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Emily of emerald hill another 60 questions on tf
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Emily of emerald hill another 60 questions on tf


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Act One of EOEH

Act One of EOEH

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Emily of Emerald HillLiterature in English Secondary Two NA.SHSSName: ___________________ No: ____ Date: 3 March 2011 Class: 2CMAIN INSTRUCTIONS: Answer ALL questions. Circle T for a statementwhich you think is TRUE and F for a statement which you think is FALSE.Do not consult your classmates.You may use your textbook to guide you to the correct answers.Hand in your script five minutes before the period ends to your teacher.1 Richard completes his university education at Salisbury before he commits T F suicide.2 Richard’s death is widely publicized in the local papers in Singapore. T F3 Emily is sorry for the death of her son at the end of Act One of the play. T F4 Emily’s specialty dish is babi buah keluak whenever she cooks for the family T F or the family’s guest.5 Emily enjoys playing host to her guests. T F6 Emily tells us that her father, Gan Boon Swee, “was a fine, jovial man”. T F7 Emily is an orphan, both her parents pass away when she is ten years old. T F8 In the dining room of Emerald Hill Mansion, Emily hangs a big glass T F chandelier.9 The year of Emily and Kheong’s marriage is 1939. T F10 Emily has altogether six children with Kheong. T F11 According to Emily, her husband, Gan Eng Swee, entertains “a lot” at T F Emerald Hill Mansion every Sunday.12 Emily likes her father but not her mother. T F13 Emily gives her new servant, Ah Sim, 60 dollars per month. T F14 Gan Eng Swee wants Emily to be Kheong’s bride chiefly because she is a T F girl of humble background.15 The fact that she is only 14 years old when she becomes a bride gives T F Emily a lot of difficulties and challenges in the Gan household. 1
  • 2. 16 Gan Joo Kheong is 14 while Emily is 28 when they get married. T F17 Mr. Green’s riding school is located in Salisbury, England. T F18 Whatever Emily does, she does it for Richard. T F19 Emily suffers from a panic attack after receiving Richard’s letter. T F20 The play starts in the year 1951. T F21 According to Emily, she has been making quilts for all the members of the T F Gan family for many years.22 Richard is keen to become a lawyer in future. T F23 Richard’s death is the worst shock in Kheong’s life. T F24 Kheong falls in love with Emily and eventually they get married. T F25 Emily’s wedding celebrations last for three days. T F26 Richard is buried in England, Salisbury. T F27 Richard woks at a syce unwillingly. T F28 Richard is twenty-six years old when Emily visits him in Salisbury. T F29 At Emerald Hill Mansion, all daughters-in-law must serve at the table T F whenever they invite guests to their house.30 Emily sends Richard to England so that he can study Science at the T F University.31 Emily denies Richard his “permanent way of living” out of love for her son. T F32 Richard and Mr. Green do not have anything at all in writing when Richard T F starts to work for him at the riding school.33 Kheong is politically very ambitious and that is the reason why he joins local T F politics.34 Gan Eng Swee expects Emily to be a humble and obedient daughter-in-law. T F35 Susie is never a serious rival to Emily’s motivation to become the mother-in- T F law’s favourite.36 Emily keeps herself busy to win over the people living in Emerald Hill T F Mansion.37 Richard is hoping to become Mr. Green’s business partner when he works T F at Salisbury Riding School long enough.38 Chong Soo Boey is a samseng and so does not deserve to attend Richard’s T F birthday dinner. 2
  • 3. 39 Emily seems to be very good at using emotional blackmailing on Richard. T F40 The Gan family silverware consists of an engraving with a capital E for T F Emerald Hill, and a jeweled mountain, the Emerald Mountain.41 Susie is as ambitious as Emily when she fights for the mother-in-law’s T F attention and affection.42 Emily says she has not seen Richard’s body at all. T F43 Doris is Susie’s youngest daughter. T F44 Richard is twenty years old when he leaves Singapore for London. T F45 Emily is so strong. She does not cry at Richard’s funeral. T F46 Bee Choo’s mother used to be Emily’s nanny. T F47 Richard and Freddie both like working with horses. T F48 Emily takes a boat to travel to England to visit Richard. T F49 Emily hates the smell of water lily flower because it reminds her of Richard’s T F funeral.50 Richard kills himself in Emerald Hill Mansion. T F51 Emily’s mother-in-law cooks by herself whenever she invites guests to T F Emerald Hill Mansion.52 Gan Joo Chong is Kheong’s younger brother. T F53 Gan Joo Kheong’s late wife was a tin-miner’s daughter. T F54 The story of Emily is told from Emily’s point of view. T F55 Richard is trying to assert his right to be independent in his letter to his T F mother.56 Richard dies after he commits suicide in Indonesia. T F57 Emily renovates Emerald Hill Mansion all by herself after the defeat of the T F Japanese.58 Emily does not expect Richard to take his life by committing suicide. T F59 Richard bows down to Emily’s pressure for him to return to the University to T F finish off his studies.60 Susie is Emily’s best friend in Emerald Hill Mansion because Emily will T F always tries to buy things for her or her son, Freddie when she goes shopping. 3
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