Elements of contrast merchant of venice [compatibility mode]


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Elements of contrast merchant of venice [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Elements of Contrastwhere the similarities end, you find the differences within Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee For CLASSROOM instructional purposes at HSCS MERCHANTOF VENICE Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 1 Two Express
  2. 2. The Christians versus the JewsThe Christians run the The Jews live in acity of Venice with separate part of thetheir laws and they city. They are beingcontrol the Jewish controlled in terms ofminority. They movements and theconduct their lives means and ways toand businesses in eke out a living. Theyaccordance with cannot own propertyChristian laws. or do business at all. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 2 Two Express
  3. 3. The Respected versus the Despised Antonio and his Shylock and hisfellow Christian moneylendingfriends, business Jews in Venicepartners and are members ofrelatives are well- the despisedrespected in theVenetian community.community. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 3 Two Express
  4. 4. The melancholy and the merryAntonio is caught up with Bassanio is youthfulhis own inexplicable and carefree. He issense of melancholy. Theold bachelor may be adventurous and fullsuffering from a sense of of dreams. He is inemptiness in his life. He love with Portia andseems to have everything seeks Antonio forin life and perhaps there financial assistanceseems to be nothing else in order to courtleft very much for him todo at the moment. Portia to win her as his wife. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 4 Two Express
  5. 5. The investor versus the spendthriftAntonio Bassanio He “has spent all his He carefully builds a rich inheritance and was successful trade and drowning in a sea of invests all his money debts” and to Antonio, on his cargo ships. He he confesses that “he owes him the most in is in a position to lend money and in love”. any needy friend or Bassanio has been very business associate careless with the way he uses his money. money without charging interest. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 5 Two Express
  6. 6. People who do not have People who work hard to work hard at all in theto get to where they are storyAntonio BassanioShylock PortiaNerissa Jessica Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 6 Two Express
  7. 7. The daughter who The daughter who obeys her father betrays her father Portia obeys her late Jessica runs away from father’s will and subject the “dark house” and herself to be chosen as a leaves the life that she wife by the man who finds has been sharing with her portrait in any one of Shylock for many years the three caskets provided to be with Lorenzo, her by her father. She is Christian lover by prepared to sacrifice her becoming a Christian. In dreams for the sake of doing so, she takes away obeying the will of her late her father’s money father. She thus becomes a without realising that slave to the House of her father’s biggest loss Smiles in Belmont. is she herself. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 7 Two Express
  8. 8. Shylock’s House Portia’s HouseIt is a “dark house” toJessica – falling in It is alove is seen to be abetter prison for her. “house ofJessica has been“trapped” by Shylock smiles” infor many years. Belmont. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 8 Two Express
  9. 9. The merciful versus the mercilessAntonio Shylockand theDuke Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 9 Two Express
  10. 10. The victors versus the vanquishedAntonio Shylock andBassanio the JewishPortia community losesNerissa him as he has to convert toThe Christian Christianity to savecommunity in his fortune and hisVenice life. Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee for Secondary 10 Two Express