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Cb  revision questions on the conch bearer
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Cb revision questions on the conch bearer


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  • 1. THE CONCH BEARER – What you need to do for EOY 2012FOR SECONDARY TWO NORMAL ACADEMIC AND EXPRESS STUDENTS.2012Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 1 – A Strange Old Man1. Why is Anand, his sister – Meera and his mother living in poverty?2. What kind of a boy is Anand?3. Anand “believes that magic can happen and does happen”. What do you think Anand is trying to say here?(pp.4)4. Why does “sharing brings about warmth to the giver”? (pp.12)5. Why is Abhaydatta’s (the old man with straggly beard and matted grey hair) sudden appearance at Haru’stea stall so important to us?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 2 – The Night Visitor1. Why do human beings generally fear the dark?2. What motivates Anand to want to acquire magical power? (pp.13) you should start gathering moreevidence on this.3. Who does “we” refer to when Abhaydatta tells Anand that the reason why he comes to Anand is because“you called for me – for us – and we came” (pp. 19)?4.There are more than one reason why Abhaydatta, the strange old man, appears at Anand’s doorstep. Canyou write out the reasons?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 3 – The Silver Valley 1. Why is this chapter important to the development of the novel? 2. What according to Abhaydatta, does the Silver Valley look like? 3. Why was Anand chosen to go on this mission? 4. Who are the healers? Why is the Brotherhood of healers so relevant and indispensable to humankind? 5. What does the conch come from? Why does it have heavenly / godly origns? 6. Why is it easier for some people to believe and more difficult by others when it comes to magicalmoments? 7. Who is Surabhanu? What impressions do you have of him based on Abhaydatta’s description ofSurabhanu and his misdeeds? Revision Question on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 4 – What Anand Saw1.The strange old man tells Anand that “his kindness itself is a valuable gift”. What do you understand by thiscomment? (pp.31)2. Do you think “kindness is a valuable gift”?3. Anand does not seem to think that “kindness is a valuable gift”. Why do you think he thinks in this way?Does this comment have any bearing on Anand’s character? (pp.31)Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 5 – The Message1. What do you think makes Anand’s mother change her mind about letting Anand go with a strange old man?2. What do you think of Anand’s mother’s reaction to her son’s departure?3. Why does Anand think that his leaving may be the last time he sees his mother and the rest of his family?4. What is the motivation for Anand to leave to join the old man? See: this question keeps on appearing.5. What is the difference in family background between Anand and Nisha?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 6 – Things Aren’t What They Seem1.What is your impressions of the sweeper girl?Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee Page 1
  • 2. THE CONCH BEARER – What you need to do for EOY 2012FOR SECONDARY TWO NORMAL ACADEMIC AND EXPRESS STUDENTS.20122. What do you like about her and what do you dislike about her?3. In what ways has Anand been transported to “a world where he can no longer depend on his eyes to tellhim the truth”? (pp.69)Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 7 – The Meeting Point1.How different are Anand and the sweeper girl in terms of character from the way they treat the old beggarwoman at the Sialdah Train Station? (pp.73 -75) A “soft home-bred” boy versus a “street child” who has tolive under a soft-drink stall.2. When do you think Surabhanu first enslaves Nisha? How does Nisha know the name of “Abhaydatta”?3. Why does Abhaydatta agree to take the sweeper girl along with him on the journey, despite having doubtsabout the little street child?4. Why does Abhaydatta want us to know about the character of the sweeper girl by naming her “Nisha”?5. The sweeper girl gets a new name – Nisha – from Abhaydatta. What does getting a name mean to her?What does your name mean to you?6. What do you think of Anand’s character as the journey of his life time unfolds?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 8 – A Change of Plan 1. Why does Abhaydatta have to be so careful about their travel arrangements? 2. What is the “invisible tentacle” (pp. 92) of Surabhanu capable of doing to Nisha and Anand? 3. How does Abhaydatta teach his young travelling companions to be brave? What does he say to them? (Read pp. 92 carefully.) 4. What makes it difficult for the three travellers to look for an inn in a small town like Koila Ganj? (Read pp. 92 carefully.) 5. Why is Yatri House finally chosen by Abhaydatta for them to stay the night at Koila Ganj? How does Abhaydatta decide on Yatri House? 6. What do you think is the most important reminder that Abhaydatta delivers to Anand and Nisha? (Read pp. 96) 7. What makes you think that Abhaydatta seems quite sure that Surabhanu will be stopping them aggressively to reach the snow country? (Read pp. 97) 8. What does Abhaydatta tell the two young travellers about the obstacles awaiting them before they can gain entry to the Silver Valley? 9. Where do the two obstacles come from? How do they come into being? 10. Why does Abhaydatta want Anand to be the bearer of the conch? (Read pp. 99) 11. According to Abhyadatta, why does Surabhanu “lose his understanding of what it is to trust”? (Read pp. 99) 12. How do we know that Abhaydatta does not trust Nisha at all, even after their arrival so far at Koila Ganj? 13. What is Anand’s nightmare all about between pp. 101 and 104? Why do you think Anand is being tempted? 14. What does Anand try to smother Abhaydatta with a pillow? Who or what has influenced him to do such a thing? 15. What is the important lesson which Anand learns from his attempt to smother Abhaydatta? (Read pp. 105 carefully)Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 9 – The One-Eyed Deer 1. How does Anand think of the easy intimacy that Nisha has struck up with Abhaydatta in their “pretend” relationship as granddaughter and grandfather? 2. Why do you think it is so easy for Nisha to “take to the story that Abhaydatta has create” that they should pretend to be his grandchildren and he, their grandfather?Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee Page 2
  • 3. THE CONCH BEARER – What you need to do for EOY 2012FOR SECONDARY TWO NORMAL ACADEMIC AND EXPRESS STUDENTS.2012 3. Do you think Anand can easily forgive himself for being such an easy pawn (a weapon) for Surabhanu to be used against Abhaydatta? (Read pp. 108 carefully.) 4. Why do we know that the story of the ONE-EYED DEER retold by Abhaydatta is solely meant for Anand? (Read pp. 109 carefully.) 5. Why is it important for Abhaydatta to “test” how his young travellers would respond if he is not with them during any part of the journey? (Read pp. 113 carefully.) 6. What is the important reminder that Abhaydatta gives Anand with regard to the use of intelligence and magic? (pp. 114) 7. What has stopped Anand just in time from causing harm to Abhaydatta in his dream the previous night? (pp.115)Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 10 – The Voice In The Night 1. Why is there a need to have a campfire with magical powers in the cave Anand, Nisha and Abhaydatta are staying for the night? 2. Why is Anand continually suffering from jealousy which is caused by Nisha’s easy intimacy with Abhaydatta? 3. Nisha is not aware that Abhaydatta and Anand are hiding a secret from her. What might that secret be? (Read pp. 118 carefully.) 4. Why does Abhaydatta want the secret of the conch to remain a secret to Nisha? [To answer this question, we will have to go back all the way to Chapters 6 and 7. Nisha has already come under the influence of Surabhanu the first time they meet. That makes Abhaydatta suspicious of Nisha right from the start. Even her name “NISHA” can mean both “beauty” and “danger”. 5. Nisha always asks Anand sharp questions when Abhaydatta is not around – why do you think this is so? 6. What actually prevents Anand from saying more than is necessary to Nisha, despite her aggressive questioning? (Read pp. 118 carefully.) 7. Why does Surabhad succeed in tempting Anand to remove the protective spell casted on the cave? How does he do it?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 11 – The First Obstacle 1. What is so significant about this chapter? 2. Why does Anand feel guilty that he “has betrayed” Abhaydatta and his trust? 3. When Nisha refuses to move on in their journey without Abhaydatta, is she genuinely missing Abhaydatta or is she trying to be difficult? 4. What is Abhaydatta’s explicit command to Anand? (Read pp. 130 carefully.) 5. The conch speaks to Anand by itself for the first time. What is its message for Anand? (Read pp. 131 carefully.) 6. What does the voice of the conch say to Anand? (Read pp.131 carefully.) 7. Why do you think Nisha only sees in the conch, “that broken, muddy piece of shell”? (Read pp. 132 carefully.) 8. Is Abhaydatta’s rag bag really that useless? (Read pp. 133 carefully.) 9. Why is the first obstacle, the fast flowing river, hard to cross?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 12 – More Night Visitors 1. Who joins the company of the two young travellers in their moment of exasperation? 2. Who are the night visitors and what do they want from Anand and Nisha? 3. Why is the main reason why the night visitors fail miserably in their mission?Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee Page 3
  • 4. THE CONCH BEARER – What you need to do for EOY 2012FOR SECONDARY TWO NORMAL ACADEMIC AND EXPRESS STUDENTS.2012Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 13 – The Second Obstacle 1. How do we know that Anand cannot make up his mind about the animal named “Rajah” by Nisha? 2. What is the difference in character between Nisha and Anand based on the incident of Rajah’s appearance on the scene? 3. What prompts Nisha to think that Rajah, her “squirrel” may be “Dadaji” – Abhaydatta in animal form? 4. What is the significance of Nisha thinking that Rajah may be indeed “Dadaji”? 5. What is the second obstacle? 6. What evidence is there which suggests that by the time they have arrived at the “snowy wilderness” and come face to face with the second obstacle, Anand has become a more thoughtful and careful teenager? (Read pp. 160 – 161 carefully.) 7. What makes Anand a responsible teenager as well? (Read pp. 161 carefully.) 8. What evidence is there that Anand demonstrates his intelligence in problem solving?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 14 – The Scarlet Snake 1. What does Surabhanu do in order to impede (slow down or block) Anand’s progress to reach the foot of the three pronged peak? 2. What happens to Nisha at this critical moment whereby Anand is torn between proceeding forward and staying behind to take care of her? 3. Is Surabhanu ever the “rightful” owner of the conch? (Read also Chapter 19 carefully.) 4. When do you think Surabhanu first takes over Nisha’s mind? 5. In what animal form does Surabhanu finally appear before Anand and Nisha? (Read pp. 170.) 6. Anand says to Surabhanu, “Nisha didn’t choose to serve you. You forced her.” What does this tell you about Anand’s ability to reason? How does this show that he has become more mature than he is before? (Read pp. 171 carefully.) 7. Explain how the spell which Surabhanu casted upon Nisha is broken. (Read pp. 174 carefully.) 8. What is the significance of Nisha regaining her own consciousness against Surabhanu’s influence? 9. What is the significance of the reminder from the conch to Anand: “Surabhanu cannot take me from you unless you give me to him”? (Read pp.176 carefully.) 10. How is Surabhanu destroyed?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 15 – The Final Test 1. Why is the most important regarding the conch which Anand finally learns? (Read pp. 179 carefully.) 2. What can we say about Nisha’s character when she apologises to Anand for what she has done to him when she is under Surabhanu’s evil influence? (Read pp. 181 carefully.) 3. What has happened to Rajah, the mongoose at this point of time? 4. What makes Anand feel that he has the obligation (the moral duty) to save Rajah? (Read pp. 182 carefully.) 5. What kind of initial reception does Anand receive from “the voice from somewhere in the mountain peak”? (Read pp. 184 carefully.) 6. How does Anand’s subsequent responses to the voice tell you that he has become a more mature teenager than before? (Read pp. 184 – 185 carefully.) 7. What makes you feel that Anand has finally claimed ownership over his and his travelling companions’ fates and lives? (Read pp. 184 – 185 carefully.) 8. What is “the final test” which Anand has to take?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 16 – The Greatest Virtue 1. Anand is made to choose one virtue – honesty, loyalty and compassion. What is his choice? 2. What is the greatest virtue which Anand possesses?Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee Page 4
  • 5. THE CONCH BEARER – What you need to do for EOY 2012FOR SECONDARY TWO NORMAL ACADEMIC AND EXPRESS STUDENTS.2012 3. How do we know that Anand practises what he truly believes in?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 17 – In the Arbour of Water 1. Why is this chapter important to us? 2. What does Anand see and experience in the Silver Valley? 3. How is Abhaydatta revived?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 18 – Anand’s Choice 1. What is the decision which confronts Anand? 2. Is it an easy or difficult decision to make? 3. Why does Anand feel quilty?Revision Questions on “The Conch Bearer”Chapter 19 – Home 1. Where is “home” finally for Anand? 2. How do you know that Anand takes ownership of his own decision making? 3. How would you respond to his decision? Literature (Closed Group)Prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee Page 5