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A Copywriter Portfolio

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Copywriter Portfolio

  1. 1. Copywriter Portfolio Yolanda Berry
  2. 2. Contact: Yolanda Berry 862 | 621 | 9510 Collaborate | Modify| Deliver
  3. 3. The portfolio was made solely to display professional copywriting spec ad samples. All brands and images in the portfolio is used only for the presentation. Not for commercial use. Not endorsed for promotion or sale. Disclosure 2013
  4. 4. Headlines, Tags, Captions & Slogans A Collection of Sample Mock Advertisements
  5. 5. Soft Elegance Day Spa Finding luxury in simple pleasures
  6. 6. Style Beyond Limits Break out of the mold with new soft and subtle lip stain in coral crush
  7. 7. Having a Bad Day? Nothing satisfies like the taste of Hersey’s Chocolate
  8. 8. Don’t settle for lemons Quench your thirst with a clear, refreshing glass of Aquafina flavored with mint & lime
  9. 9. Dannon’s Creamy Delight A Smooth, swirled custard yogurt with a blend of strawberry and coconut sure to satisfy
  10. 10. Life is a Peach! Don’t get picked over. Stand out in the crowd.
  11. 11. Life is Not a Game. Life is not a Play it Safe with Met Life Insurance
  12. 12. Start with a clean slate Let S.B. Designs Do the Rest
  13. 13. Making the Right Connections One Day at a Time It takes a community of people working together to heal the world. Join the United Way today!
  14. 14. BMU Technical Institute Expand Your Possibilities Jump into Your Future with
  15. 15. Quench Your Fire
  16. 16. A Razor You Can Trust Go smooth with the new Ladies Gillette
  17. 17. What Happened to Your New Year’s Resolution? Make sure you stick to the plan. State Farm Keeps its Promises.
  18. 18. Canon Sureshot Escape to Paradise Experience Dream-like Fantasies to Faraway Lands with the new Point & Shoot
  19. 19. Leave Your Mark
  20. 20. Brochures & Flyers A Collection of Promotional Content
  21. 21. Planting Seeds of Hope Community matters. We believe that each person carries a seed that can affect a life. The power of influence affects a neighborhood, a community, a city, a region. Our non-profit organization serves the community in growing healthy community networks where children with special needs can develop into adulthood being reassured that the care they received at our organization helped them grow into the person they are and even more than they ever thought they could be. Volunteer today and plant a seed of hope into the future generation.
  22. 22. Sylvia’s Dance Studio Professional Instruction      Jazz Ballet Tap Salsa Zumba Come join us! For more information, please contact us: 356 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ 07062 973-555-1212
  23. 23. Don’t leave the future of education to your kids The education of your child is the most important investment you can make for their future. Preparing a nest egg for their education is priority. With our new savings plan you will gain twice the earnings because we double the amount that you put into their savings account every year on your child’s birthday. Creating a valuable, long-term gift for the future. Contact us to request detailed information on how we can help you nurture a promising future for your child’s education. Trust your future with Bank United. Please call us today at: 202-5551212 to get started today!
  24. 24. The Chef’s Kitchen Welcome to tasty delights from the oven of the Chef’s Kitchen! We bring a variety of homemade breakfast and lunch dishes made from the freshest ingredients which is prepared daily. Our main specialty is our 12-inch pie quiches. Made with spinach, onions, mushrooms and bacon. Stop in and grab a bite to go! We look forward to serving you! 564 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, New Jersey 07042 973-555-1212
  25. 25. Thank you for viewing! Yolanda Berry