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Cb characterisation-anand-chapter 12 - 14
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Cb characterisation-anand-chapter 12 - 14



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Cb characterisation-anand-chapter 12 - 14 Cb characterisation-anand-chapter 12 - 14 Document Transcript

  • THE CONCH BEARER – Anand (T4W1)How Anand grows and develops FROM a child of twelve to a teenager withcharacter.Chapter 12 How would we describe Anand’s How do we know?More NightVisitors character? WHERE ARE THE PIECES WHAT DO WE WRITE ABOUT HIM? OF EVIDENCE?Chapter 13The SecondObstacleChapter 14The ScarletSnake Anand takes charge and is more cautious about the Who would believe that mongoose than Nisha is. Emotionally, he is more composed than he is before. Unlike Nisha who the “soft house-bred “trusts” the mongoose, Anand is more careful. He is boy” of twelve is one beginning to learn that he needs to size his situation up before making any important decision. He has day going to be able to also developed a better and firmer understanding survive dealing with that he has to use his intelligence to resolve obstacles in a snowy problems and may only ask the conch for help as a last resort. Although Nisha is still difficult, Anand country, deal with a has learned to work effectively with her. Anand also difficult and challenging holds himself well when he has to deal squarely with Nisha’s turncoat behaviour (she shows her true travelling companion, colours)and the ultimate showing up of Surabhanu in manage his own failings the form of a Scarlet Snake. Anand is no longer that and weaknesses in his frightened of him. He just does not yet know the power the conch holds that he can use to deal with a stride and deal a final bluffer and liar like Surabhanu. An honest and and fatal blow to the humble Anand gets to learn how to communicate with the conch and is given the opportunity to use it arch enemy of the to destroy Surabhanu, even though Surabhanu Brotherhood – claims mistakenly that he knows everything about it. Surabhanu? Anand Anand has developed a relationship with the conch while Surabhanu merely treats it as an object to be does all that. studied.