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Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | YDN & Hacking 101
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Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | YDN & Hacking 101


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Pradeep Banavara talking on YDN & Hacking 101

Pradeep Banavara talking on YDN & Hacking 101

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  • No, I wasn’t paying fine: was working with the policeman to fix the LED baord:
  • While my wife loves Hyderabadi pearls… 
  • Hackday is more than just code and caffeine… how many of you have been hackdays/hacknights/hackathons before?
  • Y! had the first open hackday in 2006. We have been having events in India @ Bangalore since 2007.
  • We also go to campuses around the globe for university hackdays at top universities
  • And we love to go where hackers are… hackerarabad today is the day of reckoning.
  • Hackers builds innovative solutions for real world problems
  • So who is a hacker? Dreamer + Coder = Hacker!
  • It’s not easy to be recognized as a hacker as you might have noticed. You have shown your coding chops! And left behind 1000 others. Wear your hacker badge with pride! Give yourself a round of applause.
  • What if its quick and dirty, as long as it solves an interesting problem its an hack!
  • – Coke & Mentos powered car! a punch dialoguesfrom your Android device..
  • TweetDeck did what the official twitter client couldn't doFitBit Aria wifi weighing scale – cuz we need an API for our weight data!Tumblr made content creation dead easy…
  • SnapChat – ephemeral messagingAny.Do – task management for the procrastinators
  • If a photo can be worth a thousand words, then what about videos? - Vine, Instagram, Flickr
  • - Raspberry powered eye in the sky
  • – disrupted the hotel industry - democratizing 3D printing - bus ticketing made easy - plastic payments made easy
  • We are nation of tinkerers…. From temples to hostel rooms you can see a hack around you…
  • And sometimes we have to think big…
  • Hacks for social good
  • Here are things to keep note of…
  • Don’t go around hunting for esoteric ideas….. look at the problems you face and see if you can solve it through a hack!
  • And look for inspiration or ideas… amongst other hacks, there may be some open source code available for you to use…
  • Make sure you have a well rounded team with complimentary skills. Attend the Design Clinic to get help.
  • Don’t try to solve everything in your hack.. Concentrate on building the one thing that makes us take notice!
  • Choose the tool(s) that right for your hack.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out new things…
  • This way you will not be stuck midway through the hackday and revisit your plans late in the night.
  • We are all here to help…. And we have been through this and can help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • And we will be up with you….
  • Code and caffeine – match made in heaven
  • Its mandatory to put your code on github
  • Enjoy the food, make friends, and look for a surprise later in the evening…
  • Powerpoint = Fail!
  • We love demos….
  • Things go wrong, we understand!
  • You have only 90 seconds to showcase your hack. So have a Plan B in case things go wrong!
  • Y! is interested in hacks around making the daily habits of people inspiring and entertaining!
  • Make your hack live forever…. Hackers choice award depends on how may people like your hack…
  • Transcript

    • 1. What the hack? Pradeep B V Product Manager Social Platforms, Yahoo!
    • 2. Hi, I am Pradeep B V – I <3 h@ck!ng
    • 3. & also Hyderabadi Biriyani ;-)
    • 4. celebration of unrestrained learning, coding, camaraderie, demos, awards, fun & food hackday: n.
    • 5. 2013
    • 6. A hacker is a passionate, skilled and creative technologist who thrives on building innovative solutions to real world problems. hacker: n.
    • 7. Dreamer Hacker Coder
    • 8. And surely attend Yahoo! Hack India
    • 9. An innovative solution to a real world problem; quick and dirty workaround, yet effective. hack: n.
    • 10. amusing hacks just like that
    • 11. progressive hacks it can be done better
    • 12. cool hacks lets chill
    • 13. hot hacks this rocks
    • 14. hardware hacks cuz tinkering is fun Raspberry Eye In The Sky Raspberry Picrowave
    • 15. disruptive hacks a whole new world
    • 16. jugaad do it desi ishtylee
    • 17. Hack for Good – Make the world a better place
    • 18. social hacks for the larger good !
    • 19. hackday survival tips !!
    • 20. Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch. To solve an interesting problem, start by finding a problem that is interesting to you - The Cathedral and the Bazaar Scratch your own itch
    • 21. Look up other hacks
    • 22. Get the right skills on your team + =
    • 23. Don’t boil the ocean build one good thing
    • 24. Choose the right tools
    • 25. Learn something new challenge yourself
    • 26. Tackle the hard problems first save yourself the panic attack
    • 27. Don’t be afraid to ask for help tech crew is on the house
    • 28. Stay up all night
    • 29. I am your friend!
    • 30. Create & iterate
    • 31. Put your code on github
    • 32. Take a Break & have fun
    • 33. Presenting your hack
    • 34. Do not show us slides about your hack
    • 35. Instead show us what you have done
    • 36. Technical glitches happen
    • 37. Have a plan-B Record a screencast Do not depend on internet Keep your stuff ready in browser Rehearse the demo
    • 38. How we judge the hacks Solves a real problem + working prototype Displays Creative Thinking, and pushes the boundaries of what we’ve seen before Great User Experience Uses data or technology in a unique & interesting way X-factor! Realistic that it was built in 24 hours Uses technology or data from Yahoo!
    • 39. One more thing… Keep your hack live Show others what you have done Publish your code on github Join us and take it even further! @ydn on twitter
    • 40. You have the spices… 42
    • 41. Lets cook some biryani… 43