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I created this lesson on shark finning for earth day 2014. It was inspired by the NGO group Sea Save's campaign called "Give Em the Fin". I used it for a Grade 3 and Grade 7 ESL class. I have added in all the websites I used in the NOTES section.

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  • Either get your students to explain it or you can.  Let the discussion flow.
  • Either get your students to explain it or you can.  Let the discussion flow.
  • Either get your students to explain it or you can.  Let the discussion flow.
  • At this point I had all my students hold their breath to try and get a small understanding of how hard and painful this kind of death is like.
  • Enjoy these videos. They leave a lot to be discussed for all ages.
  • Earth day 2014

    1. 1. EARTH DAY 2014 Give Em’ Fin
    2. 2. In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd 2014, Sea Save (an NGO)is spearheading, a creative, fun and impactful event, Earth Day 2014: Give Em The Fin Around The World! Sea Save has been a powerful force in ocean conservation for over twenty years. There is global force surrounding awareness, advocacy and strong laws being enacted to defend sharks from their greatest danger: humans. Yet, this is still not enough. We must work on a local, national and international level to raise consciousness about the harmful actions which have endangered these wonderful and important creatures. For that reason, Sea Save came up with a creative and fun way to help sharks in 2014. They are calling on people from around the world to organize themselves into small groups and take pictures of themselves giving the “fins up shark sign”. Then the pictures are uploaded to a huge mosaic. How can this idea help sharks? Why do you think a theme for this Earth Day is related to sharks? What do you know about the problems sharks face worldwide?
    3. 3. 2014 Give Em Fin Global Set Activities Looking at the map, where does it appear to have the most participants? Where do you think more awareness is needed? What are some positive points to having a global movement like this?
    4. 4. What does this graph show us? Explain.
    5. 5. Explain this graph. What are some possible reasons for the growing global shark catch? What are some possible reasons for a sharp drop in the graph after 2000?
    6. 6. Explain what this diagram is showing us. How does this diagram show us shark finning is a global issue? What does it tell us about the shark finning industry?
    7. 7. This is what is left of a shark after it is finned. - Can you describe what happens to a shark after it is finned? - What do you think it would feel like? How do fish breathe? Why is this a wasteful and inhumane practice?
    8. 8. ONE ROOFTOP, ONE DAY What do you think when you first look at this picture? How does this picture explain a massive problem being faced by sharks?
    9. 9. What are some possible ways to reduce the number of fins on rooftops like this? What are some things that need to change to help sharks survive?
    10. 10. Describe what this info-graphic is trying to tell us. Do you think this is a good way to share information? Why or why not?
    11. 11. How did Yao Ming get involved with protecting sharks? Watch the video to find out. What has Jackie Chan done to help sharks? Watch and find out. video/10635648/Jackie-Chan-I-turned-down-shark-fin- soup.html What is tonic immobility? Watch this cool video and find out.