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Year 4 Religious Literacy 14

Year 4 Religious Literacy 14






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    Year 4 Religious Literacy 14 Year 4 Religious Literacy 14 Presentation Transcript

    • Religion Assessment By Nathaniel Mabilangan Religion Assessment By Nathaniel Mabilangan
    • The contents
      • Introduction
      • God’s creation
      • creation
      • The Prayer
      • Part2
      • Part 3
      • Part 4
    • The Introduction
      • On the first day God made day and night.
      • On the second day God created the sky….. the home of the moon & sun.
      • On third day God made the land,seas and the oceans.
      • On the fourth day God made the sun
      • And moon.
      • On the fifth day God made all the animals.
      • On the sixth day God made man and woman
      • And called them Adam and Eve.
      • On the seventh day God called it the day of rest.
    • Creation
      • Creation is what God has created and
      • It has grown bigger and bigger
      • Another way of creation is what happened over the passing of time .
    • God’s creation and our place in creation.
      • God’s creation grew from
      • Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
      • With all the animals to grow
      • to the great beyond of the world.
      • Our place in creation is why God created us and these are the 2 reasons
      • God made us to be his Stewards and to take care of what He created.
    • The prayer
      • Dear almighty Lord ,
      • We all appreciate all the beauty you have created.
      • Thank you Lord for also blessing this world with wonderful things in your almighty name
      • Amen.
    • The three ways of how care of Gods creation.
      • Some of the ways of that we can care for God’s creation are to:
      • take care of our environment .
      • reduce car usage.
      • walk always
      • Other ideas are:
      • everybody can throw away rubbish in the bin
      • The 3rd way is by participating in clean up the world day.
      • All of this is important to me because it will save this world and get it to its original status.
    • Part 3 The way we can take care of God’s creation
      • The way we can take care of God’s creation has three ways
      • Take care of of Humankind
      • Take care of God’s nature
      • Take care of God’s animals.
    • Taking care of God’s animals action plan
      • We all can take care of animals by not killing the endangered animals so we can preserve their kind.
      • Also we can obey the signs of not fishing in the area that we are not permitted to fish.
      • Also again we can help find lost pets and bring them back to their owners.
    • Taking care of God’s animals part 2
      • One way we can take care of the wildlife is by stopping people from killing animals for their fur.
      • Another way is that we can not chop down trees and crush animals’ homes.
      • One other way is we can stop killing birds as
      • A sport or for pleasure.
    • Taking care of God’s animals part 3
      • The way we can take care of the animals that you own as a pet to feed it daily and to bathe it.
      • The other way is to not kill the animals
      • for sport,fun and pleasure.
      • This is my action plan.
    • Part 4 The prayer
      • Dear God,
      • Thank you for our world that you have created for us and we all praise you for all the things you have provided for us. Thank you for letting us into the world to learn about your word.
      • Amen.
    • The End
      • Thank you for listening to my Religion assessment.