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Guidelines to Write Great G0uest Post Content
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Guidelines to Write Great G0uest Post Content


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  • 1. What is guest posting?
  • 2.  Writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Great way to give your blog or website exposure. You get the opportunity to publish an article on a popular, high PR blog and in return for your efforts you are usually allowed to link back to your own blog or website. Getting a guest post on a popular blog is a great way build traffic and increase your exposure. method of link building in which you post your article in others blog and the webmasters of these blogs give your link and post your article on their own blog or website, in this way you can get good figure of traffic as well as high page rank and do-follow backlinks.
  • 3. Three reasons why Guest Posting is such a key strategy for every blogger tobuild their online influence
  • 4. Guest posting builds1 relationships with other bloggers
  • 5. 2 Guest posting is great for search engines
  • 6. Guest posting3 introduces you to new communities
  • 7.  Do a search in Google. You can search within your niche or outside of it, so long as you can relate your content (and convince the site owner you can).Use Google Blog SearchTalk to other people to get ideasUse other blog search tools such as TechnoratiSee who is listed in DMOZ in your category
  • 8. List of Google Advance Search Operatorsguest post suggest a guest post “Add Articles”“guest post” submit a guest post “Add Guest Post”“about the author” add a guest article “Submit Guest Post”“write for us” submit a guest article “Guest Bloggers Wanted”“blog for us” contribute “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”“guest blog for us” contribute an article “Become a Contributor”“guest blogger” looking for guest bloggers “Contribute to our Site”guest blogger looking for contributors “Become a Guest Writer”guest contributor guest blog for us “This guest post was written”“guest contributor” write for us “This guest post is from”“this is a guest post” submission guidelines “Now Accepting Guest Posts”intitle:contributor guest writer faq “The following guest post”inurl:contributor “Guest blogging guidelines” “Guest Blogging Spot”intitle:guest inurl:guest-blog ”Become a Guest Blogger”inurl:guest inurl:guest-post “Want to Write for”intitle:”guest post” inurl:guest-post-guidelines ”Contribute”inurl:”guest post” inurl:write-for-us ”Submit News”intitle:”write for us” inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword ”Suggest a Post”inurl:”write for us” inpostauthor:guest keyword “Become an Author””Become a Contributor” inurl:profiles/blog/new “We accept guest posts”“Become a guest author” list of sites that accept guest posts “We accept guest blogs””Guest post by” “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” “we accept contributors””Guest Contributor” “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”“This is a guest article” List of websites that accept guest posts
  • 9. How do we determine that they’re quality sites?  Facebook fans and Twitter followers. I don’t have an exact number to aim for, however, anything around 1,000 or higher is definitely ok.  Comments on blog posts. If there are comments on the blog posts, then you know that there are readers for one thing, and that they’re interested in the topics.  The site doesn’t just do guest posts or sell links — they also write content for the site. (The site isn’t some sort of content farm)  The content should be good too — easy to read, understand and not your generic regurgitated information. It should be obvious that someone cares about that site.
  • 10. Benefits of Guest Posting Get free exposure Build quality and relevant backlinks Drive fresh visitors to your blog Drive targeted readers to your posts Build credibility over time Become the expert who has something valuable to say Develop a voice that sparks attention Learn how customers react to marketing offers Position your business to the right audience Get prepared to launch an e-book, without struggling to sell it Contribute to the growth of another blog, and getting credit for it Make money from affiliate programs Build your email list quickly and professionally Build a tribe, a fan-base or a strong following Engage strangers and command them to checkout your blog
  • 11. Guest Posting Traffic is far much better than bought traffic Guest Blogging Guaranteed long term superior quality back links Guest posting will make you famous within the niche and boost your brand awareness campaign
  • 12. Be realAim for advanced readersWord Count FormattingPut/Add Related ImagesYou may include self-promoting LinksPromote the post and reply to commentsCome back againTalk/communicate to them nicelyYour post must be original and must havenever been published before on the Internet
  • 13. The DON’TS for Guest Postingo Must not include URLs in title or post summaryo Must not include personal information such as home number or residential address.o Do not include affiliated program links or copyrighted contents. If copyright contents are used, they either Must be in property of author or with permission.o Do not repeat same keywords in your every post.
  • 14. To become a Contributor forHigh PR Sites is NOT EASY!(Sites with PR 5-9)
  • 15. Getting your article placed on a very authoritative siteisn’t always easy for several reasons: o It takes a great deal of time to prove you’re an expert to sites that have tons of guest contributors. If you’re a full-time guest writer, it’s hard to justify spending all your time waiting for an email reply or writing an article that you hope someone will like. o Sites with a high PR typically have a high PR because they only publish the best. If a site is asking you for samples of your writing and you don’t have enough, you might not be able to get published on that site. o A good deal of authoritative websites don’t even bother accepting guest posts. This really limits the number of sites available.
  • 16. How to Analyze a Site with a Low PR  Check dates and frequency of articles.  See if you can navigate your way around the site.  Analyze the content and the focus of the articles.
  • 17. How to Craft a Great Guest Bioo If your goal is to get good backlinks, just make sure your bio includes a link back to your website with your target anchor text and you are all set.o If your goal is to get traffic back to your website, then you might want to consider where you want that traffic to go. Depending on the subject of your guest post and the audience of the blog you place it upon, you might want to send traffic to a custom landing page or page about a specific product / service.o If your goal is to increase followers to your social accounts, do this by adding a line to the end of your bio that says “Follow me on (insert your top social network and link here).”
  • 18. Getting More Positive Responses for Your Guest Post Requests o Women get more positive responses than men. o Job titles matter – This refers to the fact that a larger percent of contacted websites responded positively to in-house employees and freelancers than to agency employees. o Completely bespoke emails work best (as opposed to personalised templates and worse, completely impersonal emails) o Proactive wording is better in most cases. o Persistence will pay off in the end.
  • 19. For the Ultimate List of Guest Posting Site…
  • 20. THANK YOU Prepared by: Yvette M. Divino