80 Best Selling Leadership Broadcasts


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80 Best Selling Leadership Broadcasts

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80 Best Selling Leadership Broadcasts

  1. 1. linkageinc.com Introducing Linkage’s Thought Leader Series Library 80 best-selling leadership broadcasts right at your fingertips Only bringing you the best-of-the-best • world-class content • renewed inspiration • flexible delivery • bottom-line impact >> Viewed by over 2 million participating 200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 leaders from hundreds of leading 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.com organizations since 1998.ATLAnTA / nEW YORK / SAn FRAnciScO / AThEnS / bAngALORE / bRuSSELS / buchAREST / iSTAnbuL / JOhAnnESbuRg / KuWAiT ciTY / SEOuL / SingApORE / SYdnEY
  2. 2. Linkage’s Thought Leader Series Library>> An unbeatable value consisting of 80 of the world’s greatest thought leaders, cEOs, political, and military leaders, the Thought Leader Series library offers a keynote retail value of $4.5 million at a fraction of the cost and in one central location. Linkage’s Thought Leader Series library provides timeless leadership lessons gathered in a convenient, ready-to-use format designed to boost your organization’s internal leadership capabilities—from your first line supervisors up to your c-suite leaders. Linkage’s HigH impact LeadersHip modeL™ Co-developed by Linkage and Warren Bennis Linkage’s high impact Leadership Model™ serves as the foundation in the selection of the speakers and topics featured in the Thought Leader Series. co-developed by Linkage and Warren bennis, Linkage’s high impact Leadership Model™ is based on over 50 years of empirical observation into the performance of hundreds of thousands of leaders around the world. This observation culminated in a 2-year longitudinal study comparing leaders who consistently delivered better results from the rest. The behavior-based competencies and skills found to differentiate the two sets make up the competencies, skills, and responsibilities listed in the model. Each component of the high impact Leadership Model™ is covered in several broadcasts allowing you to easily custom design unique learning experiences for each one of your leaders throughout the year. For more information on the Thought Leader Series library, please call 781.402.5555
  3. 3. linkageinc.comSign up for the complete Thought Leader Series library and receive Linkage’s 80 best-selling broadcastvideos, corresponding preview-clips for internal promotional purposes, and supporting materialsconsisting of participant and facilitator guides to enhance key learnings.in subsequent years, renew your subscription to retain access to the entire library series, receive all thenew programs produced annually, and gain access to all of Linkage’s new LiVE broadcast offerings—anunparalleled opportunity for your organization’s leaders to interact directly with some of today’s mosticonic thought leaders.use these broadcasts as stand-alone programs or to instill inspiration and excitement in existingleadership development initiatives—the choice is yours! >> downloadable directly onto your learning management system, the full series of Linkage’s 80 best-selling leadership broadcasts is yours to tap into at your leisure and to share with your leaders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  4. 4. linkageinc.comLinkage’s Thought Leader Series LibraryThe finest, most valuable, flexible and cost-effective way to keep a fingeron the pulse of thought leadership Linkage’s prestigious Thought Leader Series faculty includes:Helping thousands of managers • Madeleine Albright • Daniel Golemanand leaders achieve better • David Allen • Doris Kearns Goodwin • Warren Bennisresults. • Benazir Bhutto • John Kotter • Patrick Lencioni • Clayton Christensen • John Maxwell • Stephen M.R. • Rosabeth Moss Covey Kanter • Keith Ferrazzi • Tom Peters • Thomas Friedman • C.K. Prahalad • Phil Jackson • Noel Tichy • Marshall And more. Goldsmith >> For more information on the Thought 200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 Leader Series library, please call 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.com 781.402.5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com 1496.09