Leading Organizational Transition Brochure


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Leading Organizational Transition Brochure

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Leading Organizational Transition Brochure

  1. 1. The Leading Organizational Transition:Train-The-Trainer ProgramAn exclusive partnership program between Linkage and William Bridges & Associates Obtain the skills and qualifications to: • Deliver a proven curriculum and set of tools to your organization • Drive change that is less disruptive and more productive • Develop action plans to positively affect the human side of change • Partner with your senior leadership team on transition management Linkage was named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company by Training Industry in 2009 and 2010.
  2. 2. The Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer ProgramAbout William Bridges 2011 open enrollment programs: • May 17-19 • San Francisco, CA • October 18-20 • Boston, MA • June 21-23 • Washington, DC • December 13-15 • Atlanta, GA • September 13-15 • Chicago, ILFor over three decades, William Bridges& Associates has helped organizationsand individuals deal more effectivelywith change. A pioneer and leader in thefield of transition management, William Transition Management helps organizations increase their productivity and satis-Bridges is widely recognized for his faction during periods of change, while accelerating the overall results during thebreakthrough thinking on how to help transition period.people deal productively with change. The Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops:About Susan Mitchell • Managing Organizational Transition—Designed for leaders/managers whoBridges are responsible for implementing change. This program provides managers with the knowledge and skills to lead and coach people through change and transition, resulting in less disruption and increased productivity. • Individual Transition in Organizations—Designed for individual contributors whose roles, careers, and lives are being impacted by change. Participants learn to manage the transition caused by the change with less disruption to their lives. Who should attendSusan Bridges has provided leadership Professionals responsible for driving and implementing change in organizationsconsulting and executive developmentservices to individuals and organiza-tions experiencing transition manage- Program length: 3 daysment issues for over twenty years, Price: $2,595partnering with leaders who mustinitiate change and transition in theirorganizations.The Leading Organizational Transition:Train-The-Trainer Program is eligible for the In its most basic function, transition helps people “following benefits. Please call 781-402-5555for details. come to terms with change. If a change is to be successful, each of the phases of transition must be given it’s due. William Bridges 2
  3. 3. The Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer ProgramProgram overview Managing OrganizationalLeading Organizational Transition is a Train-The-Trainer Program designed for professionals who Transitionhave a background or experience in change management. The curriculum for the Leading Organiza-tional Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program is based on The Three-Phase Transition Model™. This program provides a framework and tools for supervisors, managers, directors, and executives who are responsible for leading people through organizational changes, and making those changes work. It is intended to help leaders minimize the distress and disrup- tions that change creates and helps to instead renew commitment and creativity. Course curriculum • Change versus Transition • Locating People in Change • Managing Endings • Leading in the Neutral Zone • Supporting New Beginnings • Action Plan and Resources This course features resource tools including: Action Planning, Strategies to Manage Transi- tion, Using Transition Monitoring Teams, and Coaching People In Transition.Transition is a three-phase process that individuals experience when dealing with change. Thesephases include: Individual Transition in• Ending—the outcome is for people to let go of the old ways of doing things Organizations• Neutral Zone—people find themselves in a confusing, and in-between state (not quite letting This program helps individuals manage the go and not quite accepting the new state) transitions that are created by the changes• New Beginning—people start to take hold and grow familiar with the new reality they are facing in their organizations. It is intended to help people understand theThis program will help you guide your organizations, leaders, and individuals through change for process they are going through, and to developsuccessful outcomes. individual action plans that will enable them to enhance their ability to successfully grow through times of rapid and significant change. Course curriculum • Change versus Transition • Changes in Your Life • Managing One Change • Action Plan and Resources This course features tools to help participants: Manage Endings, Enable New Beginnings, Deal with Constant Change, and Build Resil- ience.To participate or for more information please call 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com 3
  4. 4. Post program: From Linkage’s Change• Participants who complete The Leading Organizational Transitions: Train-The-Trainer and Transition Practice Program are certified to deliver Managing Organizational Transitions and Individual Transition in Organizations. Leader• Certified trainers are encouraged to participate in free ongoing webinars for additional support offered by Linkage. Dear Colleague:• All materials for deliveries must be purchased through Linkage, exclusive partner of It is clear that this is a time full of William Bridges & Associates. changes in strategy, technology, product mix, culture, and communication—and with many of them, reorganizationAlternate delivery and licensing options: and redeployment. Too many of theseLinkage Master Facilitators are available to deliver Leading Organizational Transition on- changes will be planned with notsite at your organization. Linkage can also facilitate your deliveries of Managing Orga- enough concern for how they will affectnizational Transition and Individual Transition in Organizations to accelerate your change people or what people will have to do toimplementation. make them work.Electronic licensing options are available for large scale roll-outs of the program(s) in ad- Most of the time, changes made todition to interactive toolkits for continued action planning. strengthen an organization actually weaken it by leaving its people resentful, de-motivated, and confused at a timeFor additional information or to register when commitment and productivity are 781.402.5555 essential. 781.402.5556 Leading Organizational Transition is a widely-used and readily learned set of info@linkageinc.com strategies and tools for managing the www.linkageinc.com human side of change. And, the pro- gram helps individuals manage the tran- Linkage sitions that are created by the changes 200 Wheeler Road they are facing. Leading Organizational Burlington, MA 01803 Transition helps organizations minimize the distress and disruption that so often www.linkageinc.com/subscribe accompanies change. I hope you will join us at Linkage and discover how managing change and transitions more effectively can benefit you and your organization. Yours truly, Mitchell Nash Regional Vice President, Principal Consultant, and Master Coach Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. We provide clients around the globe with integrated solutions that include strategic consulting services, customized leadership development and training experiences, tailored assessment services, and benchmark research. Linkage’s mission is to connect high performing leaders and organizations to thefutures they want to create. With a relentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers conferences, learning summits, open-enrollmentworkshops, and distance learning programs on leading-edge topics in leadership, management, human resources, and organizationaldevelopment. More than 200,000 leaders and managers have attended Linkage programs since 1988.Linkage / Burlington, MA / 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.comATLAnTA BosTon neW York sAn FrAncIsco AThens BAngALore BrusseLs hAMILTon hong kong IsTAnBuL JohAnnesBurgkuALA LuMpur kuWAIT cITY MexIco cITY roMe seouL shAnghAI sIngApore sYdneY VILnIus 0917.11