GGSB MSc Business Development Program enhances focus on China ......                                             This year...
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China Residency Trip- MSc Business Declopment GGSB


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Flier highlighting different aspects of GGSB MSc BD Residency Trip to China

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China Residency Trip- MSc Business Declopment GGSB

  1. 1. GGSB MSc Business Development Program enhances focus on China ...... This year’s China residency program hosted 34 students from 22 countries along with their Student’s Program director, Marie France Derderian, FeedbackDestination CHINA ... the University’s Director of Development & Executive Education Gaël Fouillard and the Dean of GGSB, Judith Bouvard.AS PART OF THE MSC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTPROGRAM AT GRENOBLE GRADUATE SCHOOL Visit to Beijing T aking part in this exceptional experience helped us in acquiring the right balance of informative business visits and opportunitiesOF BUSINESS, STUDENTS HAVE THE OPPORTU- for cultural exploration. All of the logistics were The trip continued with well organized and our hosts and tour guidesNITY TO VISIT ONE EMERGING ECONOMY EACH a visit to Beijing. De- provided important assistance.YEAR. THE GOAL IS TO CREATE AN INTEGRAT- spite its role as China’sED LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL PARTICI- capital and home to a The companies we visited as Michelin China, large number of inter- Airbus Tianjin, Sansi Tech (Chinese com-PANTS. THE INTERNATIONAL STUDY RESIDENCY national business and pany), Aon Hewitt, (consulting firm), OxylaneCOMBINES ACADEMIC LECTURES, CORPORATE diplomatic residents, Decathlon, Asobio , EDF Trading and theVISITS, AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES. THE STU- China Residency Beijing remains a tra- executives who spoke with us were particularly ditional city due to itsDENTS GAIN EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF GLOB- Overview long-lasting importance impressive. The level of attention they gave to our questions was exceptional.. as the cultural and po-AL BUSINESS PRACTICES TO PREPARE THEM AS Visit to Shanghai litical center of China.BUSINESS DEVELOPERS THAT CONSISTENTLYPERFORM ACROSS CULTURES AND COMPETE T he residency began with a visit to Shanghai; the most This was aON A GLOBAL MARKET . modern and vibrant r e w a r d i n g of China’s cities. MSc experiance for students studied differ- all of us ..... ent areas that made Shanghai the leader and driver of China’s economic growth.. prepared for : Country Office Manager Meeting
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