The Organizational Development Certificate Program


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The Organizational Development Certificate Program

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The Organizational Development Certificate Program

  1. 1. An integrated course of Presented in cooperation withstudy for your professionaland career development asan OD practitionerLinkage’s team of program The Organizational Development Certificate Programadvisors are available to designa curriculum in alignmentwith your specific goals and Certificate overviewtimeframe for completion. The practice of organizational development has never been more critical. Organizations are increas- ingly focusing on the structures, systems, and processes that impact people and performance.Programs are offered in major Organizations that aspire to greatness are increasingly turning to OD practitioners to help them get there. The Organizational Development Certificate Program can help you answer that call.cities throughout the U.S. Call781.402.5555 for dates andlocations. Program curriculum Organizational Design Wheel™ The curriculum is based on Linkage’s Organizational Design Wheel™. This model Strategy defines the characteristics common to high-perfor- Organization Structure and Goals mance workplaces. n Dire Learning tio cti • Organization: Programs that define how Information za o Leadership ni n- a Se Org high-performing organizations connect their tting Mission and resources to ensure the utmost levels of Vision Proc Performance productivity. Measures es Processes es e o pl s & Tool Pe and s Rewards • Direction-Setting: Programs that help practitioners become business partners Systems Culture on critical issues—such as where is the organization heading, who should be leading it, and how the vision should be communicated. • People: Programs to guide practitioners through the methods and tools needed to drive a culture of performance and trust in order to optimize the organization’s capabilities. • Processes and Tools: Programs designed to help facilitate change initiatives that add direct value to the bottom line. Who should enroll OD, training, and HR professionals who want to acquire best-in-class OD methodology and tech- niques to enhance their impact and drive true business results“The tools are great. They’re systematic Program takeaways and nicely packaged—almost gift • The best OD theories, research, and best practices wrapped—so that I can pull them out and use them whenever I need to.” • Practical OD tools and resources • Critical skills to enhance your credibility as an OD professional —Lya Icaza Learning and Development Manager, Schwan’s University, The Schwan Food Company 200 Wheeler Road • Burlington, MA 01803 • 781.402.5555 • Atlanta / Boston / New York / San Francisco / Athens / Bangalore / Brussels / Hamilton / Hong Kong / Istanbul / Johannesburg / Kuala Lumpur / Kuwait City / Mexico City / Rome / Seoul / Shanghai / Singapore / Sydney / Vilnius
  2. 2. Certificate length: Certificate curriculumFour courses (not concurrent), at least one Based on your career and development interests, select programs in alignment with the dimensionsof which must be a core course and the of the Organizational Design Wheel™ that are most relevant to your work.remaining three courses must be chosenfrom the selected track and/or shared elec-tives; recommended program completion iswithin 12 months. Processes & Tools Direction-Setting OrganizationSchedule: PeopleSee individual courses for complete sched-ule with locations. CORe CuRRICuluM Introduction to Organizational Development XDual certification: Organizational Analysis and Design XIf you are interested in The Organizational The OD lab for experienced Practitioners XDevelopment Certificate Program as wellas The Leadership Development Certificate eleCTIVe COuRSeSProgram, you may be able to leverage up to Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive Organizational Change* Xtwo electives to accelerate the completionof both. Change Leadership Online* X Organizational Development Summit XTuition: Consulting Skills X$4,895 which represents a 15% discount Today’s HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships Xwhen paid in full at the time of registration.(Note: There is an additional fee of $180 if Design and Implement Leadership Development Systems* Xyou select High Impact Relationships, $450 Design and Implement Succession Management Systems* Xfor the LAI™ Online Certification Program or High Impact Relationships: Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence* XChange Leadership Online as one of yourcourses.) Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program* X Strategic Thinking X Systems Thinking X Did you know that all of the courses in the Certificate are ap- *Also a course in The Leadership Development Certificate Program proved for recertification credit bold= core coursehours toward PHR and SPHR? Contact Linkageat 781.402.5555 for more information. When you attend a Linkage workshop you benefit from: • The most valuable and applicable intellectual capital • Instructional design for the adult learner • World-class delivery from our expert facilitators • An action-oriented, practical focus For course descriptions or to register, call 781.402.5555 or visit our website at 200 Wheeler Road • Burlington, MA 01803 • 781.402.5555 • 1094.11 Atlanta / Boston / New York / San Francisco / Athens / Bangalore / Brussels / Hamilton / Hong Kong / Istanbul / Johannesburg / Kuala Lumpur / Kuwait City / Mexico City / Rome / Seoul / Shanghai / Singapore / Sydney / Vilnius