2011 Linkage Training Catalog

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2011 Linkage Training Catalog

2011 Linkage Training Catalog

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  • 1. March – September 2011 Professional development to do list: find the right skill-building opportunities work towards achieving critical professional goals take the next step in my career development empower my team with b y t er tools for success is eg -5555 o 4 u r 02 n y 781- e l wh Cal tails . % ! e e 15 h 31 for d av arc S M200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 • 781.402.5555 • www.linkageinc.comAtlanta • Boston • New York • San Francisco • Athens • Bangalore • Brussels • Hamilton • Hong Kong •Istanbul • Johannesburg • Kuala Lumpur • Kuwait City • Mexico City • Rome • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore •Sydney • Vilnius
  • 2. Look for this icon throughout the catalog. Linkage was named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company by Training Industry in 2009 and 2010. table of contents change & transition management Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program .....................................................4 Managing Organizational Transition ..........................................................................................5 Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive Organizational Change ..................................................6 Change Leadership Online ........................................................................................................8 organizational development The Organizational Development Certificate Program ...............................................................10 Introduction to Organizational Development .............................................................................12 Organizational Analysis and Design .........................................................................................12 The OD Lab for Experienced Practitioners ................................................................................13 Consulting Skills ....................................................................................................................15 Today’s HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships ........................................................................16 leadership & management development The Leadership Development Certificate Program ....................................................................18 Design and Implement Leadership Development Systems.........................................................19Why attend? Design and Implement Succession Management Systems ........................................................19 High Impact Relationships: Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence................................................20 Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program.....................................21 Linkage Online delivers: Strategic Thinking ..................................................................................................................22 • live, facilitated courses, blended learning solutions, and interactive toolkits Systems Thinking ...................................................................................................................22 • hands-on learning without leaving your desk The Coaching Leaders Certification Program............................................................................23 • feedback from Linkage’s consultants and peers on business challenges • interactive tools to help with action planning on-site workshops • blended learning and custom options Change & Transition solutions .................................................................................................24 Leadership & Management solutions .......................................................................................25 Current offerings include: • Change Leadership Online—see p. 8 virtual and blended learning solutions • Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program— see p. 21 Connecting as a Leader: Communicating for Impact .................................................................28 • Connecting as a Leader: Communicating for Impact—see p. 28 Management Skills Online ......................................................................................................29 • Management Skills Online—see p. 29 Available in an open-enrollment format or as private sessions for your teams. Linkage Training Programs are approved by the following organizations: Please visit www.linkageinc.com or call 781-402-5555 for more details.
  • 3. Offered in exclusive partnership with William Offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates Bridges & Associates March 29-31 May 2change & transition management change & transition management CHI .................. LOT311 Managing Organizational Transition CHI ................MOT511* Leading Organizational Transition: April 26-28 Tuition: $795 Train-The-Trainer Program BOS ................ LOT411 Today’s business challenges require organizations to be prepared for Duration: 1 day May 17-19 the effects of change. If not managed correctly, even change derived SF ................... LOT511 from the best intentions can have an adverse effect on an organiza- Even with a change strategy in place, plans are abandoned, implemen- *Special pre-summit June 21-23 tion. The assumption that individuals will automatically learn to workshop at the OD tation is delayed or employee resistance is unexpectedly high. Proper Summit. Register for DC................... LOT611 adjust to change is false. Experience suggests that if not properly management of the human side of change is the critical missing link both and save $100. implemented, change has the potential to leave people feeling resent- in change initiatives. In exclusive partnership with William Bridges September 13-15 ful, unmotivated, and confused at a time when commitment to the & Associates, Linkage offers the highly-acclaimed Three-Phase CHI .................. LOT911 organization is crucial. Transition Model to address the human side of change. William Bridges’ model has provided individuals and organizations across sec- Tuition: $2,595 Learn how to facilitate your employees successfully through the chal- tors with a framework and tools for successfully embracing change. lenges of transition, whether in the context of a merger, downsizing, Duration: 3 days or other organizational change. Walk away with the skills necessary to guide your employees smoothly through the change process. Who should attend REGiSTER HR and OD professionals with a background in change management Who should attend Managers who are responsible for implementing and facilitating change within their organization Benefits & outcomes • Lead individuals through strategic change initiatives Free bOOk! Three-Phase Benefits & outcomes • Develop coaching skills to help employees deal with change TransITIOn MOdel All attendees • Ensure that an adequate change management plan is in place and loss receive a free copy of Managing Transitions: • Determine where people are in the transition process • Become part of an established network of Certified Bridges Making the Most of Trainers • Develop steps for helping people let go of the old way of do- Change. ing things and make clear endings Program curriculum • Understand the critical difference between managing change and facilitating transition This program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops: • Assess the effectiveness of a current change plan • In Managing Organizational Transition, learn to teach leaders the skills to successfully lead The Three-Phase Transition Model, others through transition with less disruption and sustained productivity • Create and implement effective strategies to facilitate the developed by William Bridges will serve endings, the neutral zone, and the beginnings as a critical tool to help managers their • In Individual Transition in Organizations, learn to teach individuals how to handle internal transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress to their lives direct reports through the human side of change. Complimentary ongoing resources • Order materials online for your deliveries • Attend free quarterly webinars on transition topics Program based on the change and transition work of William and Susan Bridges For over two decades, William Bridges & Associates has helped organizations and individuals deal more effectively with change. A pioneer and leader in the field of transition management, William Bridges is widely recognized for his breakthrough thinking on how to help people deal productively with change. Susan Bridges has provided leadership consulting and executive development services to individuals and organizations experiencing transition management issues for over twenty years, partnering with leaders who must initiate change and transition in their organizations. Fantastic. Thought provoking, practical, and very For large organizational roll-outs, call Linkage at 781-402-5555 to learn about cost effective licensing op- tions. “ relevant. Murdo Mackay // Group HR Manager, Cairn Energy PLC4 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 5
  • 4. Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive March 15-16 Organizational Changechange & transition management SF ..................... CL311 June 15-16 CHI .................... CL611 Leaders today recognize the imperative to change—yet only a handful are equipped with the right tools to create effective change within their August 16-17 teams, divisions, and organizations—leading to approximately 75% of BOS .................. CL811 change initiatives failing. Learn how to apply critical change leadership >> interactive, licensable toolkits. concepts and tools, and receive a change leadership process to ensure Tuition: $1,395 your organization realizes the benefits of real change. Discussions, Duration: 2 days Linkage designed three online toolkits to help you and your team successfully manage activities, assessments, simulations, and application to participants’ own real-world changes help embed the learning and ensure skill change and transition initiatives, and sustain and track progress. These toolkits are a development. REGiSTER great fit for large scale organizational roll-outs and support training and development This program is also offered in a facilitated online format. (see p. 8 initiatives related to change and transition. for details) Note: This program is not open to independent consultants or consulting firms. Change Managing individuaL Who should attend Leadership organizaTionaL TransiTion in Leaders and managers charged with driving change, as well as HR/OD professionals TooLkiT TransiTions organizaTions 13 best practice tools and ap- TooLkiT TooLkiT Benefits & outcomes proaches for successfully lead- Offered in exclusive partner- Offered in exclusive partner- ing change with your team and ship with William Bridges & ship with William Bridges & • Learn a step-by-step process for leading successful change within your organization. Associates Associates • Communicate a compelling change message to gain greater commitment A partial list of tools in this 10 tools designed to equip 10 tools designed to give em- • Unlock resistance and remove obstacles to change toolkit: managers with effective meth- ployees effective methods for • Tool 1—drivers of Change ods for helping teams transi- more successfully transitioning • Assess personal and organizational readiness to take on the challenge of change Map tion through change. through change. A model/template which al- A partial list of tools in this • Tool 1—Individual lows leaders to inventory the toolkit: Transition readiness obvious and surface the less assessment obvious forces that are driv- • Tool 1—how “FIT” Is Your A two-part assessment that ing the need for change. Team? measures your resilience A survey of the readiness of • Tool 2—Pre- in undertaking a specific your team to deal effectively Implementation survey change. with a specific change. A survey that considers how • Tool 2—Changes in Your • Tool 2—Transition Map See how coaching can well thought-out the current change initiative is and to A two-part process to enable life A template for categoriz- you to: a) collect observa- benefit your organization. plan accordingly. • Tool 3—business Case for tions about the reactions of ing and capturing current changes in four key areas of team members to a specific Change your life. change and; b) gauge where A template for constructing Join us for a FREE a compelling business case each of your team members are in relation to their ac- • Tool 3—resilience building Plan Coaching Webinar. Visit for your change initiative. ceptance of the change. A two-step process for …and 10 other tools designed identifying how you are www.linkageinc.com/ to help make your next change • Tool 3—Personal Impact impacted by change and analysis freecoachingseries for details. intiative a success. Visit www. A framework for consider- healthy actions that can help you cope. linkageinc.com/toolkits for ing the impact of a specific more information. change on individuals on …and 7 other tools to equip • Coaching for Organizational Change your team. your employees to successfully March 23, 1:00pm EST face transition head-on. …and 7 other tools to help you • The Art of Coaching Business Leaders manage through transition. June 23, 1:00pm EST • Using Assessments in Coaching Both transition toolkits are a complement to transition pro- September 21, 1:00pm EST grams offered through Linkage. Call 781-402-5555 to learn how you can use these toolkits to make your next change initia- • Measuring the ROI of Coaching tive a success. December 19, 1:00pm EST6
  • 5. Facilitated online offering Live online sessions arechange & transition management Change Leadership Online held from 1–2:30pm EST. This date signifies the start date of the Change Leadership Online is a highly participative and collaborative series: program comprised of seven online facilitated sessions conducted by 6/2 an expert change consultant from Linkage. This program provides CLW611 in-depth exposure to critical change leadership concepts and includes pre- and post-program assignments to ensure participants move Tuition: $1,695 beyond simply understanding to real application of their learning. This program is Each participant will receive a detailed participant guide and access to models and tools in Linkage’s virtual classroom. great for teams. Special pricing for Linkage Training is right in your backyard. teams of 3 or more. Throughout the program, each participant will create and add to an individual Change Action Plan based on a critical change initiative they Call for details. Save on time and travel. are responsible for within their organization. Participants will be able Duration: 7 live Linkage training offers over 35 to transform their business through the application of best practices to online sessions up skill-building workshops in cities the development and implementation of their Change Action Plan. This to 90 minutes in length; scheduled across the U.S. including: is action learning in its truest form. on a weekly basis Want us to come to your city? • Boston Topics explored include: Driving change, making the case for change, where possible. securing support, communicating the vision and strategy for change, Call 781-402-5555 for pricing on • Chicago removing barriers, coaching through change, and measurement. REGiSTER hosting a program at your site. • Dallas Note: This program is not open to independent consultants or consulting • New York firms. See the inside back cover for a complete • San Francisco Who should attend schedule of workshops available in each city. • Washington, D.C. Leaders and managers charged with driving change within their organization, as well as HR/OD pro- fessionals responsible for guiding the organization through change; teams are encouraged to attend Benefits & outcomes • Learn a step-by-step process for leading successful change Looking for a world-class curriculum for • Unlock resistance and remove obstacles to change your managers and leaders? • Assess personal and organizational readiness to take on the challenge of change Call to learn more about bringing key programs to your organization. • Interact with your classmates in a virtual classroom setting (see p. 24 for details) • Walk away with a powerful Change Action Plan developed throughout the program On-site Training—Bring one of our expert facilitators to deliver a Linkage program at your site: • Realize cost savings on travel and program design • Receive targeted content tailored to your organization’s needs • Explore proprietary issues while fostering a greater level of communication The workshop has been a great experience for me “ • Decide when, where, and how the program should be rolled out for greatest impact personally. The tools were very practical, and I have • Flexible half- to multi-day formats available for many of Linkage’s programs already begun to use some of them in my work. George Higgins // Organizational Development & Learning, Also call to learn more about custom Train-The-Trainer options for select programs. Human Resources, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates We highly recommend registering for this program a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start date to begin the pre-work assignments.8
  • 6. Offered in cooperation with DePaul Certificate curriculum Processes & Tools Direction-Setting University in Chicago Certificate length: Based on your career and development interests, select programs in align-organizational development organizational development Four courses (not Organization ment with the dimensions of the Organizational design Wheel™ that are The Organizational Development Certificate concurrent), at least one of which must be most relevant to your work. People Program a core course and the remaining three courses must be chosen from The practice of organizational development—the focus on structures, the selected track and/ Core CurriCulum systems, and processes that impact people and performance—has or shared electives; introduction to Organizational Development (p. 12) X never been more critical. Organizations that aspire to greatness are recommended program increasingly turning to OD practitioners to help them get there. completion is within 12 Organizational Analysis and Design (p. 12) X months. The OD Lab for Experienced Practitioners (p. 13) X Schedule: Who should attend OrganIzaTIOnal desIgn Wheel™ ELECTiVE COURSES See individual courses OD, training, and HR for complete schedule Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive Organizational Change (p. 6)* X professionals who want with locations. to acquire best-in-class Organization Strategy Change Leadership Online (p. 8)* X and Dual certification: Structure OD methodology and Goals If you are interested Organizational Development Summit X techniques to enhance Dire in The Organizational Learning n cti tio their impact and drive Information za o n- Leadership Development Certificate Consulting Skills (p. 15) X nia Se true business results Org Program as well tting Mission and Today’s HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships (p. 16) X Vision as The Leadership Proc Performance Development Certificate Design and Implement Leadership Development Systems (p. 19)* X Benefits & outcomes es es Measures e Processes o pl s & Tool Pe and Program—see p. 18, s Rewards you may be able to Design and Implement Succession Management Systems (p. 19)* X • Learn practical OD leverage up to two tools and resources Systems Culture High Impact Relationships: Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence (p. 20)* X electives to accelerate • Earn enhanced the completion of both. Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program (p. 21)* X credibility as an OD Tuition: Strategic Thinking (p. 22) X professional $4,895 which repre- sents a 15% discount Systems Thinking (p. 22) X • Strengthen your own OD platform when paid in full at • Join an expanded network of OD professionals the time of registra- *Also a course in The Leadership Development Certificate Program (p. 18) tion. (Note: There is an additional fee of $180 if Program curriculum you select High Impact Relationships, $450 The curriculum is based on Linkage’s Organizational design Wheel™. This model defines the characteristics—organization, direction- for the LAI™ Online Did you know that Linkage’s Organizational Development Summit is Certification Program setting, people, process, and tools—common to high-performance or Change Leadership an elective in the Organizational Development Certificate program? workplaces: Online as one of your courses.) Don’t miss this opportunity to receive best practices as part of • Organization: Programs that define how high-performing orga- nizations connect their resources to ensure the utmost levels of your curriculum! productivity • direction-setting: Programs that help practitioners become business partners on critical is- sues—such as where is the organization heading, who should be leading it, and how the vision should be communicated • People: Programs to guide practitioners through the methods and tools needed to drive a culture of performance and trust in order to optimize the organization’s capabilities • Processes & Tools: Programs designed to help facilitate change initiatives that add direct value to the bottom line May 3–5 • Chicago Here’s how it works: 1. Call 781-402-5555 to register for the OD Certificate. 2. Attend the Organizational Development Summit in Chicago on May 3–5 and receive credit towards the completion of your OD Certificate. 3. Choose three other OD-related workshops to complete your OD Certificate. www.linkageinc.com/od10 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 11
  • 7. Core offering in the OD Certificate Program Offered in exclusive partnership with Geoff Bellman and a core offering in March 22-23 the OD Certificate Program See www.linkageinc.organizational development organizational development Introduction to Organizational Development CHI ................... OD311 com for fall dates. May 17-18 The OD Lab for Experienced Practitioners Tuition: $1,495 DC.................... OD511 To compete in today’s marketplace, organizations must design and Duration: 2 days implement the structures, processes, and systems that will allow their September 13-14 Influence and credibility are essential for the experienced consultant to people to flourish—and that will spur change and growth. In this CHI ................... OD911 make a strategic organizational impact. In this collaborative learning program, receive an introduction to the discipline of organizational environment, you will share best practices and discuss real business development, a simple yet effective lens to help you properly view Tuition: $1,395 cases to analyze the effectiveness of your own approach. You will also gain practical insights, based organizational change. You’ll learn how to apply a core OD process to Duration: 2 days on the work of Geoff Bellman, on the core competencies needed to drive the consulting process. This diagnose issues and build momentum for change. program will be facilitated by select Linkage faculty. REGiSTER Who should attend Who should attend New OD practitioners and anyone with little or no background in OD OD practitioners who want to strengthen their ability to forge more powerful client partnerships Benefits & outcomes Benefits & outcomes • Connect your OD initiatives to strategic business models • Identify and avoid the most common derailers of your OD initiatives • Use the action research process to diagnose opportunities for improving the organization • Develop your individual action plan to focus your OD approach • Define critical success factors and target specific interventions for • Sharpen the metrics of your OD initiatives to drive business results hard-hitting, bottom-line OD • Articulate your role as an internal OD consultant Program based on the content and research of Geoff Bellman • Walk away with practical tools and advice that are immediately applicable to your OD initiatives Geoff Bellman has been consulting to organizations for forty years. Geoff’s five books are in print and available in ten languages. Titles include Getting Things Done When You Are Not In Charge, The Beauty of the Beast, and The Consultant’s Calling. Geoff helped found the Community Consulting Partnership, a network of consultants who grow by giving their time to the not-for-profit world. Core offering in the OD Certificate Program Organizational Analysis and Design March 24-25 CHI ....................DA311 We knoW CoaChing. April 19-20 DC.....................DA411 Linkage has trained over 3,500 executives and The design of an organization can impact everything, from proper leaders on mastering coaching skills. work flow to ultimate success at the bottom line. Participants in this June 22-23 program will learn the dynamics, processes, and challenges inherent in CHI ....................DA611 We work with leaders and teams to drive analyzing and designing an organization to achieve business results. Explore a systematic approach for guiding an organizational design September 13-14 behavioral change. BOS ..................DA911 effort—from problem identification, to design recommendations and planning the transformation. We equip them with the insights, strategies, and Tuition: $1,395 skills to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Duration: 2 days Who should attend OD practitioners and anyone with a background in OD methodology REGiSTER Our coaching solutions include: • one-on-one coaching Benefits & outcomes • coaching executive teams • Identify problems, key roles, and phases in the organizational analysis and design (OAD) process • proven assessment tools • Leverage the two critical domains of OAD work—analyzing the current business model and facili- • on-site and open-enrollment coaching tating design enhancements programs: The Coaching Leaders • Ensure your analysis, design, and transformation efforts follow a systemic approach aligned with Certification Program and Coaching for the organization’s mission and values Business Leaders Visit www.linkageinc.com/coaching or call 781-402-5555 to learn more.12 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 13
  • 8. Announcing a revolutionary way to Consulting Skills April 26-27 organizational developmentaccelerate the development of leaders— Every day, consulting extends throughout organizations on an CHI ....................CS411the Linkage Leadership Institute. informal and formal basis. In its more challenging manifestation, consulting requires the ability to build a trusted relationship and Tuition: $1,395 Duration: 2 days provide advisory services to others. Through this program, learn how to consult effectively from experienced consulting professionals who have developed a process to construct, contract, engage, and gauge REGiSTERThe Linkage Leadership How will your leaders benefit? consulting relationships from concept to measurable results.Institute is built on a • Learn from world-class facultyproven model that has Who should attenddeveloped leaders in over • Compare best practices in teams Professionals from any industry including HR and OD, as well as consultants with less than five years comprised of high impact leaders60 countries. of internal or external consulting experience • Develop the competencies and skillsBring this program to necessary to become a better leader Benefits & outcomesyour organization or join • Receive facilitation, assessments, coaching, • Learn the critical roles a consultant must play (from Linkage’s Compleat Consultant Competency activity-based simulations, case studies,our open-enrollment and company specific projects Model™)offerings. Call to send • Frame consulting projects and engage participants from the start • Become part of the LinkageNetwork—ayour team to the March learning community designed to fast track • Identify and overcome natural hurdles in the consulting processprogram in Washington, your high performers’ development • Debrief and refuel yourself for the next consulting challenge that comes your wayD.C. • Introduce mutually-agreeable criteria for success from the client’s standpointCall 781-402-5555 to learn more. Linkage’s targeted assessments drive the bottom line. ✓ Leadership Assessment Instrument™—based on Linkage’s research with Warren Bennis—measure the critical competencies of your leadership team (See our online certification program on p. 21) ✓ C-Sail—Linkage’s powerful 360-degree assessment focused on critical communication abilities and distinctive styles for success as a leader ✓ HiPlay—in-depth assessment of your team to enable them to achieve true, lasting breakthroughs and commit to key actions ✓ Essential Coach™—provides in-depth data on how a coach is performing, building partnerships, and maximizing professional growth Linkage offers flexible certification options for resellers, and OD and LD professionals. Call 781-402-5555 to learn more. ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 15
  • 9. Offered in exclusive partnership with William Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR Upcoming events Visit www.linkageinc.organizational development Today’s HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships com for fall dates. Tuition: $1,595 As businesses become more complex and leaders are forced to rise to Duration: 2 days the occasion during times of uncertainty and change, it is vital that HR does the same. Some HR organizations have gone through the process of fundamentally re-purposing what they do and why they exist, but little has been shared on which organizational design option will effectively achieve strategic goals. In this program, participants will examine a case study on how HR departments have transformed April 4–6, 2011 • Atlanta, GA October 9–14, 2011 • Palm Desert, CA their resources by employing business and OD skills to become a strategic partner and leader. This As the nation’s most respected diversity program, program will be facilitated by select Linkage faculty. In its 13th year, The Global Institute for Leadership The Leading Diversity Summit plays a critical Development (GILD) is a leadership development role in creating and sustaining inclusive work program that combines the depth of an immersion Who should attend environments. The program brings together a learning workshop, the reliability and prestige of dedicated community of over 900 top diversity HR and OD professionals who want to make their HR team function as strategic business agents a university executive education program, and practitioners and line leaders to exchange best the pace and scale of a world-class conference to practices and strategies for success. provide accelerated, transformational leadership Benefits & outcomes Free www.linkageinc.com/div growth. • Implement a formal plan on how to best configure your HR bOOk! www.linkageinc.com/gild organization to meet business goals All attend- ees receive • Understand key global trends in the workforce that will have the a free copy greatest impact on HR of Human Resource • Transform the role of your HR function at an individual and Transform- ation. organizational level Based on the work of William Rothwell November 14–16, 2011 • Chicago, IL William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., is recognized globally as an expert on succession planning May 3–5, 2011 • Chicago, IL The Women in Leadership Summit equips women and management, serving as the national thought leader for a best practices study of leaders with the strategies and skills to catalyze The Organizational Development Summit addresses succession that examined 18 multinational corporations. Rothwell’s publications include change, accelerate development, gain visibility, Effective Succession Planning and The Competency Toolkit. the OD practitioner’s highest priorities and challenges with the latest and most pertinent and create sustainable operating results. The event tools and information from thought leaders, boasts more than 6,000 alumni and hundreds of practitioners, and world-class keynote speakers. world-class speakers. www.linkageinc.com/od www.linkageinc.com/wil For more information on these events, call 781-402-5555. It is clear that Linkage instructors are experts in the “ field; they have a sincere desire to impart knowledge and see others do well; and they have a variety of new ideas and tools that are practical enough to use in the “real world.” Linda Ontiveros // Sr. Manager, Training and Organizational Development, interDigital Communications, LLC16
  • 10. The Leadership Development Certificate Program Core offering in the Leadership Development Certificate Program Certificate length: September 27-28leadership & management development leadership & management development Four courses (not con- Design and Implement Leadership Development CHI ..................DLC911 Linkage’s Leadership Development Certificate Program offers an efficient current), at least one of means to develop the critical behaviors and attitudes across leadership which must be a core Systems Tuition: $1,395 course; recommended levels that will enable your organization to achieve desired business Duration: 2 days program completion is results. When it comes to developing the leaders within your organization, the within 12 months. stakes are high—and the potential payoff is enormous. Through our REGiSTER Schedule: Who should attend hands-on approach, learn how to design and implement the critical See individual courses elements of a leadership development system that integrates career for complete schedule Leadership development, OD and HR professionals as well as mid- to planning, “fast track” development programs for high potentials and succession management. with locations. senior-level managers responsible for developing leaders Tuition: Combined prices of Who should attend Benefits & outcomes bluePrInT FOr selected programs as leadershIP develOPMenT HRD specialists as well as HR, training, executive, and management development directors • Enhanced ability to develop identified below. Tuition PrOFessIOnals MOdel™ represents a 15% dis- the behaviors most critical to count from the regular Benefits & outcomes an organization’s success strat eg fees when paid in full at ie registration. • Create a rationale for developing leaders in your organization • Assess leadership capabilities s using proven tools Dual certification: • Identify the leadership skills required in the near future, and assess talent gaps If you are interested systems • Apply techniques to develop • Determine the most efficient and effective means of developing the talent you need in The Leadership winning leadership develop- Development Certificate • Incorporate action learning in your leadership development initiatives ment systems that generate Program as well as success The Organizational • Create a system that aligns your organization’s leadership programs with elements of strategy, Development Certificate culture, and business initiatives skills Program (p. 10), you Program curriculum may be able to leverage The curriculum for The Leadership up to two electives to Development Certificate Program is based on Linkage’s blueprint for accelerate the comple- leadership development Professionals Model™: tion of both. Contact us for assistance. • systems that support the development of your leaders within the context of your business plan Core offering in the Leadership Development Certificate Program • strategies that close the gaps between business goals and the capabilities of your leaders Visit www.linkageinc. • skills that you need as an HR/OD professional to drive leadership development Design and Implement Succession Management com for fall dates. Systems Tuition: $1,395 Duration: 2 days Do you know the depth of your organization’s talent pool? In today’s Element Courses available business environment, companies must examine future leadership requirements, assess current capabilities, and determine the steps necessary to close identified gaps. Systems Design and implement Leadership Development Systems ($1,185) (p. 19)* Through this hands-on program, learn about critical decision points and a step-by-step approach to Design and implement Succession Management Systems ($1,185) (p. 19)* designing and implementing an effective succession management system. Strategies Change Leadership: How Leaders Drive Organizational Change ($1,185) (p. 6)* or Who should attend Change Leadership Online ($1,440) (p. 8)* Executive and management development directors, OD practitioners, and HRD executives interested Skills Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program ($2,205) (p. 4) in designing (or redesigning) their succession management processes The Coaching Leaders Certification Program ($3,395) (p. 23) High Impact Relationships: Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence ($1,355) (p. 20)* Benefits & outcomes Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program ($1,695) (p. • Craft a business case and blueprint for succession management 21)* • Select options for assessing your talent pool, and identifying and supporting your high potentials bold text = core course • Set up and execute effective succession planning review meetings • Integrate succession management with your broader human resource system *Also a course in The Organizational Development Certificate Program (p. 10)18 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 19
  • 11. Offered in partnership with Dr. Arlene Scott Facilitated online offering May 24-25 Live online sessions areleadership & management development leadership & management development High Impact Relationships: Enhance Your DC...................... HI511 Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) held from 1–2:30pm EST. This date signifies Emotional Intelligence August 23-24 BOS ................... HI811 Online Certification Program the start date of the series: The ability to build trusting relationships distinguishes those who Tuition: $1,595 Deliver high impact coaching to clients using Linkage’s world- 5/23 LAIW511 flourish from those who falter. This program enables leaders to build Duration: 2 days renowned leadership assessment Instrument™ (laI). This online the emotional intelligence skills they need to create trusting and pro- 360-degree assessment instrument was developed with Warren Bennis ductive relationships for greater results. Using an experiential learning and is used by over 50,000 leaders worldwide. Participants become cer- Tuition: $1,995 approach, adopted from Dr. Scott’s work at Stanford University REGiSTER tified to use the assessment and provide feedback to their customers Duration: 4 live Graduate School of Business, practice leading-edge tools and relation- during four facilitated online sessions, a coaching preparation session online sessions up ship building techniques—while expanding your influence style. with a Linkage Master Coach, and pre- and post-work assignments in to 90 minutes in Linkage’s virtual classroom. This program includes application-based length; sessions are assignments designed to prepare participants to interpret the data to scheduled every Who should attend two weeks where develop and coach leaders at all levels. possible. Leaders, managers, and teams who need to leverage their emotional intelligence to build relationships with colleagues and customers Topics include an in-depth overview of the LAI™ model, learning how to coach using the LAI™, applying the instrument to your “live” REGiSTER coaching case, and discussing development options for your custom- Benefits & outcomes ers. All participants will receive reduced pricing to administer the LAI™ • Gain new insight into how you build influence and trust with others Assessment. • Influence without being (or being seen as) dominating or controlling This program is a great complement to The Coaching Leaders Certification Program (p. 23). • Give feedback in such a way that it is seriously considered Who should attend • Build a group climate in which members raise and address concerns productively Internal and external consultants who are experienced coaches; internal leadership development and organizational development professionals; HR generalists Pre-work Complete a self-assessment, describe your own influence situation, and read two short articles Benefits & outcomes hIgh IMPaCT leadershIP • Learn how to professionally ad- MOdel™ minister the LAI™ Assessment • Understand how to interpret the Fast track your next generation of report, administer the LAI™ with leaders with the LinkageNetwork. a client (your “live” case), and receive feedback What is it? A learning community • Coach your clients toward im- proved performance designed to fast track your high performers’ leadership development. • Participate in a feedback session with a learning partner from the program to obtain personal LAI™ Who is it for? Individuals that your feedback organization recognizes as top • Receive an Implementation Toolkit performing leaders. to begin your internal or external The LAI™ measures the key skills and competencies as defined roll-outs in the High Impact Leadership Model™ (HILM). Feedback is provided through the LAI results. A one year membership includes: For your roll-outs • In-person Meetings Participants can purchase the assessment and distribute to their internal and external clients. • Virtual Learning Community attention consultants: Consider becoming a preferred Linkage reseller of Linkage’s LAI™. Call 781- • Thought Leader Broadcasts 402-5555 for details. • Learning Teams • Peer Coaching • Leadership Assessment We recommend registering for this program a minimum of six weeks prior to the start date to begin pre-work. Call 781-402-5555, email info@linkageinc.com or visit www.linkageinc.com/thenetwork.20 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 21
  • 12. Strategic Thinking The Coaching Leaders Certification Program April 28-29 May 24-26leadership & management development leadership & management development Dallas ................ ST411 CHI ................. COL511 More than ever, today’s leaders need the ability to execute tactically, May 18-19 Difficult-to-master, coaching is a critical capability that requires prac- June 7-9 as well as work and think strategically. To do this, you must be able BOS .................. ST511 tice, support, and continuous learning. Linkage has been specializing SF .................. COL611 to look outside your own area of responsibility for new ideas, discern in leadership coaching for over twenty years, successfully guiding the true value of the data you collect, and craft solutions with the June 21-22 individuals, teams, and Fortune 500 organizations to drive behavioral September 20-22 CHI .................... ST611 BOS ............... COL911 potential to deliver real strategic value. Discover your capabilities as change in alignment with their business strategy. The Coaching Leaders a strategic thinker, gain an understanding of the key components of Certification Program is based on our extensive work in the field of strategic thinking, and apply practical tools during an instructional Tuition $1,395 coaching. Tuition: $3,995 case study. Duration: 2 days Duration: 3 days; During this intensive program, participants will learn the four stages recommended of Linkage’s proven Coaching leaders Model™. Throughout the pro- post-work Who should attend REGiSTER gram, coaches will learn how to use key tools to expedite and sustain completion is within the coaching process, along with exploring information-gathering 12 months. Leaders and managers who want to think more strategically about techniques and assessments. A detailed coaching simulation on day their work and its value to the organization three allows participants to apply their learnings to a live situation— REGiSTER all while gaining feedback from the Master Coach and peers. Benefits & outcomes This program is a great complement to the Leadership Assessment • Learn practical approaches for identifying key strategic issues and opportunities Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program (p. 21). • Exercise discipline and build strategic thinking into your work regimen Who should attend • Sort through ambiguity and information clutter so that you can focus on what matters strategi- cally Internal HR/OD and LD professionals and business coaches • Acquire the perspective and tools to create an environment in which you, your colleagues, and key players can think and work more strategically Benefits & outcomes The COaChIng leaders MOdel™ • Achieve client objectives to systematically develop and retain top talent Agreement • Share best practices and network with other coaches • Walk away with an assessment of your own skills Acceleration Alignment • Join the ranks of hundreds of certified Linkage Systems Thinking coaching professionals June 7-8 CHI ..................SYS611 Action To be effective as a leader, making connections between seemingly Pre-work separate, unconnected events, factors, and processes is imperative. In Tuition $1,395 Complete two key online Linkage assessments including this interactive program, we help you understand and simplify these Duration: 2 days the Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI™) and the Essential Coach which will be examined during complex, dynamic business problems so that you can deal with them the program as well as the completion of a detailed autobiography to set the stage for your coaching at the root of the cause. By using a variety of approaches and tools, experience including a classic simulation (The beer game™), you experience and REGiSTER master the principles of systems thinking. Post-work Who should attend • Receive two-and-a-half hours of follow-up coaching with a Master Coach Anyone who wants to understand how to break down complex problems to make them easier to • Participate in three live developmental webinars on specific, timely coaching topics solve • Produce a written case study based on over ten hours of live coaching with a client For a curriculum to build coaching skills within the leadership ranks, check out Coaching for Business Leaders Benefits & outcomes (p. 25). • Demystify systems thinking for yourself and your colleagues This program is very well thought out. I have grown “ • Enhance your understanding of complex and changing organizational problems • Develop your capabilities to model and test business assumptions, problems, and decisions tremendously from this work… and I realize how • Diagram the cause-and-effect relationship of problems and decisions much future growth is ahead of me. What a powerful experience. • Walk away equipped to understand and influence complex dynamic systems Jude Williamson // Director, Talent Management, Corporate Human Resources, North Shore-LiJ Health System22 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 23
  • 13. Change & Transition solutions Leadership & Management solutions Coaching for Business Leaders Achieving Results: Winning Through Alignment and Flawlesson-site workshops: change & transition on-site workshops: leadership & management If you need to train a large population of leaders or managers, consider bringing one of our programs on-site to your organization. This program is designed to equip business directors and front-line managers with coach- Execution ing techniques to effectively guide members of All of the workshops featured in this catalog, in addition to the best- their team to reach organizational expectations It’s a long way from winning strategies to selling on-sites featured in this special section, are available in flexible and improve bottom line results. This program genuine results. Great companies and great includes participation in Linkage’s Online leaders distinguish themselves by more consis- formats for your convenience. Essential Coach Assessment as pre-work, in addi- tently executing against their plans—whether tion to attendance at select “live” developmen- those plans are for priority initiatives, critical tal webinars on critical coaching subjects. projects, or fixes to recurring problems. In such Offered in exclusive partnership with William Featuring Linkage’s Agenda for Change™ method- organizations, managers take a disciplined Bridges & Associates ology approach to ensuring that the work gets done. Benefits & outcomes Learn the culture-shaping leadership behav- • Implement immediate plans that will move iors, practices, and tools that enable greater Managing Organizational Linkage’s Change Master low performers up or out and accelerate, commitment up front, stronger decision mak- Transition Certification Program motivate, and retain your high potentials ing as the work unfolds, and more consistent follow through to achieve desired results. • Support individuals’ personal developmental If not managed correctly, even change derived This Certification Program teaches you how to goals and organizational objectives through from the best of intentions can have an ad- implement Linkage’s agenda for Change™ consistent performance feedback Benefits & outcomes verse effect on an organization. Learn how to process, a tools-based approach that utilizes facilitate your employees successfully through cross-functional teams to implement orga- • Identify the specific competencies needed to • Clarify the work requirements of your team the challenges of change and transition, nizational change initiatives. This interactive help your staff reach and exceed their goals and the capabilities critical to execution whether in the context of a merger, downsiz- program uses case studies and hands-on • Learn the five disciplines of the results- ing, or other organizational change. Walk away application-planning based on participants’ Offered in exclusive partnership with Innosight, oriented leader with the skills necessary to guide your employ- own real life change initiatives. founded by Clayton Christensen ees smoothly through the change process. • Walk away ready to carry out priority work This program is an excellent for seasoned OD, HR, with greater speed and fewer hassles and leadership development practitioners who Driving Innovation Benefits & outcomes have experience with organizational change. • Determine where people are in the transi- With market conditions shifting rapidly, tion process Benefits & outcomes organizations are challenged to find new ways Leading Across Organizational to compete in today’s economy. The key lies • Understand the difference between manag- • Learn to facilitate the agenda for Change ™ in successful product, service, and process Boundaries: Finding Common ing change and facilitating transition process innovation—in the core business and in new markets. Use practical tools and real-life case Ground • Implement strategies to facilitate: the end- • Understand the five key principles of suc- ings, the neutral zone, and the beginnings cessful organizational change studies to learn a predictable and repeatable process for driving growth. This program is As a leader, you need to break through organi- • Apply a suite of 32 proven tools that sup- based on the research of Clayton Christensen, zational barriers in order to achieve business Offered in exclusive partnership with William port the success of any change process a world-renowned expert in managing innova- objectives. Finding common ground and reach- Bridges & Associates tion and creating new growth markets. ing agreements with people from other areas • Establish credibility as an expert change of the business that have other competing facilitator focused on results This program is also available as a Train-The- Individual Transition in Trainer program on-site for large roll-outs. priorities requires that you communicate fully and effectively, negotiate when necessary, and Organizations manage conflict. Participants will increase their Benefits & outcomes sensitivity to the cross-business systems and This program helps individual contributors interpersonal issues that impact the ability to • Connect more deeply with customers to gain get things accomplished. to grow through times of uncertainty, and competitive advantage regain productivity and high performance. Participants will be introduced to personal • Shorten the time between idea development Benefits & outcomes survival skills and healthy actions to cope ef- and idea implementation fectively in times of change. The organization • Increase your sensitivity to the systems and will benefit from successful change implemen- • Introduce innovative product solutions interpersonal issues that impact your ability tations due to renewed commitment. to get things accomplished • Learn how to “see” boundaries of all kinds Benefits & outcomes through the application of the LEGO® Serious Play™ methodology • Describe the critical difference between change and transition • Walk away with tools to engage and influ- ence others • Manage endings more successfully • Move through the neutral zone and capital- ize on the creativity of that time24 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 25
  • 14. Linkage Leadership Academy Powerful Conversations for Maximizing Your Influence: A How Leaders Connect: Crafting Building Commitment Program Designed for Women and Delivering Impactful on-site workshops: leadership & managementon-site workshops: leadership & management The Leadership Academy is a signature leader- ship development approach that leverages Leaders Presentations What if you could learn to engage yourself and best learning practices in order to increase the others in conversations that are perceived to number of great leaders in your organization Women bring specific strengths and face a Leaders must speak well under pressure—in be difficult because of differing points of view? and to prepare them for higher-level leadership unique set of challenges in leadership posi- board presentations, marketing presentations, Those very dialogues and negotiations, when positions. This accelerated learning experience tions. After determining your influence styles, executive committee meetings, new product successfully maneuvered, offer the opportunity includes assessment, classroom instruction, strengths, and developmental opportunities, announcements, annual sales meetings, and to forge powerful solutions and resolutions business case assignments, simulations, group this program will explore differences in gender user group conferences. The listeners interpret to long-standing and unresolved differences. exercises, coaching, and on-the-job applica- communication, ways to make your voice the information and ideas presented depend- This program provides field-tested tools and tion to ensure that all participants master the heard, and how to adapt your approach with- ing on their interaction and reaction to the a straightforward, proven methodology for responsibilities, skills, and competencies that out surrendering your personal integrity. speaker. This program, offered in partnership engaging in and facilitating authentic and are proven to distinguish superior leaders from with Nick Washienko, a leading expert in busi- constructive conversations, based on the work average leaders. ness presentations, gives leaders the knowl- of Linkage CEO Phil Harkins. Benefits & outcomes edge, skills, and attitude necessary to deliver • Practice skills and assertive behaviors in impactful messages. Benefits & outcomes Benefits & outcomes challenging interpersonal and group situa- • Enhance the skills of the team members tions • Address and resolve differing points of view Benefits & outcomes leading your organization constructively • Learn to interpret and surface conventional • Learn how to shift your thinking from the • Empower participants to constantly assess assumptions, perceptions, and communica- • Discover how to proactively discuss the top- classical to a conversational model their own and their business performance tion patterns of men and women ics that empower you to succeed • Project the ‘quiet confidence’ that is a sign of • Retain high potentials and current leaders • Identify the most effective influence strat- • Communicate in a clear, consistent and a real leader egy in any given situation forward-moving manner • Create a ‘teachable point of view’ that informs your communications Enhancing Your Management Skills Leading Teams Decisive Leadership: Using Creativity, Experimentation and Leadership Assessment Managing is all about driving performance. Organizations that want to accomplish mis- Data in Decision Making Instrument™ (LAI™) Certification But how do you elicit the level of performance sion-critical work and drive significant change needed from your staff to produce bottom-line are increasingly relying on teams. Skilled team Today’s leaders face increasing pressure to Program results and visible success for you and your leadership is the essential ingredient for suc- cess. Learn the practical skills, tools, tech- make decisions more often and more quickly. team? Learn the critical success factors of goal These decisions can carry serious consequenc- Linkage’s world-renowned Leadership alignment, coaching for performance, and driv- niques, and requirements involved with high performance team leadership. Participants will es. To make tough choices, leaders may need to Assessment Instrument™ (LAI)™ is an online ing team results. Receive practical, state-of- operate outside their decision-making comfort 360-degree tool that was developed with the-art techniques for holding conversations learn how effective team leaders achieve results through a balance of consensus and direction, zone. In this program, leaders will learn how Warren Bennis and is used by over 50,000 that set clear expectations, providing focused to differentiate between decision types, and to leaders worldwide. Participants become feedback, and generating trust and commit- individual coaching and team building skills, processes, and results. apply appropriate methods and tools. Become certified to use the assessment and provide ment through challenging times. an expert decision-maker equipped to build feedback to their internal employees or ex- capacity by making a practice of capturing and ternal clients. This program includes applica- Benefits & outcomes sharing learning from key decisions. tion-based assignments designed to prepare Benefits & outcomes participants to interpret the data to develop • Develop a clear, aligned leadership agenda • Learn how to apply tools to match your and coach leaders at all levels. All participants team’s structure and composition for maxi- Benefits & outcomes • Set work expectations for others that in- will receive special discounts to administer the mum effectiveness crease efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom- • Learn creative approaches to enhance the LAI™ Assessment. line impact • Assess your team leadership capabilities and quality of your decisions determine areas for development • Assess your decision-making preferences, Benefits & outcomes • Lead high performance teams to solid results • Leverage techniques to increase your team’s and identify traps and biases • Learn how to professionally administer the effectiveness on a daily basis Check out Management Skills Online for an alter- • Consider the impact of your organization’s LAI™ Assessment native solution (see p. 29 for details). culture on your decision-making process • Understand how to interpret the report and provide feedback to those participating in the assessment process • Receive an Implementation Toolkit to begin your roll-outs26 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 27
  • 15. Blended learning offerings combine the best of virtual Facilitated online offering learning and in-person facilitation Call to arrange a private Call to arrange a privatevirtual and blended learning solutions virtual and blended learning solutions session for your intact Management Skills Online session for your intact Connecting as a Leader: team. team. Communicating for Impact This highly participative program is comprised of five, online facili- Great scalable solution for your management tated sessions conducted by an experienced consultant from Linkage. training. This program provides in-depth exposure to critical management skills Effective leaders use every conversation to highlight their points of view, achieve goals, influence concepts and includes intensive pre- and post-program assignments Duration: 5 live change, impact behaviors, and strengthen relationships. This accelerated blended learning program to ensure participants move beyond simply understanding to real ap- online sessions up leverages a two-day face-to-face program, along with our virtual classroom to help leaders improve plication of their learning. to 90 minutes in their communication strategies, maximize the impact of every interaction, and achieve business length; sessions results. This unique format combines face-to-face and online learning for the optimal learning experi- Each participant will complete a detailed online assessment that are scheduled on a ence. defines their management profile. Throughout the program, each weekly basis where participant will then create and add to an individual Management possible. Development Action Plan targeted to their own development goals. Who should attend Topics explored include: management versus leadership, creating Leaders who need to gain trust and commitment through effective communication tactics an aligned agenda, coaching for performance, developing and retaining talent, and building a high performing team. Benefits & outcomes FIve COMMunICaTIOn sTYle dIMensIOns MOdel™ Who should attend • Receive a personalized 360-degree assessment report and confidential one-on-one coaching Managers who want to improve how they manage others. This course is not intended for those who Open vs. Reserved do not have direct reports; teams are encouraged to attend • Benefit from proven techniques to implement essen- tial communication principles Optimistic vs. Skeptical Benefits & outcomes • Practice and receive coaching on the delivery of your real-life change message Emotional vs. Analytical • Identify and commit to a developmental “plate” of responsibilities • Use verbal and nonverbal communication to drive • Align your agenda with organizational strategy for greater impact change, build trust, and have powerful conversations Directive vs. Receptive • Learn to give challenging feedback in coaching conversations Spontaneous vs. Deliberate • Transform your business through the application of best practices to manage others Program curriculum blended online—pre-work For additional online options for your team, check out: • Complete Linkage’s comprehensive 360-degree C-SAIL™ assessment (see the Five • Change Leadership Online (p. 8) Communication Style Dimensions Model™) • Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Online Certification Program (p. 21) • Develop a leadership message based on a real-life critical message you need to communicate Two-day program Call to discuss custom online and blended solutions as well. • Day 1—get to know your communication style as a leader • Day 2—practice developing and delivering an impactful leadership message blended online—post-work • Participate in a virtual coaching session to target your development areas as identified in your C-SAIL™ results • Receive feedback on a recorded delivery of your actual leadership message (from pre-work) • Participate in two development webinars on communication challenges such as Building Trust and Commitment and Overcoming Communication Barriers • Walk away with an Interactive Communication Toolkit to help you prepare for future messages28 ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 29
  • 16. lIve and on-demand leadership broadcasts March – Northeast Central Southern Western calendar of events Region Region Region Region via webcast, satellite, September 2011 Boston Chicago Dallas, San dvd, or lMs Washington, Francisco D.C. change & transition management Leading Organizational BOS 4/26-28 CHI 3/29-31, DC 6/21-23 SF 5/17-19 Transition: 9/13-15World-class leadership training. Train-The-Trainer Program Anytime. Anywhere. Managing Organizational Transition (co-located at CHI 5/2 Linkage’s OD Summit) Change Leadership: BOS 8/16-17 CHI 6/15-16 SF 3/15-16 How Leaders Drive Organizational Change organizational developmentComing in fall of 2011 Spring 2011 line-up Introduction to CHI 3/22-23, DC 5/17-18 Organizational 9/13-14Why Smart Leaders put Leading TeaMs Development adrian gostickPeople before Numbers March 23, 2011 Organizational Analysis BOS 9/13-14 CHI 3/24-25, DC 4/19-20 and Design 6/22-23 Bill Conaty Senior VP for Human Consulting Skills CHI 4/26-27 Resources at GE innovaTion leadership & management development September 14, 2011 steve Johnson april 26, 2011 Design and Implement CHI 9/27-28 Leadership Development Systems produCing resuLTs High Impact Relationships: BOS 8/23-24 DC 5/24-25 Enhance Your Emotional dr. atul gawande Intelligence May 25, 2011 Strategic Thinking BOS 5/18-19 CHI 6/21-22 DAL 4/28-29 ConCepTuaL Systems Thinking CHI 6/7-8 Thinking Charlene Li The Coaching Leaders BOS 9/20-22 CHI 5/24-26 SF 6/7-9 June 16, 2011 Certification ProgramFor more information on the 2011 LIVE series or on our 90+ on-demand titles,call 781-402-5555 or visit www.linkageinc.com/tls. ( 781.402.5555 8 www.linkageinc.com 31
  • 17. 200 Wheeler Road Burlington, MA 01803Linkage introduces interactive toolkitsfocused on change management and Priority code:management development.Get your free sample today atwww.linkageinc.com/myminitoolkit 0663.11