FOSS: A viable option for government


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FOSS: A viable option for government

  1. 1. Free and Open Source Software:A Viable Option for Government Ariel S. Betan IOSN ASEAN+3 University of the Philippines Manila
  2. 2. Agenda➲ FOSS Model➲ FOSS Economy➲ FOSS Benefits➲ FOSS Availability➲ FOSS Viability
  3. 3. FOSS Model➲ The call for transparency, accountability and citizen participation in government is compatible with the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) model since they are in- herent in FOSS itself
  4. 4. FOSS Economy➲ Considering the governments limited re- sources and limited budget, FOSS offers a more economical option due to its lower cost of implementation and its alternative business models
  5. 5. FOSS Benefits➲ Freedom of Choice➲ Interoperabilty➲ Reliability➲ Security➲ Fast Deployment➲ Localization
  6. 6. FOSS Availability➲ No need to re-invent or create new ones➲ Tried and Tested➲ worlds largest open source software site➲ and other specific sites➲ 126 software in health or related to health➲ Philippines has the 8th largest development community for FOSS in the world
  7. 7. FOSS Viability➲ Governments are moving/migrating towards FOSS use with encouraging results➲ Some governments have already included them in their official policies and plans.➲ Examples are European countries, the Unit- ed States and, ASEAN countries like Malaysia.➲ Some Philippine government agencies are also using FOSS and are including FOSS in their programs.
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  13. 13. Thank you! Ariel S. Betan<>
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