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Why PhoneGap, a different perception ?
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Why PhoneGap, a different perception ?


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Trying to explore why we need a new platform for mobile computing, and few features of PhoneGap. Each OS has different IDE needs, what is common for them ? and what tools are available in the market ?

Trying to explore why we need a new platform for mobile computing, and few features of PhoneGap. Each OS has different IDE needs, what is common for them ? and what tools are available in the market ?

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. PhoneGap Sham yemul, b.e.(prod.) dac IntellisoftComputer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Quality Consistency Reliability Walchand Institute of Technology, 02 August 2013 Solapur All logos, trademarks are the property of the respective trademark, logo owners. ..understanding the GAP ..
    • 2. PhoneGap Disclaimer : Presenter makes no claim on accuracy of content, all the information is gathered thr' internet, see references @ end for details. All logos, images, and other Intellectual Material(s) are copyright of respective owners. No promos, commercials, for info only.
    • 3. PhoneGapunderstanding the GAP in mobile business, a percept “history is read of what has value in present” The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mahatma Gandhi - sham yemul Popular Indian History Books (showing 1-50 of 656) - *1
    • 4. PhoneGap By the end of fiscal year 2010, a total of *73.5 million iPhones were sold.
    • 5. PhoneGap Top US Smart phone Operating System by Market Share Q3 2012 *3
    • 6. PhoneGap 6 years ago, iPhone did not exist – #June 2013 *4 4 years ago, RIM 42% Apple 24% , Windows Mobile 19% , Palm 8.3%, Android 2.5% #June 13 *4
    • 7. PhoneGap “I can analyze a platform, not predict!” Tip : our services are limited to known science of mankind. Jan’12, Google 48.6% , Apple 29.5%, RIM 15.2 % , Win Mobile 4.4% & Palm no longer exists*4
    • 8. PhoneGap Android, iOS , Windows Phone, curious , want to earn money !!! “Lead the way or follow” - sham yemul
    • 9. PhoneGap snapdragon, blackberry , QNX , ARM, ….
    • 10. PhoneGap let us elaborate the story Platform Main Language Dev Computer Android Java Win, Mac, Linux BlackBerry J2ME Win iOS Object-C Mac OS Windows Phone C sharp Win
    • 11. PhoneGap Master of None, Jack of ALL, no option… Hardware, Language, learning curve, development cycles, TO BE or NOT to be ! testing cycles, pack & deploy… developer..
    • 12. PhoneGap its safer to target more mobile platforms than single
    • 13. PhoneGap Every supported operating platform has its own JVM. “Write once, run anywhere” “do anyone recall ? what James , Anders promised of targeting multiple platforms ?”
    • 14. PhoneGap a birth is celebrated in most cultures, but not all ! we are scoping , an old problem with magnifying glasses.
    • 15. PhoneGap MOBILE computing, new platform, need a new tool for development ???Cross Platform !
    • 16. PhoneGap Web Application What is common for all these platforms is WEB application!
    • 17. PhoneGap son Abhishek , who plays Old wine in new glass father to real life dad Amitabh in movie 'Paa‘ *5 “New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too)” -Steve Jobs, April’10 *6
    • 18. PhoneGap Web with Apps with containers for Mobile OS ! Multiple phone web based application framework I went thr’ a list, it has over different frameworks we can use ! - *7
    • 19. PhoneGap Apache Cordova Appspresso AppFurnace Application Craft iUI NS Basic/App Studio WorkLight QuickConnectFamily Rhodes Choose ONE Quick Connect Family
    • 20. PhoneGap Appcelerator Titanium MobileReflex , iPFaces , MoSync , Canappi, Jmango, mobl , Sencha Touch , Jembe , denameone , Kivy, AMPchroma , Enyo
    • 21. PhoneGap Open Source License, Free?, Framework target, Development languages, Platforms, iOS support, Android support, Windows Phone support, BlackBerry support, Symbian support,..46 point total... *7 Choose ONE
    • 22. PhoneGap Quick Connect Factory Apache Cordova Appspresso Rhodes Enyo Quick Connect Family Disclaimer : Comparison here is for personal usage only no commercial , technical claim. No responsibility of accuracy. my personal analysis , based on info on wiki *7, these can be best amongst tools for “Multiple phone web based application framework”
    • 23. PhoneGap Uses HTML, CSS and Javascript PhoneGap intro-scope Cross platform Mobile App development framework
    • 24. PhoneGap Supports – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, WebOS, Bada and Palm Has APIs for sensors and data Accelerometer, CameraContacts
    • 25. PhoneGap Compass File Geolocation Media, Network Notifications, Storage
    • 26. PhoneGap Windows (or) Mac computer Android SDK AVD Eclipse and ADT plugin Mac 10.6 OS computer Xcode Windows Computer Apache Ant Sun JDK BB WebWorks SDK Needs respective SDKs to compile native of mobile platform
    • 27. PhoneGap Exfm is a social music discovery platform powered by thousands of music sites across the web. PhoneGap Apps
    • 28. PhoneGap Harmonious is a “smart” sketchpad that uses the lines you've already drawn to influence new lines. PhoneGap Apps
    • 29. PhoneGap References *1 *2 million-since-launch/ * 3 q3-2012/ *4 *5 reversal-in-Paa/Article1-475579.aspx *6 *7,_run_anywhere
    • 30. PhoneGap References Special thanks for the information & allowing thr' creating commons license “The Telco Innovation Toolbox: Economic models for managing disruption and reinventing the Telco" -
    • 31. PhoneGap discussion
    • 32. PhoneGap thank you Quality Consistency Reliability For Internship program “Experience Development” visit