Networking&Establishing Your Personal Brand with Video

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The session was held at MIT for participants of MIT-Portugal program to discuss a perceptive on networking in USA from international crown, why networking is critical for your professional development …

The session was held at MIT for participants of MIT-Portugal program to discuss a perceptive on networking in USA from international crown, why networking is critical for your professional development and what resources MIT and
Boston entrepreneurial community have to offer you. We will go over basic networking rules and tactics to help
you build stronger relationships with U.S. entrepreneurial community. We will also discuss why it is important to
establish your personal brand and why video is one of the most effective tools to do it. Some basics of online
video production and marketing will be introduced to get you started right away.

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  • 1. “Networking and Establishing Your Personal Brand with Online Video” Yelena Kadeykina eTeamsIII @MIT Cambridge, MA May 2012©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 2. Personal intro• Serial entrepreneur• Specialty: online marketing/video marketing• MIT Sloan Alumna• Community work ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 3. Outline• Introduction • Personal intro • Why network • Why MIT/Boston• Networking Basics • Who/When/Where • Do your homework before an event • Dos and Dont’s of Networking • How to Follow Up • Examples: Venture Café • Personal brand. How to establish and promote personal brand ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 4. Outline. Continued• Video as a tool for establishing your personal brand • Why video • What makes video convincing • How to get started on video • What types of video to create • How to have your videos found ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 5. Why network• Build access to talent, capital• Learn and grow as a professional According to a recent survey of the Department• Build partnerships of Labor, networking accounts for at least 69% of• Acquire customers all annual hires. Networking is the BEST• Find a job way to find a job or internship.• Face to face is the strongest means of communication ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 6. Why MIT• Strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. Solving real world problems • 25,000+ companies founded by MIT alums (i.e., Akamai, Intel, HP, iRobot, Gillette, Dropbox) • 3.3+ million jobs • $2 trillion in annual world sales (source: Kaufman Foundation 2009)• MIT Intellectual and Technology Powerhouse • 72 MIT-related Nobel Prize winners (including 9 current faculty members) • 5 schools, 33 departments/divisions/sections/other programs (57 interdisciplinary research units) ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 7. Why Boston• Cambridge innovation and intellectual capital: 74 colleges & universities, $1.5 billions spent on R&D annually• $2.4 Billions of VC investment second after Silicon Valley, highest investment/capita: $457/capital (source: Flybridge 2010)• Innovation clusters: Cambridge, 128/495 clusters –benefits of high concentration• Boston startup incubators&accelerators: CIC, Dogpatch, MassChallenge, TechStars• Future IPO candidates: HubSpot, Brightcove, Kayak and Tech giants: Microsoft, Google• Every night there is an entrepreneurial event! ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 8. Don’t be afraid of failure ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 9. Value of wingman for networking• You are shy Find a wingman who is outgoing, social, and cares about you• You can not start a conversation Have your wingman start a conversation• You can not get motivated to go to networking events Have multiple event wingmen, who you push yourself to call and invite to events Your Wingman= Ice-breaker ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 10. Who, when & whereWho: • Be open to meet people, yet prioritize! Make a list of top people you want to meet (i.e., organizers, speakers)When: • Networking is a continuous life long process. Most networking starts with a casual routine conversation • Be proactive. Build it before you need itWhere: • Offline: entrepreneurial events, workshops, conferences, training programs • Online: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, forums, favorite blogs ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 11. Do you homework• Prepare and practice your elevator pitch• Prepare your presentation materials (i.e., business cards)• Research the list of attendees• Make a list of top 7-10 contacts• Research their bios ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 12. Do’s of networking• Give before you ask. Always be open to help people in your network• Develop relationships, don’t just acquire a bunch of contacts• Listen to people’s stories. Make it about them, not about you• Follow up with people once you meet them• Be genuine• Be passionate about your ventures• Smile• Be realistic about what you should expect and follow up on promises• Stay professional and relevant (i.e. , no gossips) ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 13. Don’ts of networking• Don’t’ brag about yourself• Don’t exaggerate the truth• Don’t try to discuss everything. Value other people’ time.• Don’t ask personal questions (i.e., questions about salary) ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 14. Follow up/Stay in touch• Follow up on the night you met• Make it personal: include 2-3 points from the conversation• Be brief and to the point• For VIPs, handwritten notes are preferable• Schedule another on-one-one conversation with the people you found some immediate common interests• Stay in touch via events/social media (i.e., LinkedIn) ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 15. Venture Cafe & Masschallenge• Research topics of the upcoming talks at Venture Cafe• Research bios of people who will attend Venture Cafe• Research companies that reside at MassChallenge• Set up an objective for visiting each venue• Talk to at least 10 people at each venue• Recruit a wingman• Set up follow up meetings ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 16. What is your personal brandPersonal brand – timeless. It is how we marketourselves to others. We sell something every day. Project Vacation to your trip to your boss spouse ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 17. Why your personal brand is importantStrong personal brand=VISIBILITY• Speaking engagements• Jobs• Clients• The opportunity to make a difference! ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 18. Establish your personal brand• Offline and online brand. Can you control the first impression people make about you?• Your self-impression = How people perceive you• Each detail matters: • How you shake hands • How you are dressed • Your body language • How you treat other people • Your Social Media profiles • Your resume • How your write e-mails ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 19. Promote your personal brand ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 20. Do’s and Don’ts of personal brand in social media• Friending and following everyone• Using social media as a direct response vehicle• Creating inconsistent profiles• Taking the same approach to different networks (i.e., LinkedIn vs. Facebook)• Failing to invest sufficient time and effort• Focusing internally• Spamming ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 21. Why video ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 22. Video is powerful• On YouTube alone over two billion videos are viewed every day• The average U.S. Internet user watches 186 videos per month• Having video on your website makes you 53x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search results… ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 23. Video is convincing• Reveal your passion• Show that you are genuine• Establish your unique identity• Explain complex things• Build trust ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 24. What makes video engaging• Emotion• Humor• Surprise 24 ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 25. Video is expensive and I need a ton of resources to get started… ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 26. What Do You Need to Get Started? Housekeeping Notes There ARE options… ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 27. Get an easy-to-use camera•Don’t overspend: $100-200 range•Get a camera that allows an easy download (i.e., USB port)•Good ones are: •KodakZx1 (USB and waterproof) •Samsubg HMX-20 (autofocus & optical zoom) ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 28. Content is king•Video is for your audience. Make it interesting . Don’t sell. Educate•Don’t try to please everyone with one video. Clear messaging•Don’t be vague. Use specifics and real life examples•Include a clear-call-to action ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 29. Basic tips to shoot video•Take a camera and hold still at least for 10 seconds or use a tripod•Be close to the camera for best audio•Turn on all lights in the room and use daylight•Film people facing a window•Don’t zoom•Use a quite place•Be authentic ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 30. What types of videos to create ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 31. Types of video for personal brand To Build Your BrandHow-to’s About you Testimonials Interviews ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 32. How your videos get found • 30-40% of video views: Search queries Google, YouTube, Bing • 30% of views: Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc • The rest: Discovered the video right on a website or a video platform ©Yelena KadeykinaSource: Pixability, Inc. (
  • 33. Where to put your videos Your Video “Posting” “Hosting” Public video sharing Dedicated player on your platforms site Free More control over player Views count for YouTube SEO Better analytics Higher qualitySource: Pixability, Inc. (
  • 34. Promote your videos • Have a landing page video on your Facebook page • Post videos on YouTube • Include videos in your LinkedIn • Include videos in your tweets • Put videos on your website! ©Yelena KadeykinaSource: Pixability, Inc. (
  • 35. The top 3 things successful video marketers do 1. Produce way, way more videos: Top marketers publish 11x more videos on YouTube 2. Invest in metadata that drive SEO: Top marketers use 52% more tags, 20% longer description texts and 585% more playlists 3. Use video assets on all channels: Top marketers have 53% more videos on their websites ©Yelena KadeykinaSource: Pixability, Inc. (
  • 36. Final thoughts• It is all about people• Don’t take other people’ time for granted• Build long-term relationship• Build your brand and be genuine• Don’t be afraid of failures• Enjoy your journey! ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 37. Additional resources• MIT Trust Center• MIT Enterprise Forum• MIT people hubs: Jose Estabil, Joost Bonsen, Bill Aulet• Communities/media: DartBoston, MassChallenge, Cambridge Innovation Center, Greenhorn Connect, Mass High Tech, BostonInno, TechStars, Xconomy ©Yelena Kadeykina
  • 38. Questions? Thank you!Contact information:E-mail: @ykadeykina ©Yelena Kadeykina