The Quick & Effective Strategy to Generate Targeted Prospects to Your Business | YC. Ng

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YC Ng shared how to generate targeted prospects for your business via Google Adwords.

YC Ng shared how to generate targeted prospects for your business via Google Adwords.

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  • 1. The Quick &
 Effective Strategy " To Generate Targeted Prospects! To Your Business!" Created  by  YC.  Ng,  
  • 2. Source:  Clicks2Customers  
  • 3. Source:  Clicks2Customers  
  • 4. Search  Engine  Market  Share  in  Asia   9% 47% 63% 42% 1% 35% 19% 78% 3% 95% 1% 53% 45% 43% 1% 1% 55% 99% 1% 3% 18% 96% 78% 1% 3% 95% 95% 4% 2% Source: StatCounter, May 2010
  • 5. Your Customers Are Specifically Searching For YOUR PRODUCTS!" FREE Listing – Based on Search Engine Algorithm Pay Per Click
  • 6. Search  Engine  Heat  Map  Study   The  “Golden  Triangle”   Where our eyes look? The top/center region gets the most visibility, followed by the top right-column of the paid ads.
  • 7. How to Count Whoʼs Looking for Your Product / Service" Keyword  Research
  • 8. Google AdWords - Keyword Advertising" women fashion •  Promote to your prospects when they are searching for your products & services •  Only pay for visitors who come to your website •  Local & International reach with any budget •  NEW: Pay Per Conversion
  • 9. Benefits of" •  Reach –  Access to ~80% of Internet users worldwide •  Cost –  Low costs for high ROI –  Pay Google when users click on your ads •  Timing –  Ads are seen by users looking to purchase –  Reach your audience at the right time, with the right message •  Flexibility –  Start advertising quickly –  Unlimited changes, whenever you want –  You can target ads to the specific location & language of your customers
  • 10. 8 Tips to Google AdWords Success"
  • 11. 1. Keyword, Keyword & Keyword"  Spend more time on keyword research and it’s really never “over”   Focus on 2 words phrase & above
  • 12. 2. Start with Keyword Exact & Phrase Match" Exact Matching: [penang hotel] penang  hotel   Phrase Matching: “penang hotel” cheap  penang  hotel   penang  hotel  gurney   Broad Matching: penang hotel penang  5  star  hotel   penang  food  and  hotel   penang  gurney  
  • 13. 3. Create Simple, Enticing Ads" Ad Title: Include keyword Ad Text: Include USP / Benefit & Call-to-action at the end of ad text Display URL: Capitalize Key Phrase
  • 14. 4. Landing Page Relevancy" Give what the searcher want! Your landing page should follow up on what was promised in your ad. Landing Page (not necessary home page)
  • 15. 5. Start Running Your Campaign at Google Search FIRST "
  • 16. 6. Local Targeting" •  Find your customer exactly where he/she is at •  Use Customized Targeting to target highly specific areas •  Example: pizza delivery service
  • 17. 7. Conversion Tracking is Compulsory" Track ROI and make smarter online marketing decisions.
  • 18. 8. Itʼs NOT the Jet Engine, Itʼs the Wings to make you fly" Why? Why can’t I make any sales? Google   AdWords   Your  Website   Without an effective website (wings), your online business may not go very far, even if it has a great marketing system (engine).
  • 19. Web Analytics: Try Google Analytics" Discover.  Share.  Act.   • Understand  who  your  visitors   are  and  where  they  come   from   • Learn  how  visitors  use  your   website   • Discover  which  visitors  are   likely  to  convert  and  how  to   aHract  more  of  them   • OpJmize  online  and  offline   markeJng  by  measuring  post-­‐ click  performance   • Uncover  deep  insights  with   minimal  training
  • 20. Summary " With Google AdWords your company website will appear on the Google top ranking, in just 24 hours. It is an affordable way to drive high-quality traffic to your website. This allows you to easily target people interested in your particular products and services.
  • 21. We Help You Generate And Convert More Web Visitors Google AdWords Campaign Set-up, Optimization and Management Website & Landing Page Optimization Web Analytics Internet Marketing Consultation Social Media Marketing
  • 22.     Any  Ques=ons?