Recounts of Our Christmas Party by Year 1


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Recounts of Our Christmas Party by Year 1

  1. 1. Our Christmas party by umaimahWe had gams and a disco light and dancing and ate cake crisp and wore anyCloths and the techers danst with us. Farther Christmas came and I thart that he was mr Taler.
  2. 2. Our christmas party by adam We played moosscl stachooanswe stand up to dans ther was Miss hadfyyld MISS PATEL Miss emma Miss broxton Miss toms.And we plad gims .fatha christmas cim and gift prestnWe et crisps and drinc and cic.
  3. 3. Our christmas party by hamza and muhammad saeedSanta came to our party and he gif us prens and it was on wensday.Santa gif us a plane .We had a foto.We sing gagastar.We had crisps.
  4. 4. • Our christmas party by muhammad imtiaz.When it was our christmas party on wenesday santa came with presents it was exciting and fantastic.• We went in the hall and played party games. It was fun.We had party food.We danced. There was a disco ball that was lighting.We had a great time.Some of the teachers were dancing with the children.Three people from year2 won a game.
  5. 5. Our christmas party by ashton and lukeWe had a gud tim. It woz gud we lik it.We had joos.and fr crismus kam.
  6. 6. Our christmas party by humeirahOn wensday we did dansig and we played gimz. fst we played the cirle game and played mozik stachowz and we eit and we played pass the posl. Som tichers dansed.And it was fun.
  7. 7. Our Christmas party by ZAID M MIKAEELWe playd pas the parsul.It was on wenz day.Sant clos caym to year 1.Sant clos giv sum presents. We et food.I went home.
  8. 8. • Our Chritamas party by ozair We played games first we played musicl stachus . first we have to put music on. Second when the music comes on we dance. Third when the music comes off we staned like a stachyou . Fourth they chus who is out.
  9. 9. Our christmas party by zainuddeen mogra.We had a disco and drink and crisps.We danced in the horl.Farther christmas gave pressents to evreyone.We played games.
  10. 10. our Christmas party by maariah patel.we all wer dancing and eatinckg and playing we had a disco and farther Christmas came and he givd us sume presuns .we went back in the hall and danced and we went back in class and deckrayted our sheep hat.We said good by to farther Christmas and we went out to play at the play ground.
  11. 11. Our christmas party by tahaI did dansing and i had cripss and wee had drinc .We played pass the pasal and teechas were dansin . fathcrismas cam in the hal.
  12. 12. Our Christmas party by owais and yameenwe play past the pastul and we tuc a pichr of a class .we got a preznt. we went in to the holl and then we danss and then we went home.
  13. 13. our christmas party by rayhan we plid moo zicul stach and we had to dans.standupt to dans ther miss hadfyyld miss patel miss broxton miss toms we plid gims and we plid secel gims.we et crips and drinc.
  14. 14. • our chrismus party by rhys and christian• we playd gaymz and had fun.• we had ar pish taykn with sant clorz
  15. 15. Our christmas party by Roomana.we plaid gams and we eat.We pid mscal statyooz and sant clos giv us pesnts. we tuk futos and we went back to class.
  16. 16. • Our chrismas party by safah• We went in the holl and we played a lot and we meet santa clars. he bring us presnt we eat crips and drincks . we eat cake then we went back to class we had a foator.we had a lot games.•