Public Domain Profits - How To Make Your First Million


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This book on profiting from public domain works aims to help you fully understand firstly what the public domain actually is, how you can profit from it, the best way to create your own eBook entirely from public domain works, how to create your own eBook covers and the best way to sell your finished works once you have successfully completed all the aforementioned steps - in short this book really will help you to discover everything you need to know in order to profit from public domain works!

The best part about the public domain profits eBook is that you can also profit simply by giving away your own copy of the eBook itself. Will Edwards, the eBooks author, gives you the right to share the Public domain profits eBook with others and will reward you with commissions from any sales you generate in the process.

Will Edwards is the owner of, the home of inspirational and motivational eBooks. He is the author of some of the best books about personal development and self improvement, and his aim is to help you achieve your inner goals. For this reason there is no better author to study and learn from.

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Public Domain Profits - How To Make Your First Million

  1. 1. Public Domain Profits______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  2. 2. Statement of Rights You May NOT Change this Book or Sell it But You Can Get Paid to Give it Away Copyright © White Dove Books 2006/12 th Revised: 25 July 2012______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  3. 3. Table of ContentsWhat is the Public Domain? .................................................................... 4Can I Really Profit? ................................................................................ 7How do I Make an eBook?.................................................................... 10Now We Need a Cover ......................................................................... 15How to Sell Your Products ................................................................... 17In Conclusion ........................................................................................ 21______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  4. 4. What is the Public Domain?The Public Domain is a rich open source of valuable informationwaiting for you to package and sell for Profit!The Public Domain consists of information - books, software, films,music, images, photographs, reports, courses - on which copyright hasexpired. That means you can use it without paying anyone any royaltieswhatsoever. This information is completely free, totally legal andextremely profitable!The Public Domain is not limited to the following sites; they are just asmall selection of what is readily available on the internet for you tolegally exploit. A quick search in Google on the term ‘public domain’today (Jan 2006) reveals 129 Million sites at present. Here are a few towhet your appetite …Public Domain TextsProject Gutenberg hosts the largest collection of free electronic texts onthe internet. Michael Hart, who founded Project Gutenberg in 1971, saysthat at the time of writing (Jan 2006) there are some 17,000 free eBooksin the collection.You can legally copy, compile and distribute them subject to youchecking the copyright status for the countries you intend to supply.Project Guttenberg Website … http://www.gutenberg.org______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  5. 5. Public Domain MusicHere is a useful reference site to help you identify songs and music thatis now in the public domain. Although you cannot download the musicdirectly (you have to buy it on CD), you can then use it in any way youchoose -performance, sing-along, film, video, advertising, business, orpersonal.Public Domain Music Website … http://www.pdinfo.comPublic Domain Sheet MusicWith over 1000 composers and thousands of sheet music scorescatalogued, CPDL is one of the worlds largest free sheet music sites.You can use CPDL to find scores, texts, translations, and informationabout composers.Public Domain Sheet Music Website … http://www.cpdl.orgPublic Domain ImagesHere is useful site for sourcing clip art images which are in the publicdomain. It also has some useful links to articles on the subject ofcopyright.Public Domain Images Website … Domain Photographs______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  6. 6. This site contains a whole host of useful photographs which are in thepublic domain. Over twenty thousand free photos and images can belocated in the archive which is fully searchable.Note that the url is case-sensitive & correctly represented here.Public Domain Photographs Website … Domain FilmsHere is the largest on-line source of public domain films, movies, andTV programming. Its library contains thousands of titles, all high-broadcast quality.Again, you need to buy them, but then you can do what you want withthem apart from lifting the music for use in another production.Public Domain Films Website …http://www.desertislandfilms.com______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  7. 7. Can I Really Profit? There have been many examples of people who have profited by making use of the public domain. You may know that Billy Joel used a work by Beethoven for his wonderful song, This Night. If you were a lyricist, you just couldn’t get a better music partner! You may also know that Procol Harem’s A Whiter Shade of Pale was also derived from a Bach classic.Using Grimm’s Fairy Tales which were, at the time, recent additions tothe public domain, Walt Disney was able to create a whole string ofmovies that became classics in their own right; and of course, by doingthis, he was able to make an immense fortune.Ok, but can YOU really profit by using this valuable resource? This is agood question; and one you need to be sure you can answer in theaffirmative before you start investing your own valuable time in creatinga digital product from a public domain work. To attempt to answer it,let’s take a look at three examples of successful internet business modelswhich have been based on works which are out of copyright.David Vallieres – Books and Posters David Vallieres is acknowledged as an expert when it comes to publishing and repackaging of public domain information. He has been marketing information products since 1996; and he has written several books and reports on the subject.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  8. 8. David has published three separate public domain works as ebooks and he also makes use of images in the public domain which he prints and sells as posters. He says that the books alone are responsible for generating thousands of dollars, every year, in pure profit - and the best part is he doesnt pay a single penny in fees or royalties to anyone!Rebecca Fine – Science of Getting Rich Rebecca Fines site is entirely based on The Science of Getting Rich - a book written by Wallace D. Wattles which is now out of copyright and therefore in the Public Domain. Rebecca says that her income has dramatically increased since she started applying the principles contained in this book. She became so impressed with the message of the book, she decided to make marketing that message her lifework. Visit Rebecca’s Website Here … Johnson – As a Man Thinketh Is Rebecca’s amazing internet success just an isolated case? No. Vic Johnson says he pretty-much did the same thing with another classic work of self-development, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. On his website, he credits giving away this book as being largely responsible for generating his 6 figure income. Visit Vic’s Website Here …______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  9. 9. =aamtThese are by no means isolated examples of people making excellent useof public domain information; they just happen to be people with whomI have had some personal contact because they all work in my own field,which is Personal Development.Even though both Rebecca and Vic actually gave away, for free, theirpublic domain eBooks, they still found ways of leveraging interestthrough these works. Rebecca, for example, has an excellent coursebased on the Science of Getting Rich book and she also has a number ofother first-class resources including her own recorded narration of thebook.Even though the book itself is free, I actually bought both the narratedversion and the course. The reason was that I wanted to listen to thebook and the course whilst driving in my car. So, with a bit ofimagination, it would indeed be possible for you to create your own‘derivative’ products from public domain works in much the same way.Vic Johnson gave away his public domain derivative product - JamesAllen’s book As a Man Thinketh; and again, he made a healthy profit byselling support material. Having said that, Vic is also directly selling asecond public domain work: Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and GrowRich, compiled as an eBook, from his website.Only you can answer the question: Can I Profit? The answer depends inpart upon your marketing ability. But as for the material itself, what canbe said is that there is indeed a wealth of good quality information thatpeople will be prepared to buy from you if you do manage to get themarketing right.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  10. 10. How do I Make an eBook? Although you could create all kinds of derivative products, in this section we will focus on how to create an eBook from a public domain work. Actually it is not very difficult but you do need a piece of software, known as a compiler, to do it.The reason you need to use a compiler is to prevent other people from‘stealing’ your work when you have the book itself finished.Before you start, do make absolutely sure that the work you areintending to distribute is indeed in the public domain. In the US, workspublished before the year 1923 are now in the public domain. Someworks published between 1923 and 1978 are also in the public domain.A work can be almost anything: a book, a play, music, photographs,movies, instruction manuals, courses, reports, posters and so on. To besure a work in on the public domain, check David Valliere’s SpecialReports to see how he verifies copyright.You can simply create a PDF file for your book. All the books at WhiteDove Books (these days) are PDFs and the files are readable by both PCusers and Apple users!Creating an eBookCreating your eBook is really easy! Let’s have a go. The first thing youneed to do is get your public domain text, so over to project Gutenberg.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  11. 11. Note: not everything at Project Gutenberg is in the public domain, soagain do make sure you check thoroughly (see above)!Having checked the work is indeed public domain for the countries youintend to supply, click on the catalogue and do a search for the text. Inthis example, we will use The Book of Psalms. Type ‘psalms’ into thesearch box and click the button. You will see that we have a choice ofhtml or text formats; and also a choice of download sites. Personally Iprefer to work with the text, so click on a text link; and there you havethe complete text of The Book of Psalms.It is a simple matter to copy and paste this text into your favouriteWordprocessor or Text Editor. Just highlight the text with the mouse,then right-click and copy. Open the wordprocessor then either use [Ctrl]V or Edit, Paste. You then have the text captured in yourwordprocessor. The next step is to format it nicely and remove all thereferences to Project Gutenberg.Now, it is perfectly ok to do this. This is what Project Gutenbergactually says:- DISTRIBUTION UNDER "PROJECT GUTENBERG-tm" You may distribute copies of this eBook electronically, or by disk, book or any other medium if you either delete this "Small Print!" and all other references to Project Gutenberg …You will see that Project Gutenberg have added text to the start and theend of the document. This is the text you need to delete.Once you have done that, you simply use your creativity to format thedocument so that it looks good adding whatever fonts, colors, graphics,photographs etc you might wish to use; again the public domainprovides a rich source for these additions!______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  12. 12. When you are done formatting, just save the document in Word format.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  13. 13. PrimoPDF Compiler (PDF eBooks)OK now suppose you want to create a PDF version of The Book ofPsalms, what do you do? I promise you that you will be amazed at howeasy this is with the Primo PDF Compiler!When you install it (which is very straight-forward) it adds what isknown as a Virtual Printer to your Windows system. So to create yourPDF eBook, you don’t even need to leave your Wordprocessor or TextEditor. You just click on File, Print; then select the PrimoPDF option.When you click ok, you get a screen like this …All you need to do is type-in your filename and click OK – and that’s it– the software immediately produces your PDF eBook. It really couldn’tbe easier!______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  14. 14. Oh, did I mention, that PrimoPDF is free?Just Google Primo PDF download.eWiterPro PDF CompilerAn alternative is the eWriterPro Compiler (and Ill even let you have afree copy – hoa about that?) It works on every version of Windowsexcept Windows 7 Home Edition. Sadly, Microsoft did not include XPMode in the Home Edition version of the Operation System. 1. Type your Text ... 2. Click the PDF Icon ... 3. Click the Save Button! NB Runs under Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 (in XP Mode) Click for Free Download______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  15. 15. Now We Need a CoverCreating covers for eBooks isn’t that straight-forward, but I have got afew tips for you that you are also going to love! Firstly, I have providedyou with some Resource Links on the Home Page of eWriterPro, soclick the Home menu option and we’ll take a look …As you can see, the Free Cover link takes you to a website where youcan create a free cover online – for a freebie it’s pretty good too!You can use it for now. Then – when you start being successful – youcan get the Professional Cover software – the next link along. By theway, this software is by far the best automated cover software I haveseen – and it’s very affordable too.To create your cover, you first need to create a flat graphic. Use yourfavourite graphic editor to accomplish this – there are many free ones onthe web including the one I personally use (its free) … VCW VicMans Photo Editor - Free Download______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  16. 16. After you have created your flat image, the professional cover softwarechanges your flat file into something really exciting … A Few Mouse Clicks and You Get this You can produce CD covers, eBook covers, Software Boxes (as in theabove example) DVD covers and just about anything else you will everneed! It is a very comprehensive program.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  17. 17. How to Sell Your ProductsOnce you have created your eBooks, you will want to consider how toactually sell them.Here is a simple Blue-Print that actually works ...  Setup a Website or Blog  Setup an Auto-Responder  Give Away a Related Bonus  Create a Great Sequence  Take Payment  Deliver Automatic DownloadLets Go Through it Together ...Setting-up a website from scratch is beyond the scope of this helpsection, but you can get a free Blog at Blogger and have it up andrunning within minutes - even if you are a complete novice. Get yourfree Blogger Blog here ... BloggerA free Blog can work as well as a website; and provided you regularlyupdate the Blog adding good relevant articles over time, it can also actas a traffic generator.On your website or Blog, add an unblockable Pop-Up offering a freeBonus Product in return for your visitors email address. You can get agreat free unblockable here ... YouCantBlockThis______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  18. 18. To add the Pop-Up to your Blog template requires you to add the HTMLcode to your Blog Template. This is not as difficult as it may sound - itsreally just a bit of careful cut-n-paste!Setup an Auto-ResponderIn case you dont know what an auto-responder is (I know I didnt when Istarted), it is a service that sends emails out automatically on your behalf- almost all selling on the internet is done this way!Your Auto-Responder sequence i.e. your Newsletter or free course oreven just a series of good-quality emails is where your actual selling isdone. Remember that people dont generally come to a site and purchasea product immediately. However, they may well sign-up for a nicefreebie; and that gives you an opportunity to add their email addressesinto your auto-responder sequence.There is no question that you should use the Aweber service for thisstep. They quite simply provide the best balance of affordability andquality on the web. There are free auto-responders, but the quality(delivery) is generally low.They also have a great help section that will have your autorespondersetup in no time.So sign-up for Aweber here ... AweberGiving Away a Free ProductWhy do you think there are so many free gifts on the internet? It isbecause this is a proven way of getting your visitors to sign-up. Oncethey do that, they receive your auto-responder sequence - a nice courseor something similar. So give away a Related Bonus. You can get plentyof great free books to use as bonus products from our Free eBooksSection right here ... Free Books______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  19. 19. All you need do is send people a nice welcome email after they sign-up;and include a download link to a free gift. By the way, the above libraryof free books is constantly growing, so keep an eye on the site for futureadditions too!Create a Great Auto-Responder SequenceThe best sequences offer real value to a visitor; and simply embedrecommendations in the sequence, so consider giving away a free courserelated to the book you are selling.That way, your visitor gets to see you as an expert in your field and ismuch more likely to decide to purchase your offerings.All you need do is enter your course into your autoresponder with yourrecommendations pointing to your sales page(s) - the whole system isthen on auto-pilot!And, by the way, you can also recommend affiliate products in the samesequence; and make extra cash that way.Providing the DownloadIts very easy, with Paypal, to take online payments and then send peopleto your download page automatically. You can do this when you sellyour books & you can do it when you sell the eWriterProsoftware itself- full instructions for setting up a PayPal Buy-Now Button are on thenext page.However, here I just wanted to let you know how easy it is to createa zip file for your books. Just create a normal folder on your desktop.Put your compiled PDF into it along with anything else you want toprovide your customers.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  20. 20. Then - Right-click, Send to, Compressed (Zip) Folder - easy!The zip file is what you will send to your customers. It is easier andquicker for them to download.All you need is a page on your site or Blog (or simply use Sendspace -they keep files for life!) with a link pointing to your zip file.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  21. 21. In ConclusionWell that’s it for this little eBook. If you follow this simple advice, yourbusiness could be up and running within as little as 24 hours (isnt thatamazing?We have covered the following topics:  Where to Find Public Domain Information  How to Create Your Own Product  Where to Get the Tools You NeedI do hope that you will enjoy creating your own products and sellingthem for profit. If you need more help, get a copy of my bookInfomarketing Made Easy in which I reveal how I earn a comfortablefull time income just by doing this stuff.Heres to Your Success,Will Domain Profit White Dove Books
  22. 22. Did You Enjoy This Book?If you enjoyed this book, the chances are that your friends will too. Youcan quickly and easily send them a link to the download page.Click the Buttons Below to Share This Book … Share this Book with Your Friends Give Your Followers a Treat, Not just a Tweet Share this Book with Your ColleaguesIts good to share!______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  23. 23. Join The Inspiration Newsletter & Get Free Access to Our Library of Books on Personal Development, Self Growth & Motivation FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD Click Here for Your Free Subscription______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books
  24. 24. About White Dove BooksWhite Dove Books was founded by Will Edwards, in 2003 primarily asan outlet for his writing. Within its first three years, it becamerecognised as one of the internet’s leading Personal Development sites,breaking into the top 100,000 sites on the internet for the first time,according to Alexa’s rankings, at the end of 2005.The INSPIRATION newsletter, published by White Dove Books, wasstarted in 2005 as a way of providing useful information including tipsand techniques for living life to the full, interesting articles and freeinspirational ebooks to our visitors.In 2006, we were granted permission by the talented artist RameerTawasil to use his design as our logo. Although we now have a newspecially designed logo, we continue to fully support Rameers world-wide campaign for peace.Today White Dove Books works in partnership with many authors andon-line publishers of inspirational material to provide a quality onlineservice that serves thousands of people in dozens of countries across theworld.Our mission is to help people to develop their own unique talents,abilities and passion in order that they may lead more meaningful, joyfuland fulfilled lives. Copyright © White Dove Books All Rights Reserved.______________________________________________________________________________________Public Domain Profit White Dove Books