of growing. package. They want to think positively knowledge. You must know insideThen, I recognized I had to become a and sit at home watching TV. But that that you have the potential to achievedifferent person. I had to change. That’s doesn’t work.” whatever you set out to do. Believe inwhat you cannot quit on.” yourself. You have the power make it “There are many things you need to happen.”“If you let it, your dream can die because learn to be successful in this business,of the accumulation of little things… not but what kept me going all these years “Become reborn. Give birth to newpicking up the phone, not edifying your is gratitude. When you feel down or ways of thinking, better habits, and adownline, not taking the lead.” disappointed or angry, stop and be better attitude. This process will allow grateful for all you’ve been blessed with. your potential to develop day after day,“Have the integrity to keep talking to You cannot be disappointed and grateful without limits. The only one who can putpeople. Be willing to be a part of their at the same time.” a stop to it is you.”lives and serve them. Push yourselffurther.” “It’s not about your own effort. It’s about “There are people who die at age 20 and leveraging the strengths of many.” are finally buried at 80.”“Don’t quit on becoming the person youneed to become.” “Tomorrow is a different day for every “Your life has a purpose. That’s where one of us because we have 4Life.” your motivation will come from.” To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 41
  • 41. Success | ECONOMY CHANGERSMirian Escobar Fausto Hernández and Gladys Santos Gabriel ChavezInternational Diamond Presidential Diamonds Presidential DiamondCalifornia, USA Delaware, USA North Carolina, USAInternational Diamond Mirian Escobar Before Presidential Diamonds Fausto In 2005, Presidential Diamond Gabrielwas a fighter from the very beginning. Hernández and Gladys Santos were Chavez recognized that his daily routineOrphaned at a young age, she never introduced to 4Life, their future felt was not what he had envisioned for hishad the opportunity to succeed in bleak. Debt had overwhelmed the couple life. Intrigued by the thought of achievingGuatemala. In 1996, Mirian moved to and they were searching for relief from financial freedom, Gabriel decided thatthe United States and obtained two jobs, their financial stress. In 2008, they the 4Life opportunity could help himsometimes working 16-hour days. learned about the 4Life opportunity and change his life and the lives of others. decided to give it all they had.Mirian was hesitant to join 4Life® having Once things started rolling for Gabriel,had a bad experience with another direct Fausto and Gladys are firmly hope began to grow inside of him—hopeselling company, But through the urging committed to achieving success with that he could change his quality of life.of Gold International Diamonds Renaldo 4Life. They are grateful for the 4Life Gabriel is passionate about helping othersand Lymari Sánchez, Mirian recognized opportunity and take full advantage of succeed through the 4Life opportunity.the presented opportunity. it through daily persistence. Fausto and Gabriel said, “My team is a team of Gladys are also grateful to Presidential warriors—strong in character.” HisMirian’s greatest desire is to be able Diamonds Manuel and Maria Reina goal is to one day become a Platinumto purchase her own home to raise her for providing them with the chance to International Diamond and help others indaughter Deylin. When that day arrives, enhance their lives. his team achieve the same rank.Mirian says that she will “kissthe floor.” Fausto and Gladys’ long-term goal is to become Platinum InternationalBecause she didn’t grow up with a family, Diamonds. Fausto said, “Don’t give upMirian is grateful to be a part of the and don’t deprive yourself of the success4Life family. Mirian urges all distributors that you are capable of achieving.”to fulfill the mission of 4Life and helptransform the lives of others by Together,Building People®.42 | S U M M I T • w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 42. Service | AT T H E H E A RT O F I TThe Convention EffectA nother 4Life® convention has What makes convention memorable are Someone asked David and me if we come and gone, but the effects the shared feelings we experience when were tired after convention. After of convention continue to we are together, and those will touch thinking about it, we realized that whileinfluence us all. We were so impressed us forever. convention can be physically exhausting,with the enthusiasm shown by our we were not tired. Why is that? Nothingincredible 4Life distributors who came It’s been said that when people witness is more energizing than seeing people’sfrom 55 countries around the world to or go through a moving experience, a lives change for the better. We never getbe with us. We have been touched by the bond is formed between them, even if tired of hearing how the 4Life productsstories of distributors who made many they are strangers. A bond was definitely and opportunity bless lives all over thesacrifices to come to Salt Lake City. We forged between everyone who attended world. And, we never get tired of seeinghope that everyone in attendance felt convention. We laughed and cried with your brilliant smiles in person and feelingenriched by convention. We certainly did! Chris Gardner as he shared his amazing your kindness first-hand. triumph over adversity. We saw howThe powerful thing about convention 4Life’s Service mission is doing good Here at 4Life, we are already planningisn’t just an announcement about a all over the world by fighting childhood for the next international convention incutting-edge new product or great hunger and homelessness. We felt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—a city knowntraining from our top leaders. As united as we heard our leaders share for independence and brotherly love.wonderful as those things are, what personal stories of overcoming obstacles What better qualities to describe whatreally makes convention a life-changing to realize their dreams. And, we were our 4Life distributors represent and offerexperience can’t be understood from a all reminded that we truly have access to the world? I can’t wait to seesimple post-convention summary. to the most extraordinary products in you there! the marketplace. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e® • S U M M I T | 43
  • 43. PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE9850 South 300 WestSandy, UT 84070-3262 PAID SALT LAKE CITY 1–888–454–3374 PERMIT NO. 6614 4Life International Convention 2012 Philadelphia Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 18–21, 2012