Ftc Ruling And New Eating For Energy Reviews


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There were many parts in your book that I enjoyed, but probably the most interesting for me was learning how our diet causes stress on our body.

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Ftc Ruling And New Eating For Energy Reviews

  1. 1. FTC Ruling and New Eating for Energy Reviews I’ll get to the Eating for Energy reviews in a second but first… On December 1, 2009 the FTC started a crack down mission on any online business making erroneous claims and doing fishy business. You’ve probably seen hundreds of these sites promoting the acai berry diet or how Jenny lost weight, right? As a result of those kinds of spammy, illegitimate sites, businesses like mine have taken a low blow with regards to what we (or our clients) can say about what we offer. Specifically, testimonials and reviews must now be come with a disclaimer as to the generally expected performance of a product. With regards to Eating for Energy, how on earth am I supposed to know that? I know that in general, you’re going to improve your health, have more energy, and most likely lose weight if you follow the recommendations I make in the book. But if the FTC is looking for more that that, I’m not sure what to say. I receive so many incredible testimonials each week and to not display them to the world would only be a disservice to millions of potential people who could relate to these true stories. None of the reviews I post are fabricated or untrue. I post them verbatim from what these great clients of ours send me in their emails. Here are 4 new reviews of Eating for Energy to show you what I mean “There were many parts in your book that I enjoyed, but probably the most interesting for me was learning how our diet causes stress on our body. When we think of stress we think of traffic jams, work, family arguments, etc – we tend to forget that what we put into our body can cause us even more stress - a dangerous combination if we’re already feeling stressed. Thanks for writing it – it’s a great read!
  2. 2. Audra Starkey Brisbane, Australia . “In January 07, I was very sick….in and out or hospitals for months with Doctors doing test after test and finding nothing wrong. Eventually, the cancer specialist told me to start watching my body for signs of changes…lumps etc. She said that I had a fast growing cancer. I was sent home on a prescription of prednisone. The problem started again the following year. Since I have read your “Eating for Energy” book, I feel fantastic. I have plenty of energy and no longer have aches and pains. I don’t feel like I am 100 years old anymore (I am 57yrs). My ph level is close to 7 whereas before I was very acidic due to chronic inflammation of the colon. I have never heard of an acid/alkaline level which should be maintained for optimum health. I have also lost weight….not a lot, because I have always kept my weight down but the last two or three kilos were impossible to lose until I started the raw food diet. The doctors were looking for cancer because I had a massive dose of calcium leaching out of my bones which made me feel very sick and very weak also resulting in osteoporous. I had no idea that too much acid leaches calcium out of bones. Yuri, if I had read your book in 2007, I would never have been so sick and would have resolved my problems without me having to use a walker because I did not have any strength left in my legs. I would not have put on so much weight because of the drug prednisone. The answer to my health was simple. Just eat lots of fruit and veges (raw). I still have to watch for foods that cause inflammation but I am on the right track now for a healthy body. Thank You Yuri for “Eating for Energy”! My health is fine now and I feel wonderful and confident that I have at last resolved my health issues and I want to thank you for sharing your book with me. Regards,” Frances Jeffs . “Hi Yuri, thanks for this book – you have hit the right button on eating healthy. After 3 weeks I have more energy, experience a more positive attitude towards problems in life, realizing there is a solution for every problem, thinking twice before just eating that LOOKS nice. Thank you for opening our minds to realize what God already provide for us. Keep up the good work!” Ursula Visser .
  3. 3. “Hi Yuri,The facts speak for themselves! Since purchasing Eating for Energy less than 2 months ago I have subscribed to your program and not only lost 5 kgs but I am now at my lowest weight in 20 years and have the energy levels of a 20 yo!! (I’m 41). The great thing about Eating for Energy is that the raw foods recipes are so simple and incredibly tasty – I certainly don’t feel like I am missing out on any food experiences. In fact, I am appreciating the flavours in my food more than ever! I’d always known which foods I should be eating more of but you’ve made it easy for me to finally do it through the variety of recipes and food ideas in your book. Thank you so much Yuri – my family and I feel like we owe you so much!” Geraint Gearon Bangkok, Thailand ..