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2012 summer Atlanta
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2012 summer Atlanta


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  • 1. 2012 亞特蘭大暑期教師研習 好用的數位教學工具 葉金惠 ChinHuei Yeh Shrewsbury Sherwood Middle School Central Massachusetts Chinese language school July 20-21 2012
  • 2. AgendaOverviewCloud storage and BookmarksTools for basic work/image/audio/videoDigital GamesGoogle Form & eBookOn-line Source
  • 3. Our Goals How can today’s technology help both teacher and student? Add more tools in your toolbox Sharpen your skills
  • 4. In the Past… Tape recorder and microphone for listening and recording conversation TV and VCR for cultural content Considered high-tech at the time
  • 5. Today
  • 6. Why?
  • 7. 省時? 更費時?
  • 8. Have you used technology in teaching? Yes No It’s all about awareness and comfort.
  • 9. Do you feel any of the following ?Time consumingWhat if something went wrong?It’s hard to get startedWhat if I break it?I don’t have assessIt’s too expensiveWhy change now?
  • 10. Efforts Support LearningTime Pain
  • 11. Digital Age Web2.0 Tools 21st century Skills
  • 12. 21st Century Skills • Basic Literacy • Media fluency • Media • Information Fluency • Information • Creativity Fluency • Collaboration • Network• Collaborate Fluency • Global • Solution Fluency• Communicate • Digital Citizenship • Digital Citizenship• Connect• Creative fluency Skills Fluency
  • 13. The 33 Digital Skills Every21st Century Teacher should Have  Educational Technology and mobile learning  digital-skills-every-21st-century.html  Communication  Collaboration  Information and Technology Literacy  Critical thinking and Problem solving  Creativity and Invention  Global Awareness  Self-direction
  • 14. 21st century Teacher’s skills Create / edit digital audio Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners Use blogs /wikis to create online platforms for students Exploit digital images for classroom use Use video content to engage students Connect with colleagues and grow professionally with social networks Have knowledge about online security Understand issues related to copyright and fair use of online materials every-21st-century.html
  • 15. Technology for TeachersPreparing lessonPresenting lessonFacilitating LearningAssessingBookmarkingPersonal learning Network
  • 16. For TeachersPreparing Presenting Assessinglesson lesson students Bookmarking PLN
  • 17. Technology for Students Ownership Engagement Creativity Differentiation Problem-solving
  • 18. For studetnsOwnersh Engage Creati Differentiat Problem- ip ment vity ion Solving
  • 19. Image Basic skills Audio CloudStorage Video Assessment Book Marking Games eBook
  • 20. 2012 亞特蘭大中文教師暑期研習書籤與雲端儲存空間
  • 21. Cloud StorageWhat is Cloud Storage? " Cloud data storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers, so that you can save your data in different servers and then get access to it from the one nearest to you, wherever you are. "
  • 22. Cloud Storage Drop box  Google Drive  Microsoft Sky Drive  Evernote
  • 23. Google Drive Formerly: Google Doc PDFs, files, folders, docs, multimedia, photos
  • 24. Google Drive It allows for 5GB of free storage It is accessible on different gadgets You can pay to buy more storage capacity It has an intuitive interface It lets you work on documents and files with your friends in real time You can directly share photos from Google Drive to Google+ It has a powerful file viewer that supports almost all the popular file formats You can upload files to Google Drive and email them to your Gmail and they no longer need to conform to that 25 MB file size. Google Drive is not instantly available to everyone at the moment. Use the " notify me" button to let Google email you when your Google Drive is ready.
  • 25. Save your Gmail attachments in Google Drive
  • 26. DropBox
  • 27. DropBoxHow to use DropBox?
  • 28. Send to DropboxHave students send homework to your DropboxConnect “sent to dropbox” to your dropbox account
  • 29. Free 5 G, single file up to 25m
  • 30. Bookmarking Diigo Delicious Evernote Pocket Scoop-it Pinterest
  • 31. Diigo
  • 32. Scoop ItO KcsII&feature=player_embedded
  • 33. 聯合賴校長的收藏
  • 34. PocketFormerly 1.Save from you browser“ read it later” 2.View from different device 3.Email links to Your Queue 4.Integrated in 300+ Apps
  • 35. PocketPockot supports iPhone、 iPad、Android、Windows Phone、Blackberry、S60、 WebOS、Kindle FireWorks with Firefox, chrome and IEWorks with Flipboard
  • 36. Pocket
  • 37. EvernoteGet organizedFree to some pointComputer/ iPad/ AndroidNote-taking toolStudents PortfolioRecording voice
  • 38. Evernote
  • 39. Evernote
  • 40. ReminderCategorizeTagMake a habit to take notesReview often
  • 41. 2012亞特蘭大中文教師暑期研習 影音圖片基本工具
  • 42. From the Basic …Chinese TypingPinyin Typing  Input King  Popup Chinese(中文泡泡)  Pinyinput  Google TransliterationDictionary 
  • 43. Image toolPicMonkey 強力推薦! Free service Easy use Basic & more Fun to use
  • 44. Audio RecordingAudacityAudiobooMy Brain SharkVokiVocaroo
  • 45. How to use Vocaroo?Teacher record listening practice for students Email the link to students Post at Blog and Wiki Share at Google doc Share with DropboxStudents record oral practiceStudents record conversation
  • 46. VocarooFree ServiceEasy to record audioShare with friend by emailEasy to Embed the recording in blogs and websites
  • 47. VocarooExample:
  • 48. VokiFree ServiceTalking AvatarEasy recordingListening/speakingExample:
  • 49. How to use Voki?Teacher record listening practice for students Email the link to students Post at Blog and Wiki Share at Google doc Share with DropboxStudents record oral practice
  • 50. Video ToolsAnimotoPhotoStory3iMovieFlip CameraYoutubeDownloader
  • 51.
  • 52. Useful Tools for YouTube…YouTube downloaderView PureChop videoBlur all facesWatch together
  • 53. View PureNo commercials, clean viewView the video without anything you don’t want your student see MaFla 2011 10/22/2011
  • 54. Chop a selected part of YouTube videoTube Chop
  • 55. Watch video with friends
  • 56. Blur all faces
  • 57. Animoto MaFla 2011 10/22/2011
  • 58. Animoto
  • 59. Animoto Free Service Simple Share Easily  Embed in Blog  Email  Facebook  Download(not free) iPad app
  • 60. AnimotoProcedures Sign up Choose background Style Upload pictures Choose Music Type in Contents
  • 61. Animoto
  • 62. IdeasStudents’ activities recordsActivating new topicStory-tellingFlash cardsAssessment reading writing
  • 63. Examples LeTNA  Autumn  Classroom objectives wtHWQ  Chinese New year Celebration HzQQ  Activating a new topic
  • 64. TipsAlways have your teaching objectives in mindHave your materials ready before you startAsk for permission before you use students’ pictures
  • 65. Let’s give it a try!
  • 66. 2012 中文教師暑期研習 數位教學 遊戲學中文
  • 67. Learning ActivitiesQuizletStudystackAustralia gamesProprofs
  • 68. Easy to useBasically freeAudio help for studentsStudents can make theirs to share with groupVarieties of activities 72
  • 69. Study Stack
  • 70.FreeEasy to useMany different games for different purposes
  • 71. Australia gamesFreeEasy to use
  • 72. Multiple-MouseInstall the program firstOpen PPT and then follow the direction
  • 73. Multiple-Mouse
  • 74. Multiple-MouseNot for ScoringNot for main assessmentStudents InteractionFun
  • 75. 2012 亞特蘭大中文教師暑期研習 數位教學 簡易電子書製作
  • 76. eBookiBook ePub iBooks Author
  • 77. Flipshare
  • 78. 2012 亞特蘭大中文教師暑期研習 數位教學 好用的 工具
  • 80. Google Transliteration 可以輸入拼音MaFla 2011 10/22/2011
  • 81. Google DocsFree ServiceEasy to use, no installation neededNo compatibility issueCollaboration with teachers and studentsEasy Embedding in a blog or wiki
  • 82. Google DocsMany types Word doc PPT Form Drawing Tables Collection 91
  • 83. Google FormSurvey  Beginning of the school year  Year-end Quiz/Test
  • 84. Self-graded MCQ
  • 85. Google Form: send score and answers for multiple choice tests KrXzM&feature=player_embedded#! Please follow the above video
  • 86. Insert script
  • 87. QuizStarFree class management toolOn-line quizCan upload audio file and image into quiz
  • 88. 2012 亞特蘭大中文教師暑期研習 數位教學 網路資源
  • 89. 全球華文網師資培訓課程自學區
  • 90. 全球華文網O 善用工具為你的華語教學加分—影音小工 具篇課程(2011)O 善用工具為你的華語教學加分-基礎影片 剪輯(2011)O 善用工具為你的華語教學加分-簡報製作 2010篇(2011)O 華語老師踏入數位教學的新手秘笈-數位 媒體篇(2011)
  • 91. 全球華文網O 華語老師踏入數位教學的新手秘笈-電腦 基礎篇(2011)O 資訊融入華語教學模式與成效 (下)(2011)O 資訊融入華語教學模式與成效 (上)(2011)O 文化導入華語數位教學(2011)O 華語文數位教學與主流教育融合模式 (2011)O 各地華語教學規準概論(2011)
  • 92. Some ExamplesO 華語文數位教學懶人包 Taiwan Academy type3/100 部落格教學2009 年「全球華文網」Blog使用教學講義_美國爾灣中文學 校 陳克曼老師 編製 資訊融入華語教學–工具精選(上) 資訊融入華語教學–工具精選(下) and much more…
  • 93. Taiwan Academy
  • 94. 15 great Google Tutorials great-google-tutorials-for-teachers.html 1- How to create and save a spreadsheet 2- How to create and save a document 3- How to create and save a drawing 4- How to create and save a presentation 5- Learn how to record a tour using Google Earth 6- Learn about Google Street View 7- Learn about Historical Imagery in Google Earth 8- Google Building maker 9- Your world with Google in 3D 10- Learn about Google Sketchup 11- Google Apps education training centre 12- Google safety guide for educators 13- Google Epic Docs Animation 14- Google in Education 15- Google book for educators
  • 95. 網路上的老師 免費資源網路社群 read-it-later/ 關鍵應用 重灌狂人 電腦玩物
  • 96. "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow" -- John Dewey
  • 97. Teacher will not be replacedby technology, but teacherswho don’t use technology willbe replaced by those who do. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
  • 98. Where is the balance?
  • 99. ReminderStick to your objectiveTechnology cannot replace teachersConnect with other teachersShare with your colleagues
  • 100. TipsAlways have your teaching objectives in mindHave your materials ready before you startAsk for permission before you use students’ pictures
  • 101. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Be proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first things first Think win-win Seek first to understand, then to be understood Synergize Sharpen the saw  Balance and renew your resources, energy (and health) to create a sustainable, long-term, effective teaching. And learn from the mistakes
  • 102. Sharpen your SawBalance and renew your resources to create an effective teachingLearning from mistakes
  • 103. It’s all about students’ learning…
  • 104. 感謝網友肉鬆的分享!!
  • 105. Technology: a door? a bridge?
  • 106. Remember to share!
  • 107. 謝謝!