Settling For Good Enough


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My subconscious knows that even if I don’t eat that great for a month or so, my body is resilient enough to withstand the “storm”.

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Settling For Good Enough

  1. 1. Settling for Good Enough The other week, my girlfriend wrote a great post on the topic of being satisfied with being “healthy enough”. You can read it here. It’s a really great piece. I’d like to follow up where she left off and continue the discussion mainly because my diet of late has not been the greatest. I guess my excuse is that it’s the holiday season and we’re surrounded by chocolates and other temptations. Normally, my “moderation” mentality would kick and say “Ok, you’ve had a few chocolates, now it’s time for some greens.” But it hasn’t recently. I think part of the problem is that I’m settling for being healthy enough. I don’t have any health issues. I still workout 6 days a week. And other than a slight drop in my energy levels, I feel “ok”. But the reality is that that’s a real travesty! And it’s not just me. There are millions of people who are going through the same thing. I’ve seen with my own eyes with thousands of personal clients that I’ve worked with. But what really tears me up is that I KNOW how to eat well – yet I’m walking the talk right now. That’s an internal battle I deal with every day and it’s not a lot of fun. I guess part of the problem is that I have very high standards for myself and if I’m not being congruent with those standards then I might as well as throw in towel – at least temporarily. My subconscious knows that even if I don’t eat that great for a month or so, my body is resilient enough to withstand the “storm”. That kind of belief can lead to serious problems. Settling for good enough, or healthy enough, if JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I shouldn’t accept it and neither should you. It’s really a dangerous place to be. Neither too healthy nor too unhealthy. Just smack in the middle. Riding the wave of mediocrity. But that’s not what I’m all about. That’s not what Eating for Energy is all about. That’s not anyone is about.
  2. 2. It’s only by allowing ourselves to settle into poor habits that we begin to feel defeated and think “oh, what’s the point? I’m just going to fall back into my old habits anyway.” We don’t chances because we fear failure. We don’t want to start eating healthy because if we were to slip back that would be terrible. But I’m here to tell you (and myself) that eating well is not taking a risk. Sure there’s the temporary pain of removing your favourite addictive foods like coffee, chocolate, and many others, but the rewards are just too good to ignore. So don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t settle for “healthy” enough. If you don’t feel fantastic, then that’s not good enough! ..