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Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | Mojito workshop
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Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | Mojito workshop



Mojito (Node.js MVC) Workshop by Keshavaprasad Seshadri, Avinash Chukka

Mojito (Node.js MVC) Workshop by Keshavaprasad Seshadri, Avinash Chukka



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  • While editing package.json, routes and application, refer https://github.com/kbsbng/mojito-examples/tree/master/SimpleWeatherApp
  • Refer https://github.com/kbsbng/mojito-examples/tree/master/SimpleWeatherApp to eidt the model
  • Refer https://github.com/kbsbng/mojito-examples/tree/master/SimpleWeatherApp

Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | Mojito workshop Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad 2013 | Mojito workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Node.js MVC Framework MOJITO WORKSHOP
  • AGENDA • Installing mojito • Write a simple weather app on the command line • Extend the weather app to: • Invoke other actions • Show a different view on a iphone device • Page with muliple mojits; lazy loading 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 3
  • INSTALLING MOJITO • Download and install node from http://nodejs.org/download/ • sudo npm install mojito-cli –g • mojito version 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 4
  • SIMPLE WEATHER APP • Let’s write a simple app using mojito to do a YQL query to query weather of a place and display it. • mojito create app SimpleWeatherApp • Edit package.json • cd SimpleWeatherApp/ • mojito create mojit Weather • Edit routes.json and application.js 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 5
  • SIMPLE WEATHER APP • Execute mojito to see the simple “Mojito is working” message: • mojito start • Edit model to fetch data from YQL, edit the controller and the template to render the data. • Execute mojito again. 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 6
  • EXTEND THE SIMPLE WEATHER APP • Let us now extend the simple weather app to fetch some more data, such as forecast info. • Let us see how mojitProy can be used to: • Invoke another action and render its data. • Refresh the view • Modify the weather app to use a different view on iphone. 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 7
  • PAGE WITH MULTIPLE MOJITS; LAZY LOADING • Let us build a page with multiple mojits: a header mojit, a footer mojit,and a body mojit. • Then, let us see how to lazy load the footer mojit. • Add “defer”: true in the config for the mojit in the application.json 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 8
  • Q&A
  • REFERENCES • http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/ • The apps we did in the workshop can be found at https://github.com/kbsbng/mojito-examples. • My twitter handle: kbsbng 13 July 2013MOJITO WORKSHOP 10