Smart Students, Good Research


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Smart Students, Good Research

  1. 1. ROCHE’S RULES NEWSLETTER JULY 2, 2011 NEWSLETTERSmart Students Good Research Working with E@SIStudents are working on a variety of exciting projects Most of the students in this year’s group got off to a good start in entering their information into the E@SI information. One student commented: “I feel like the entire school is a giant computer system, and we are only little people who’s role is to feed the information system.” The projects were in different stages of refinement. Some were very well formed, and the result of several weeks of intense study and research. A few research projects are not yet well formed. Some of these are lagging because of This year is one of the The strong training in both delays in getting anstrongest ever for innovative practical application and internship.research in a variety of disciplines. theoretical insights is paying off. Others are delayedFrom one of the best schools in The work has been rigorous, but because forthe world, the GSSB students are the massive amount of investment other reasons.fanning out around the world with is paying off.a mission to become a top expect Prof. Roche We expect to see great thingsin their chosen area of focus. from this “class” of FMPs !SUBMITTING THE PROPOSAL Students go through several steps in externalities that must be dealt with.completing their research proposal. It is These include: Finding the rightnot merely an intellectual exercise. internship; getting a sign-off and support From the beginning, we have stressed for the research from the management inthat the purpose of the FMP is to the firm where you will be working;develop critical skills that will power aligning the research with one’s long-termone’s career to the top. The proposals goals, and finally finding the correct wayreflect that. There are many to approach the theoretical aspects. PAGE 1
  2. 2. ROCHE’S RULES NEWSLETTER JULY 2, 2011WRITING A WORLD-CLASS LITERATURE REVIEW Writing a literature review at Do not be general when you first is difficult for many students. could be specific: But if you follow these guidelines, BAD: The solid state memory it will be easy. First of all, do not segment has been growing faster write a history of research, instead than traditional fixed disk storage. focus only on conclusions: GOOD: The solid state BAD: Smith (1998) studied memory segment has a CAGR of adoption of social media and 24% compared to 5% for fixed found that teenagers have a 35% disk storage. faster take-up rate. Do not make stupid GOOD: Teenagers have a 35% statements like the following: faster take-up rate than other age groups (Smith, 1998). BAD: No one has examined this issue. Do not include any extraneous information. BAD: There is no published research in this area. BAD: Many observers have commented on how social media Above all, emphasize what holds potential for fund-raising. people know, and little else. GOOD: Social media has Remember to “skim” or “look at” your articles. Do not read them unless theyRule: Always be “conclusionary” in potential for fund-raising (Smith, are exactly what you are looking for.your writing. Focus only on what 1998) Conserve your time, you will need known and documented.CHARACTERISTICS OF A GREAT PROPOSALThe research when The calendar is realistic, incompleted with support your terms of interviews,long-term career interests dependencies on others, and time for feedback and correction from professor.The literaturereview focuses The writing is clearon conclusions. and easy to understand. Above all, it represents clear thinking.The first sentence sets Both the research approach and thethe stage for the conclusions have two tracks: First, thereoverall proposal. Help is the academic theory; Second, there isthe reader know what the business and strategy expect. Ultimately, the second is more important. LIFESTYLE CONSIDERATIONS Life is not all work, and neither is research. The “smartest” students? Research shows that students who invest the most time in personal networking – receptions, parties, conferences, sports events – develop a higher “social IQ”. Remember, you can learn more in a 5 minute conversation with the right person than you can by reading an entire book. PAGE 2
  3. 3. ROCHE’S RULES NEWSLETTER JULY 2, 2011 of cloud computing, and will identify a strategic framework to Calendar analyze it. June 30, 2011 Agustín Peláez Gaviria Registration of Proposal Agustín will do a technology July 14, 2011 forecasting study using the Delphi Both of Prof. Roche’s kids have a methodology. He is involved with birthday at the same time - Bastille day! a high technology startup. August 2011 Irina Konkova Nothing happens. Some laptops Irina will be examining the damaged by beach sand. complex theories of industrialWHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING networks and applying them to Students are doing a variety of the economic environment ininnovative research projects. Russia. Cherine SabourWhat is amazing is the incredible Sally Sayouni Cherine will be working withdiversity of the projects, and the Canon digital imaging and Sally will be studying some ofinherent sophistication of the discovering new marketing the worlďs most advance businesstopics. “Smart Students, Great strategies for these high intelligence software systemsResearch”. technology products. designed to “data-mine” socialBrittney Hale networks. Hsueh Li Wang Britney will be working for Le Naif Al Rabie HL will be working on E-Tour de France and focusing on CRM and produce life cycle Niaf will be examiningthe global cycling industry. This is management in the consumer innovation in the world footballan opportunity of her dreams. electronics industry. leagues. He will be looking atNikolay Dmitriev how new forms of social media are Michal Christa Nikolay be using this creating new opportunities for Has an interest in theopportunity to deepen his fund-raising and revenue personal security industry, but isknowledge of M&A “Russian generation. still refining his topic.Style”. Fabiola Medina Erick Ivan Villeda OrozcoLaura Elena Leon Martinez Fabiola will be looking at Erick will be focusing on Larua will be tacking the selection of mobile applications in SME growth strategies in Mexico,political economic concept of the enterprise – the sector with probably in the imaging industry.clusters and how they influence today’s highest growth rate.innovation. Jorge Alejandro Cordero Ramirez ContributorsFaisal Al Qethami Jorge will be examining the PROFESSOR ROCHE Faisal will be comparing how secretive but crucial world of search-engine optimization. Spending thethe traditional values in today’s summer in Newhyper capitalism compare to Yehya el Oueini York City workingtraditional Islamic values for on his legal and Yehya will be working thebusiness. consulting practice. Michelin and examining howMelissa Calvario Chinese competition is disrupting If you visit NYC, look me up markets and what the response for a trip to Chinatown, or a Melissa will be tacking the should be. nearby Starbucks.leading-edge problem of adoption PAGE 3