Athento Management Agency


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Athento Management Agency

  1. 1. Looking for more efficient consulting and management firmsHave you noticed that ...... Receiving too much paper documentation and manual handling of it is complicated and inefficient. Sharing documents with others as government, customers or others is no longer a simple task for you. You increasingly require more physical space to store documents..Surely, your company is not counting on a defined process for documentmanagement, or with a powerful and flexible enough documentmanagement system to suit the specific needs of your business..Athento Management Agency can help because: It Avoids manual tasks of document management processes. It allows you to organize your documents for records related to customers, procedures, governments and others. It enables the creation of workflow associated documents, achieving greater control and standardization of processes and administrative tasks. Improves electronic document exchange with others in remote locations. The system’s flexibility allows for great adaptability of electronic document formats to the requirements of public authorities, customers or other users. It offers different levels of access to information contained in the manager, so that regulated information has the necessary protection required by law. It integrates with Digital Signature solutions, providing authenticity and security to document managemen. Information Choose who can see what available 24/7
  2. 2. Why Athento Management Agency and not any other document management system?Because Athento adds agility and speed to your document management processes, greatly reducing manual intervention byemployees of your company.Enter groups of traffic, foreign, and finance records scanned toAthento without uploading them separately. Athento is able todistinguish where one record ends and another begins. Avoidmanual tasks in the management of documents! Categorize and storeForget the tedious task of recording files by hand, Athento your documentsrecognizes types of documents -public documents, ID cards automaticallyor registration certificates, for example- and extracts therelevant data automatically stored in the corresponding file.Athento helps you generate Affidavits, mandates and otherdocuments, simply complete a form and the system will do therest.Athento also allows professional associations offer singlewindow services for professional associations to carry outadministrative procedures, in compliance with the Law.Is Athento Management Agency designed for companies like yours?Athento Management Agency is designed for consultancies, agencies and other business management companies which highvolume of documentation forces them to seek a tool to reduce document handling time and increase overall system efficiency.. Want More information? Go for it, ask us: We are happy to talk to you!