Hotel group strikes shark fin off menu


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  • Try to guide the kids towards understanding the huge influence large companies have in both positive and negative ways. Moreover how corporate decisions influence many parts of the world, people, environmentt etc. Discuss: Corporate vs. Individual Power.
  • What are other areas which large companies should be making a change in order to have a positive impact on our world?
  • Hotel group strikes shark fin off menu

    1. 1.  On November 21st, 2011 one of Asia’s most prestigious hotel chains announced it will stop selling shark fin. The Peninsula Hotel Group is Asia’s The original Peninsula was built in 1928 and oldest hotel is Hong Kong’s only surviving historic hotel. company. What factors make this decision so important and powerful? Will their decision change anything? Why?
    2. 2.  Peninsula Hotel Group is taking shark fin off the menu in all of their hotels around the world starting in January 2012. Chief executive officer Clement Kwok (C.E.O.) said: "By removing shark fin from our menus, we hope that our decision can contribute to preserving the marine ecosystem for the worlds future generations.” Why is it important for large companies to lead the way in this kind of an issue and others like it?
    3. 3. Where did this happen?  This announcement was made worldwide and can be found in news sources around the world.  Peninsula operates nine hotels including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and New York. All of which will follow the companies new ban on shark fin. According to the World Wildlife Foundation Hong Kong Branch (WWF): “Consumption of shark fins is a driving factor behind the threat to shark populations, with more than 180 species considered threatened in 2010 compared with only 15 in 1996.”
    4. 4.  The ban was announced as the European Commission calledfor a full ban on shark finning atsea – (The practice of slicing off the valuable fins and throwingthe body overboard to drown.) Environmental activists have long fought for governments to ban or severely restrict the sale of shark fin, commonly used in soup which is regarded as a delicacy and health tonic across much of Asia, especially China. How important do you think the role of the International Community and different animal rights groups are in the hotels decision? Why?
    5. 5. You must writeyour opinion ofthis hot topic. -Peninsula Hotel Group - important decisionYou must try to - shark fin - oldest hotel in Asiause as manywords from the - around the world - one of the mostlist provided for luxuriousyou as you can.This way, your -January 2012 - traditional weddingopinion can show foodas many detailsas possible. -November 21st, 2011 - shark populations declined rapidlyYou have 20 -protect marine ecosystemsminutes to collectyour thoughts and -WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)write them down. -worldwide Good luck! -180 species of sharks are threatened today