Yahoo Twitter Integration - April 2010


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Cody Simms
Yahoo! Developer Network
Chirp Conference
April 14, 2010

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  • As the place where 600 million people visit each month, Yahoo! is bringing together social experiences from across the web , and providing one simple place for people to access information and their connections. Our partnership with Twitter enables Yahoo! to tap the large base of people and activity across the world on Twitter, leverage it to deepen user engagement and increase user relevance across Yahoo!’s entire network.
  • Yahoo! homepage app: Brings the Twitter experience right into the Yahoo! homepage experience. Twitter’s @anywhere platform plus the Yahoo! Application Platform are a great study in openness and ecosystem.  Twitter makes it easy for people to authorize their Twitter data anywhere on the web, such as Yahoo!, and Yahoo! makes it easy for anyone — such as Twitter -- to build an app right into the Yahoo! homepage.  As a developer, you could build your own Twitter app/client right into Yahoo! too (refer to  Consider this version to be Yahoo! & Twitter’s joint reference implementation.
  • Yahoo! Mail/Updates: Yahoo recognizes that social activity streams are a key piece of content that people want, and it’s an important new form of communication.  As such, we’ve been rolling out Yahoo! Updates into places like Mail, Messenger, and Profiles so that people can consume the social streams that are interesting to them.
  • User’s can choose to bring Twitter into Yahoo!.
  • One time authorization flow.
  • Link your Twitter data to your Yahoo! account. Grant access to: See tweets from the people you follow on Twitter (your full Twitter stream) Share your public tweets on Yahoo! Share your Updates and other public activity on Yahoo! to your Twitter feed
  • We’re thrilled to allow people to consume the full Twitter stream of all of their followers right on Yahoo!.  Think of Yahoo! as a giant Twitter client with 600 million monthly unique users.
  • People can also update their status on Yahoo! and have that push out to their favorite social network such as Twitter.
  • People can also update their status on Yahoo! and have that push out to their favorite social network such as Twitter.
  • Click an action in the Updates stream, and go to that product.
  •   Y! News: In addition to updating your status in places like Yahoo! News, we’ve linked all UGC across Yahoo! to Yahoo! Updates.  This means that if you leave a comment on Y! News, or rate a movie on Y! Movies, or use Yahoo Answers, or do social things like this on over 80 Yahoo! products, you’ll generate an “update”.  And if you’ve linked your Twitter account to Yahoo via @anywhere, these actions will share to Twitter by default (you can of course turn them off.)  Of note to developers, if you are using Yahoo ID with hybrid auth in your app, you can also push social content directly to Yahoo! Updates.  
  • At Yahoo!, we’ve seen the evolution of content consumption from editorial/portal, to communications tools like Mail and Messenger, to Search, and now to Social.  As part of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, we’ve been striving to open Yahoo up to the best of the web, rewire it with a central platform technology, and make Yahoo more social.  We’re thrilled to be able to work directly with Twitter via @anywhere to integrate Twitter into the Yahoo! Social Platform, Yahoo! Updates, and the Yahoo! Application Platform to help increase social channels across Yahoo!, both in our consumer experience and in our own platform technologies.  It’s a great partnership and one that we think will make the Yahoo! network more real-time while at the same time really amping up the distribution power of the YOS platform.  
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