Saint patrick’s day


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Saint patrick’s day

  1. 1. SaintPatrick’sDayBy: Ainhoa Aricha Gómez
  2. 2. Saint Patrick’s Day :Saint Patricks Day is a cultural and religiousholiday celebrated on 17th of March.Saint Patricks Day became an official feastday in the early seventeenth century, and ithas become a Irish culture celebration.
  3. 3. Saint Patrick’s Day in the Past :Saint Patrick’s Day became an officialpublic holiday in Ireland in 1903. It wasthanks to the Bank Holiday and act of theUnites Kingdom Parliament introduced byan Irish Member called James O’Mara.The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade was heldin Dublin in 1931.But it wasn’t until the mid 1990s that thegovernment of Ireland began a campaignto show Ireland and its culture using SaintPatrick’s Day.
  4. 4. Who is Saint Patrick?Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary and it is known as thepatron Saint of Ireland.He was preacher and religious of Britain, and it is traditionallyconsidered as the introducer of the Christian religion on theisland.Saint Patrick was born on Scotland. At the age of sixteen hebecame a prisoner of the Irish pirates and then, he was sold as aslavery.After few attempts, he escaped and became a preacher of theGospel in Ireland.Patrick had to explain once what was the Holy Trinity, and heused as a sample a clover explaining that the Holy Trinity was oneunit but with three different people.
  5. 5. Saint Patrick’s Day around theworld:Saint Patricks Day is a officialholiday in the Republic ofIreland, NorthernIreland, Newfoundland andLabrador and in Montserrat.But it is also widely celebratedby the Irish diaspora, especiallyin places such as GreatBritain, Canada, the UnitedStates, Argentina, Australia, andNew Zealand.Saint Patricks Day is probablythe most widely celebratedsaints day in theworld, nowadays.
  6. 6. Saint Patrick’s Day around the world: Unitates StatesSt. Patricks Day, although is not a legal holiday in theUnited States, is celebrated throughout the country. Itis observed as a celebration of Irish and Irish Americanculture. The holiday has been celebrated on theNorth American continent since the late eighteenthcentury, prior to the American Revolution. The placesthat usually spring to mind are Boston, New York andChicago.
  7. 7. Saint Patrick’s Day around the world: ArgentinaIn Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, Saint Patrick iscelebrated in designated streets, since the weather iscomfortably warm in March. People dance and drinkonly beer throughout the night. In Buenos Aires, the partyis held in the downtown street of Reconquista, wherethere are several Irish pubs. The festival is important inArgentina because of the big immigration of Irish andCeltics that the country received at the beginning of thetwenty century.
  8. 8. Saint Patrick’s Day around the world: CanadaIn some cities like Toronto and Montreal, St PatricksDay parades are held on the Sunday closest toMarch 17. The parade in Montreal has been heldevery year since 1824.However, the first recorded celebration of St PatricksDay was in 1759 by Irish soldiers serving with the Britisharmy following their conquest of part of New France,a French colony in North America.
  9. 9. Saint Patrick’s Day around the world:Saint Patrick’s Day is also celebrated and itis symbolized in others countries and cities.