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  1. 1. Chemistry
  2. 2. Summary What is summary? -a shorter version of the original Why do we need summary? -to highlight the key ideas, the main points worth remembering What is the first step? -find key words What are key words? -meaningful repeated words often replaced by synonyms Where do key words usually appear? -in opening and closing sentences, headings, titles
  3. 3. Paragraphs titles What is particular about chemistry as a science? How did chemistry begin? How did the modern chemistry originate? What was the second discovery in chemistry? What was the third development in chemistry?
  4. 4. Paragraph 1 What is particular about chemistry as a science? Chemistry is the science which connects all other sciences and explains how everything is constructed and works.
  5. 5. Paragraph 2 How did chemistry begin? Chemistry began with discovery of many chemical processes that are in use today.
  6. 6. Paragraph 3 How did the modern chemistry originate? With the understanding of what happens to substances when they are changed, which brought scientists to the idea of mass conservation.
  7. 7. Paragraph 4 What was the second discovery in chemistry? The second discovery was related to the nature of matter and its make up.
  8. 8. Paragraph 5 What was the third development in chemistry? The third development was about the classification of elements made by Mendeleev.
  9. 9. Careers in chemistry How do chemists help to treat and cure diseases? Through the development of new medicines for diseases and search for better treatments for some incurable diseases.
  10. 10. Careers in chemistry How can chemists support doctors working in hospitals? Through analysis of samples from patients and study of patients response to treatment.
  11. 11. Careers in chemistry What do chemists do to make sure we have good quality food? Through conducting tests on food products and a thorough control of their quality as well as the development of new methods of meeting standards.
  12. 12. Careers in chemistry What part do chemists play in the production of plastics? Chemists play a major role in the production of plastics because it is due to chemical processes designed by chemists that oil is turned into plastics.
  13. 13. Careers in chemistry How are chemists working to reduce pollution? Pollution is reduced through the development and implementation of purification methods
  14. 14. Notetaking techniques spacing between points abbreviations underlining/capital letters Indenting (paragraphing) ordered points different colours keywords only
  15. 15. Grammar in context Complex subject Chemistry is often said to be the central science. Modal verbs Ancient man must have wondered what happened to the wood he burnt Past Simple vs Past Perfect Although Lavoisier was the first to publish his ideas, Lomonosov had reached the same conclusions some years earlier Constructions with infinitive Even while chemists were divided on atomism, it became necessary for someone to make senses of the growing list of elements Emphatic constructions It was by burning things that ancient man discovered iron and glass Inversion So accurate was his classification of the elements, that he was able to predict the properties of undiscovered ones.