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Skills topic sentence of mb2 and wrapping up of mb2

Skills topic sentence of mb2 and wrapping up of mb2



Main Body Paragraph 2

Main Body Paragraph 2



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    Skills topic sentence of mb2 and wrapping up of mb2 Skills topic sentence of mb2 and wrapping up of mb2 Document Transcript

    • 1190/01 Section C: Continuous Writing WTitle of the Expository (Argumentative) Essay: Tuition is the key to examination success. Do youagree?MY MAIN BODY PARAGRAPH 2The SECOND MOST IMPORTANT point is found in my THIRD paragraph (my MAIN BODY PARAGRAPH 2)1 Tuition is a common thing to do for many students in Singapore for one reason or other. Whenever we think we need help in our studies, we attend tuition lessons. We expect our Introduction tutor to teach us things which we do not quite learn from our teachers at school. We receive personal attention. We rely on our tutors to help us pass or do well in our examinations. In extreme cases, we believe lock, stock and barrel what our tuition teachers tell us, more than what our school teachers tell us, to do really well in examinations. I do not believe that tuition is the key to our success in examinations. However, I think other students must have Comment [u1]: their own reasons why they attend tuition lessons. I am going to present my reasons on why The THESIS STATEMENT is further I do not agree that tuition is the key to examination success and why others may not hold the supported by TOPIC SENTENCE found in same view. every paragraph in the BODY of the essay. So we expect at least THREE topic2 I think as a full-time student, knowing what I must do as a learner in school is what keeps me going, Main Body sentences if we have three good points to doing my studying the best I can. We are already spending a lot of time in school. I take six subjects and Paragraph 1 make which are going to be explained and sit major examinations so that I can move on to the next level of studies. My awareness of what I am elaborated in the THREE main body doing at school keeps me focused on what I am doing. When the teacher speaks, I pay attention closely. paragraphs. When I have a question, I ask for help without hesitation. I know I need to read up on my Science and practise my Mathematics regularly without being told repeatedly what to do by my teachers at school. That is my responsibility as a full-time learner.3 I also believe that my self-discipline holds the key Main Body to my success in examinations. Some people may Paragraph Comment [u2]: The next topic sentence also supports the THESIS STATEMENT. say that school is not all about examinations but 2 This is the paragraph that uses this TOPIC SENTENCE to talk to the reader about the examinations are the closest thing for me to be next most important point. reassured that I am doing fine in my studies. Self- discipline makes me pay attention to my studies. I Comment [u3]: ELABORATION of what I mean by my TOPIC SENTENCE. read up the chapter before my teacher teaches it in class and revise the chapter he has taught in class the previous week. I also juggle my studies with my co-curricular activity so that I can do equally well in both. This is self-discipline which is realistic and Comment [u4]: Elaboration supported by EXAMPLES. Not too many but just practical. enough to ENHANCE your readers understanding. Comment [u5]: Wrapping up for Main4 Tuition is not the key to examination success at all because if a student does not know how to use his Main Body Body Paragraph 2 TOPIC SENTENCE. time well, nothing beyond school is going to help him. Effective time management allows me to pay Paragraph 3 good attention to all my school subjects. I learn how to pay more attention to my weaker subjects without compromising my time to be spent on my other subjects. I do not procrastinate, and work hard to make sure that time is well utilised. In this way, I manage the way I use my time effectively.5 However Paragraph6 Once again, I must reiterate here that I do not believe that tuition is the key to examination Conclusion success. Every student wants to be successful in their studies. I want the same too. Some of us need tuition for reasons which I have already made clear above while others like me, think we can make it on our own. If a student finds tuition lessons useful, then it is good for him. If he does not need it, than he does not need to have anything to do with it.Written for 3NA students at HSCS.2012 by Yeo Yam Hwee Term 2 Week 3-4.2012 Page 1