Hot topic oilsands


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This was meant for a Jr. High ESL (in Taiwan) class to illicit discussion and broaden their knowledge on different parts of the world

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  • Look at the picture and the headline. Try to guess what is happening even if you don’t understand all the words. Focus on the context. What is happening? Where are they? Do you know the building in the background? (White House) Why are all the people doing? Why are they there?
  • Hot topic oilsands

    1. 1. Oil sands protest to get Canadian actorssuppor t
    2. 2. This is a pipeline. Itcarries oil from one placeto another.This is part of thepipeline people haveprotested in the UnitedStates. It is the samepipeline people inCanada are planning toprotest. It will stretchfrom Northern Canada toTexas, U.S.A..Many experts are divided on whether this pipelineand project to build it willmake global warmingworse.
    3. 3.  Dave Thomas and several other Canadian actors said Tuesday they support a protest planned by Greenpeace in Ottawa against the oil sands industry. The protest would follow similar demonstrations in Washington, D.C., in August (the one from the picture on the first slide) .
    4. 4. There are 9 legal hearings in the U.S. on this topic to decide if the pipeline willbe built. The Canadian protests hope to support these hearings so the U.S. says“NO” to the pipeline.
    5. 5. The pipeline will ship oilsands crude from Alberta torefineries in the U.S.-It will be 2,700-kilometreslong.-Actor Dave Thomas,of SCTV , said he opposes thepipeline because the pipelinewould be an environmentaldisaster and that it must bestopped.Greenpeace is against thedevelopment of the oil sandstoo.--
    6. 6. A study shows that alternativesto the planned route would belonger, disturb more land andcross more water bodies.Another study showed thatincreased investment in Canadianoil sands development will add$775 billion US to the Americaneconomy and create more than500,000 new American jobs by2035.Nearly 2,400 American Greenpeace believes the oil sand and the pipelinecompanies in 49 states are contribute to global warming and is a risk tot heinvolved in the development of main source of fresh water for the Great Plains.Canadas oil sands.
    7. 7. a) Why do you think people are against the pipeline and the oil sands?b) Why do you think people support the pipeline and oil sands?c) How does this effect the wilderness?d) Why do you think people protest?e) Why is being able to protest important?