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Athento iDM

  1. 1. Why use an intelligent Document Management System (DMS)?Because it is able to: Interpret information from documents. Find related documents automatically. Run processes automatically based on the information documents.Why choose Athento?Because Athento is able to... Think over your documents. Understand your documents and extract key information. Classify documents automatically. Learn from the users, showing what’s important to them.But ... what does Athento do in detail? Automatic Classification and separation. One of the biggest advantages of Athento is the ability to sort and order documents. You can upload a document folder or import hundreds of documents, separate content in separate files and determine the difference between a document type to another (eg invoices vs. contracts) more efficiently, allowing workers to focus only on exceptions. Automatic Data Extraction. Athento is designed to extract keywords from documents to assist in the classification and to reduce time on tasks like data entry to other systems (eg scanned invoices). The extraction of key data from documents is a differentiating factor in the efficient management of information. Thus, Athento can send documents to the correct departments without human intervention. Automatic Tagging. Once Athento separates a document, extracts its key data and determines its type (invoice, delivery note, contract, payroll), we can use semantic services to label the document using tools such as Dbpedia or OpenCalais. Thus, we can label the document with words that are not part of it but are inferred by semantic technology.
  2. 2. And how does it “Think” over my documents?Athento can think about documents based on their content as a human would: extracting the most important concepts of documentsand thus allowing to know first if the document is an invoice, contract, writing, scientific paper, and so on. and then act based on theinformation found.Based on these decisions, Athento can perform intelligent actions, like starting a workflow to review a contract, send a scientific paperto review or relate documents based on their content.In summary, a unique process that combines the treatment of available information in documents so you do not have to think aboutorganizing, classifying and linking documents. Athento does it for you.Is Athento designed for you?Athento is designed for companies that want to improve theirdocument management using the most advanced and timesaving technologies.Athento has a very fast Return On Investment, very superior tothe traditional document managers, as it is able to save costs ofup to 90%.In addition, Athento is compatible with most commonly usedsystems, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum, Open-Text, FileNet, Alfresco and Nuxeo, so that you can installAthento and benefit from it regardless of your current documentmanagement system.. Do you have any questions? Go for it. Ask us at: