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Athento Suite Product Sheet
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  • 1. www.athento.comAthento SuiteIntelligent EnterpriseContent ManagementSolutionsProduct OverviewThe Athento family of products is a group of intelligentmanagement solutions for documents and businesscontent, developed to satisfy the specific needs withinthe field or to the industry-specific needs of the client.All Athento products incorporate the latest technologies,such as semantic technologies, and others within thefield of Artificial Intelligence, with the objective of facilitat-ing – and making easier – work with documents andcontent.Athento PlatformAll of Athento’s solutions have been developed underthis framework, which works, at the same time, as anEnterprise Service Bus, providing properties of interop-erability and making the connection easier among othersystems. Athento Platform permits the development ofnew functionalities with products in the suite or theconstruction of vertical document management andcontent solutions.Horizontal SolutionsAthento iDMAthento is the result of a new way of understandingdocument and content management in businesses. Itwas developed with one aim: to achieve that, via asoftware tool, document management could be broughtcloser to what people would do, but without the interven-tion of people. Athento helps business to automate tasksand gives teams of people better flexibility, thanks toaccessing content from mobile devices, integration withdigital signatures, online editing of documents and publi-cation on social networks. What’s more, Athento ismulti-repository, which allows it to be integrated withtraditional document managers such as SharePoint,Alfresco, OpenText or Nuxeo, to offer clients itsadvanced functionality.Athento CaptureAn intelligent capture solution for documents on paper orother content in electronic formats, such as e-mail orfaxes. Athento Capture allows users to automation oftasks such as recognizing and classifying documents,extraction of metadata and indexing content and thecapture of e-mails. Athento Capture boasts one of thehighest document recognition rates on the market (98%)and is a solution which offers independence with respectto document repositories.Vertical SolutionsAthento e-AdministrationA group of document management modules orientedtowards meeting specific needs in public administration.Includes modules for the National InteroperabilityFramework, management of procedure files, register ofdocument entry and exit.Athento e-HealthA group of document management solutions directed atthe Health sector. Includes the Paperless Pharmacy andInformed Electronic Consent modules.RESTCMIS EJB3 WS AtomAthento IDMe-Governmente-HealthCapturePlatformRESTCMISEJB3WSAtom